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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Nutsin 5:58 Fri Jan 12
Funny men
As a kid I use to watch the Norman Wisdom movies, good old Norman, better than the Carry on movies IMO.

Growing up I use to always watch the two Ronnie’s. Ronnie Barker was my favorite. Everything he did was quality.

Bernard Manning had his moments.

Tommy Cooper made me laugh, not a big fan of Freddie Star though.
Today It’s Sacha Baron Cohen.

As for funny men in movies I always thought Eddie Murphy was worth watching, “Coming to America” was a great film. John Candy’s movies were watchable and Steve Martin’s movies are alway good light entertainment. “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” was a classic.

Not a fan of Adam Sandler movies but Mike Myers has put out some good stuff, “so I married an axe murderer” made me laugh.

Some funny and some not.

Who did/do you watch and who don’t you watch.

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Side of Ham 8:41 Fri Jan 19
Re: Funny men
I much prefer these types of thread by Nutsin, makes for better football foruming......well done.

Tomshardware 8:06 Fri Jan 19
Re: Funny men
Funny woman- Pam Ayres.

pig farmers wife 3:22 Thu Jan 18
Re: Funny men
spike milligan pakistani dalek

Far Cough 10:33 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Billy Bleach ag ag ag

Every pub has one,

"hold the bells mate"

ray winstone 9:34 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Not many things make me ‘laugh out loud’ on the telly these days, mainly because there’s no content such as this anymore….


mashed in maryland 9:03 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Mad Dog 9:32 Sun Jan 14

Thats just what a lot of comedy is now, its pop-culrure references.

Watch any recent episode of The Simpsons for examples.

Just naming a name or place of something currently in the news = a joke

Darlo Debs 1:12 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Err I.mean Goodness Gracious Me

Darlo Debs 12:51 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Oh and great shout in Gary Delaney he is very funny. Quite like Milton Jones too.

Last funny sketch show was probably Goodness Gracious Men

arsene york-hunt 12:49 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Leo Kearse is about the only comedian that is any good in modern times.

Darlo Debs 12:44 Mon Jan 15
Re: Funny men
Did anyone else read that he thinks Freddie Starr has become Sacha Baron Cohen?

Funny men then;
Ronnie Barker
Morecambe & Wise
Dave Allen ( my all time favourite)
Then onto Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson
Rowan Atkinson
Ben Elton (Blackadder was much better when helped write it)
Reeves & Mortimer

Lee Mack
Ed Byrne
Mickey Flannagan

Mad Dog 9:32 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
Typical nish kumar "joke"

"It's like Donald trump, rimming boris Johnson whilst voting for brexit"

He doesn't make jokes. He makes political comments that his audience agree with

Same with that one with the missing foot that does "last leg". Quite a few of the lefty comedians do that. I can't stand political.comedy. not since "new statesman" anyway

Mad Dog 7:23 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
I refuse to watch any show with that painfully unfunny smug cunt in it

arsene york-hunt 7:17 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
Any votes for Nish Kumar yet?

marty feldman 5:17 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
One of the funniest things I've seen recently was the 2nd till death us do part film . There was no tony booth or Una Stubbs in it . Adrienne posta and Paul angelis replaced them . Still as funny as fuck especially the scene when Alf dropped an LSD tablet and thought he could fly . Great to see the black lion in it . And obviously mooro Kenny lynch Arthur askey max bygraves and George best .

aldgate 4:27 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
Big fan of Paul whitehouse. His ‘arse’ character alongside Bob Fleming on the fast show is inspired

Fauxstralian 2:45 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
As a kid in Australia used to love the Two Ronnies & Morecambe & Wise
Later preferred the Americans ... Seinfeld, Larry Sanders, Curb
Never cared for OFAH but I HAVE been to the school where they filmed the chandelier BIT as a friend worked for the bursar there.

As for individual performers I get a bit of the late great Sean Lock pop up on my social media feed.
Always makes me laugh, just brilliant

Mad Dog 1:56 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
South park has done exactly what simosons has failed to do.

It's evolved over time. Initially it was bad taste humor. Then it was film parodies, then satire.

There's a documentary called 6 days to air which shows how an episode is made. They turn up on a Wednesday morning and think "right what is the show gonna be about next week", plan it and film it in 6 days. Thats why the jokes have always included topical stuff.

Nowadays they seem to have longer arcs or specials and I love thr way they play both sides of an argument taking the piss out if both. They view everyone as fair game. The recent specials taking the piss out of prime drink, only fans and the recent Disney trend of rave amd genderswapping in the episode "into the panderverse" was inspired and very very funny.

The episode "world wide privacy tour" taking the piss out of harry and megan was absolutely genius.

It's very different to its early episodes

zico 1:44 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
Mad Dog 1:25 Sun Jan 14

Humour is so subjective isn't it. OFAH is my favourite of all time but agree that they should have left it and not done the last three. Shows how a side character like a grandad or Albert makes a difference, hey got really lucky with Buster Merryfield. I never found Red Dwarf, South Park or The Simpsons funny but that doesn't mean they aren't funny, just not my thing but they are favourites to others. Such a large spectrum.

You are right about sketch shows, largely disappeared along with impressionists. Kelly Monteith, Not the Nine O Clock News, Benny Hill, Dick Emery, Kenny Everett and many more long gone. Mind you can you imagine how offended today's snowflakes would be?

Mad Dog 1:25 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
So so many films, comedians and shows. All time favourite comedian is a guy called Gary delaney. Really nice bloke. Met him a few times. His stand up is just brilliant. The YouTube and TV clips are decent, but live he is so much funnier. Anthony jezelnik is good too. Netflix. "Fire in the baby ward" very dark humour.

Tv wise father Ted is my favourite. Following that and in no particular order
Red dwarf
South park
What we do in the shadows
League of gentlemen
It crowd
In betweeners
The office
The good place
Shooting stars
The fast show
Mitchell and Webb
2 Ronnie's
Morecambe and wise
Fawlty towers

There are others I've probably forgotten. Loved men behaving badly in the 90s and now it's unwatchable.

You'll note ollnly fools and horses isn't on that list. I don't like it.used to, but when they brought it back they ruined it. Simpsons has gone on too long and spoiled it's earlier episodes too. Same with family guy.

What has happened to sketch shows by the way?

BRANDED 1:11 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
Anyone else a John Shuttleworth fan?

“ My Wife Died in 1970”


zico 1:04 Sun Jan 14
Re: Funny men
I think you also have to give a lot of credit to writers and directors. Already mentioned Eddie Braben transforming Morecambe & Wise and Barry Cryer was an incredibly creative writer,.

I was a fan of John Candy, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Bill Murray but watched The Three Amigos and Whose Harry Crumb again for the first time in years and was largely disappointed considering I remembered enjoying them years back.

All of those actors I have my favourites and some films that I wouldn't watch again. Found it odd so did a bit of research and interestingly found that not all, but generally the films I find the funniest were either written, directed or both by any one of John Hughes, Harold Ramis, Carl Reiner, Ron Howard or Ivan Reitman. A lot of the films I didn't find funny didn't have any of those on board in any capacity so writing and directing must affect our humour as well as the comedians involved.

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