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El Coucho 6:08 Tue Jan 23
Kalvin Philips Done

West Ham United is delighted to confirm the signing of England midfielder Kalvin Phillips on loan until the end of the 2023/24 season.

The 28-year-old joins the Hammers from Manchester City and could make his debut in Thursday’s Premier League fixture with AFC Bournemouth at London Stadium.

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southbankbornnbred 6:38 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Hayden was on fire, granted!

Never had a problem with Mullins. Decent player. He's also a decent coach by all accounts - surprised he hasn't been picked up by a better team (on the coaching staff). He could do a job.

Alfs 5:39 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
"Never understood why Mascherano wasn't played..."

And drop Hayden Mullins? You're insane.

Fauxstralian 5:03 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
The bloke looked at least a stone overweight and couldnt pass water
If you met him to discuss the loan you'd reject him on the spot

A bit like Roberto. Watched him warm up for 2 mins and it was obvious he was dog shit

El Scorchio 4:48 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
What a load of fucking shit this bloke has been. Easily one of the worst signings in our history. 7 million quid to help us lose a bunch of games and then sit on the bench.

And Roy Keane had the gall to after 1-2 games say ‘Phillips should be annoyed about the lack of game time he’s getting there’. Fucking cunt. Then again he’s also got it in for Haaland out of sheer spite as well.

southbankbornnbred 3:17 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Atb - reckon you might be onto something there, mate. The way the FA/FIFA acted to allow Mascherano/Liverpool to bypass the "three team" rule was all convenient.

madeeasy 3:04 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
I know it is different, but that Tevez free kick. I know we lost the game but what a celebration

atb trev 2:57 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
I think the only senario that makes sense with Machareno not playing is that we wanted rid of him (possibly due to the dodgy 3rd party contract or due to an agreement to allow to move to a champ league club) and he needed to plead lack of playing time to get past the playing for more than one club in a year rule.

southbankbornnbred 2:51 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
IMHO, there was something odd about the Mascherano deal - perhaps beyond the third party ownership etc.

I know we all joke about Pardew's commitment to Hayden Mullins etc. But the idea that a player as good as Mascherano would be kept out of our side by Mullins and Reo-Coker is nuts. He went off to Liverpool and starred for them before a superb stint at Barcelona. The guy was already an exceptional player when he arrived with us.

I don't think we'll ever really know the full facts of that entire Tevez/Mascherano malarkey - especially as it ended with an out of court settlement to Sheffield United (so, few legal details discussed under court privilege).

There were other legal issues flying around our club during the Pardew/late Brown/Icelandic years, too.

TheBoleynBoy 2:42 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
In Mascherano’s 7 games for the club, we lost all 7 without scoring a single goal.

Mullins was in top form during this time, scoring a few winning headers.

Lee Trundle 2:41 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
On The Ball 2:36 Wed May 8

Same here. I based everything on how good he had been for England. I even laughed at someone on here suggesting Downes was the better player out of the two.

I'd have Downes playing over him any day of the week.

ludo21 2:37 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Never understood why Mascherano wasn't played... saw him in the home leg v Palermo and thought he was magnificent, just looked like he know exactly what he was doing and did it very well.

madeeasy 2:37 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
claypole 1:09 Wed May 8

On The Ball 2:36 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
He's been a good player since - he's generally been pretty excellent for England. I was 100% confident he'd pick that up with us, but he obviously hasn't been right from the moment he arrived.

southbankbornnbred 2:33 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Used to be a good player - but that was four years ago at Leeds. He has wasted away since then, and then some. Never seen a player's form and ability fall of a cliff in quite the same way - or maybe Bielsa was the only coach fully able to work out how best to use him?

Easily our worst 'signing' for many years - and we've had some ringers. Complete and utter waste of money and time. I would add 'energy' to that list, but he doesn't seem to have any!

Swiss. 2:22 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Didn’t need him’. Big fuck I’m by the sweatie cunt having him replace Fornals and Benni

Side of Ham 1:24 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
You are correct on the biting Trunds sorry for that but he's still the one that is my 'worst signing'......

Lee Trundle 1:11 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
Mascherano was never sent off for biting.

Defoe should have been sent off for biting him.

claypole 1:09 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
If this deal pushed Moyes out of the door then it was worth every penny!

Side of Ham 1:09 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
For me Mascherano was the worst ever, only got to play 5 times was sent off for biting an opponent and then in the aftermath of 'third party ownership' the whole deal of him & Tevez (I know they pinned it on Tevez but the whole deal was a foundation to fuck us up financially) costs us a fortune we didn't have and held us back in the transfer market for years, Tevez only scrapes out because he turned out good for us and really worked hard, but even that if you weigh it up is another discussion.

Lee Trundle 12:54 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
I'd agree, Manny.

Considering how much he's cost us, and how little he's produced.

I'd have him as our worst ever signing.

Manuel 12:49 Wed May 8
Re: Kalvin Philips Done
The worst ever signing in the clubs history, bar none. Of course, this never comes up in the media when defending this loathsome cunt.

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