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Tanglefoot 7:16 Tue Feb 27
How much do you drink?
Since the lock downs a few years back I have found myself drinking most days. Normally a few ciders and a bottle of wine, more on weekends or when at football, events etc. I realise that this is too much but have got right into the routine of it now and to be honest it doesn't seem to effect me, never miss work, appointments etc

How much (if any) does everyone else drink?

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Mex Martillo 9:51 Fri Mar 1
Re: How much do you drink?
Humm, I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Tuesday, they put me to sleep, which I did not like, but probably better than being awake for all that probing! I have a hiatal hernia and small intestine inflammation. The inflammation is probably gluten intolerance, but tests needed on the biopsies. I didn't realise, but could also be exesive alcohol! I don't think so, but see what the doc says.

I've been reading about hiatal hernias, not much to been done, surgery only option if very bad. I am not very bad, never had acid reflux, just a sore tummy for years. Manuel what you said could well be due to a hiatal hernia, but I think you say you don't have one anyway sounds like you are managing it well.

The preparation for all that was an experience, had to take this pleinvue stuff. I have had some bad diarrhoeas in my life, but that stuff gives some serious pissing out of you arse! You feel like an empty bag a bones after that. Then you go for the probing...

Too Much Too Young 8:16 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
currently waiting on an endoscopy.

Had something called an Cytosponge about a month ago.

That was basically a capsule attached to a length of string. You swallow the capsule and after 5 mins or so, the capsule dissolves, releasing what they called a sponge, which they then drag back up. It was like a miniature hedgehog and without doubt the most horrific experience i've been through.

due to the results with that, they now wan to shove a camera down there..

to the original question. bottle of red wine a day.

Manuel 1:31 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
Zico - Yep I had an endoscopy too, I don't remember it being that unpleasant though and I'm a big fucking baby, but the fact that I went for it says how bad it was as I wouldn't have wanted to have done that, and yes I got the all clear too. I don't expect it to come back.

Mike Oxsaw 1:16 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
..."and have four points once every 6-8 weeks on average.".

That's a better average than our first eleven.

Can you play left wing?

Coffee 1:11 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?

Don't like being in groups? I can understand that, particularly if it's a group of idiots. But a group of like-minded people is fun and drinkworthy.

Haven't had a tipple for a few weeks. Reading this thread makes me want to change that tonight.

zico 1:03 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
Manuel, Funny you say that. Back in 2017 I had LPR, has an endoscopy, consultant said all was fine and bizarrely it went over night. Came back last year. That endoscopy was a bastard though,. Mate had one the day before and the git told me it was all fine, no need for any sedative or spray. When they pulled this hosepipe4 out I thought it was going to bring my insides out with it! Still waiting to get him back!

bruuuno 12:46 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
I used to be a problem drinker and would drink 8 cans of Stella a night in my teens.and throughout my early twenties.

Cut right back in my thirties and have four points once every 6-8 weeks on average.

Realised I was drinking out of boredom and because I don’t like being in groups.

simon.s 11:19 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
I haven’t drunk for four years next paddies day, and I loved a drink. Giving up in lockdown was easy. I think overall my life is better without it, although I totally get why people drink, and do drugs for that matter. Escapism innit. Came close in Prague, although I probably enjoyed the day/night better without it.

Manuel 7:18 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
I suffered from acid reflux for around 5 years or so, was fucking awful and couldn't fix it no matter what I tried. Thankfully it just went one day as quickly as it turned up, I can still get it if I eat too much generally or eat too much of the same thing that brings it on (mainly carbs) but I now know what brings it on and it will only last for a short time, where before I had it for nothing and some attacks would last for hours. Could be very embarrassing when outside and you can't help belching, was pulled up on it a couple of times too.

Dowies Love Child 7:05 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
A glass or two of wine with dinner most nights. If I go out I am usually driving so I have found that I principally drink the zero alcohol beers. They used to be absolutely appalling but there are a few that taste Ok on the market now.

zico 3:56 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?
Cough. I suffer with LPR (silent reflux) and on that Lansoprasole and Gaviscon advance as well. I didn't actually know that they do different jobs. Having a couple of bricks to raise the head of the bed helps plus chewing gum too takes the edge off. Thinking about it it got worse after I quit drinking so maybe I should get back on the booze!

zico 3:48 Thu Feb 29
Re: How much do you drink?

Roby 11:16 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
Normally 3 or 4 beers or whiskies per week.

So 6-8 units per week.

It’s the caffeine I struggle with now more than missing the booze. Need a couple of coffees first thing to properly wake me up before work and then a Coke Zero with my tea. Coffees throughout the day, especially if I’m on the laptop working from home.

only1billybonds 10:38 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
I was a 7 night a week drinker ( beer only) till my kids came along when I was 28. Went the total opposite way and never touched it.
Didn't go back to previous levels after I split with their mum but still enjoyed a healthy social life.

These days I don't touch a drop midweek, will have a couple of pint cans on a Friday and Saturday and have a good session on Sundays whilst cooking, watching football and zoning out to some music on Sunday night.

In all honesty, it was a good thing my kids came along when they did, gave me a big reason to stop being a piss head.

J.Riddle 10:30 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
Used to indulge, binge drinking since age 14 in clubs older brother used to tag me along drive all over, always drove home pissed. Well thats what you did in the 70s. Thankfully I other mates were with him when he rolled his car on its roof and another time drove through a concrete bus stop. Lagers then Southern Comfort and lemonade. Then three times a week pints at the pub with mates 30p a pint. I realised I was addicted in my teens and got worried as mum and her sister were alcoholics all their lives both died of cirrhosis. Managed to cut back. Only drank red wine but started getting a flavour for it at home every night for decades then got liver dysfunction so impossible to touch the stuff.

Far Cough 9:23 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
Wils, I'm not a heavy drinker but I DO suffer from reflux, it's a bastard for sure, the doc says I'm too old for surgery, so I'm on the maximum dose of PPIs (Lansoprazole), and I use three fucking pillows which I find does help.

Tomshardware 9:02 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
I used alcohol to mask social anxiety for many years. My way of hiding I'm a boring bastard was to drink loads and act like a bloody bloke.

Nurse Ratched 8:51 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
...on work?

WHU(Exeter) 8:30 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
I go by the premise that if you start fretting whether you're going to shit yourself on the way to work, it's time to cut back

Wils 7:51 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
Managed to cut down from being a very heavy drinker in my 20s. Found myself amongst many actual alcoholic friends and family and the only way out was by cutting back by first stopping day time drinking. Set myself a 6pm curfew as there were times I would be sitting outside a pub waiting for it to open in the mornings. Then I tried varying periods of abstinence, first a month, then two months by the time I did a three month stint I felt I had it in hand.

But either the damage has been done or I am just too old for it and it self polices now. If I drink too much I wake up choking from reflux in the middle of the night which I have inhaled. So I drink any time these days but usually just a couple at a time.

Vexed 7:39 Wed Feb 28
Re: How much do you drink?
Fair play to you Oxsaw son, that's some proper restraint. Most people in your position (nothing going for them, lonely, nothing to live for, generally disliked, hiding from the nonce police etc) would have quite rightly drunk themselves to oblivion by now. Respect.

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