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1964 9:25 Fri Mar 1
George Galloway
He's back

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Coffee 7:57 Fri Mar 15
Re: George Galloway

I think he's still alive. But getting on.

Fifth Column 7:53 Fri Mar 15
Re: George Galloway
Sydney you compared Galloway to skinner giving example of skinner caring for his constituents. Galloway has been a truly terrible constituency MP everywhere he's been MP for. Done absolutely nothing for them. Been basically awol. Absolute scum he is.

Skinner was a man of principle who did indeed care for his constituents.

He's be turning in his grave to be compared to that charlatan Galloway.

.... I'm presuming skinner is dead

Darlo Debs 4:09 Fri Mar 15
Re: George Galloway
Jfk.whenever this or previous governments have tried to roll out systems they have gone very badly wrong....criminally so in the case of Horizon.....and very expensively so in the case if tbe test & trace system.

I'd be very suspicious of any government system rating what it considers to be extremist.

jfk 3:39 Fri Mar 15
Re: George Galloway
Her we go the government have come up with the idea that particular “groups” are now reviewed,via some fucking genius new system that rates any kind of movement from 1-10 on the danger list???as if it’s Gonna make any difference.

The greens organincs have a threat rating off 0.001 the Muslim “prayer” back street shitholes mosques that litter this country towns is a well over 30
On a one to ten. Scale.
If anyone still thinks this is not yet a huge concern they need their heads tested.


Darlo Debs 1:52 Fri Mar 15
Re: George Galloway
Difference was Sydney that Skinner was a sharp.witty man of principle

Galloway is an attention seeking pratt that made everyone cringe whilst pretending to be a cat. ...

Nice to see him.and Leeanderthal being very pally.on the backbenches. Neither of them.would know a principle if it came up and bit them in the bollocks

Leavemyarcelona 2:16 Mon Mar 4
Re: George Galloway
Spot on JFK

Leavemyarcelona 2:14 Mon Mar 4
Re: George Galloway
Why am i not surprised hammer & sickle supports a terrorist then try and passes out as a west ham fan

Mike Oxsaw 3:57 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
I see that pickled has latched himself firmly to the business end of the floor mop again.

He's nothing if not consistent in doing so, I'll sell him that.

mallard 3:11 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Son Heung-min ?

goose 3:05 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
What’s a lefty Spud?

stewie griffin 2:37 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Haven't seen anyone declaring support for the EDL, but i'm in complete agreement that the nutcases infesting our cities' streets every weekend should be stopped.

only1billybonds 2:35 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Looks like someone's poured bleach on their shreddies.

Totally agree with rios. Sunak is in no position to spout on about democracy, the word means fuck all to him while he's obeying orders from his globalist masters.

Bit rich for a drunken wretch living in Poland telling UK citizens how to vote. Mind you, seeing he's spent years 'wiping the floor' with those who oppose him, I guess it's easy to get carried away with an over inflated sense of self importance.

*awaits to be summoned to a near by car park.

Hammer and Pickle 2:19 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Zen enough to suggest you go and meditate on the sound of one hand clapping.

This site is absolutely infested with lefty Spuds trolling the gullible into declaring support for the EDL and various other embarrassing nutjob elements.

stewie griffin 1:32 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Not very ZEN, are you?

Hammer and Pickle 12:59 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
OK, then.

No, I'm not a Hamas supporter. Hamas is an extremist terror organisation co-responsible for civilians' suffering in Gaza. It is supported by various nutjob regimes like the one in Teheran and I have never given you any reason to suggest I am its suported.

Why don't you ask another divvy question and then complain you got a much better answer than it deserved?

You utter WANKER

stewie griffin 12:48 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
No surprise you can't answer a simple question. Most of your lot can't.

Hammer and Pickle 12:39 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Lots of people in Israel demonstrating their opposition to the nutjob Likud government today. Just like I demonstrated mine to the nutjobs in Warsaw in June - they are gone now and there is a proper government in place here. Soon, let's hope, there will be proper government in Israel and we can get on with the business of running our affairs properly.

Meanwhile, why don't you, Griffen, try to convince some of those Israeli demonstrators that they are in fact Hamas supporters? You seem to believe they pose some kind of security risk so you'd better get on with it.

Lee Trundle 12:07 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Can't be too long before Hamas & Pickled throws his weight behind the Houthis.

The Fonz 12:01 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Something Pickle and Galloway have in common.

stewie griffin 12:00 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
Still supporting Hamas, pickle?

Hammer and Pickle 11:40 Sun Mar 3
Re: George Galloway
*Note how

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