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PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:36 Sat Mar 2
Taylor Swift
Can anyone tell me what this is all about?

In the last 6 months there hasn’t been a day gone by without the BBC and everyone other news org posting inane news stories about Taylor Swift.

I cant recall a time when a pop star has been the lead story for not a lot on such a regular basis.

The girl has been around for 20yrs years but all of a sudden I’m supposed to believe she is the most important artist on earth and of all time. I can’t even name a single song.

What’s it all about? Am I just old?

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Side of Ham 3:52 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
So Swissssssssss, reckons Mariah Carey is his era yet he got hold of Sade who's the same age as Madonna give a year?

He's either lying about Sade, or lying about his age.......but very likely BOTH the sad old sicko......

Lee Trundle 3:51 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
If you bothered to read them, they were all taking the piss out of H&P.

I think I've explained that to you enough times?

collyrob 3:49 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift

Lee Trundle 3:35 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift

So you haven’t been all over the Ukraine thread then 🤪

Swiss Toni 3:40 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift

Because she’s doing a world tour and wants as much publicity as she can. It’s not a coincidence . She has good PR agents as I mentioned before . As we are discussing it now, and even you Colllyrob , shows it works

Lee Trundle 3:35 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
collyrob 3:33 Tue Mar 5

I've only commented on Taylor Swift, not on politics.

And I explained I normally go on them to take the piss (which I'm doing with you, calling you a teenage girl, if you hadn't worked it out).


PwoperNaughtyButNot 3:33 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
Who is rattled?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

In a nutshell. I’d don’t care about Taylor Swift nor can I even name a single song. That is probably the root of the post and confusion.

What I am curious about is, why now , after her being around for 20 years already, are non tabloid news agencies running daily stories about her which are inane nonsense?

The example I gave was the BBC have run 28 news stories about her since the begin of Feb this year. That’s an awful lot when there are real things happening in the world….and it is boring

collyrob 3:33 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift

Someone counted how many articles were on the bbc website about her, 3 days after starting a thread about her. Absolutely rattled.

Trunds still staying off the political threads ? LOL

Lee Trundle 3:23 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
SWIFTIES are normally a bit overdramatic, bruuuno.

They are normally teenage girls, however.

bruuuno 3:21 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
Colly hardly anyone is rattled if you read the posts?

collyrob 3:12 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
A lot of grown men absolutely rattled by Taylor Swift 😂

Swiss Toni 12:52 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
Mariah Carey is the 2nd biggest selling female artist after Madonna and she was my era. Even at the time I couldn’t name hardly one or two of her records as opposed to Madonna at number 1.

Talylor Swift is 3rd but at this rate will probably outsell both.

Fauxstralian 12:03 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
Beyonce has just released a country music album I understand
Presumably she has been cancelled for cultural appropriation
Shame for her as I hear she was pretty successful

Kaiser Zoso 11:58 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
No surprise which side of the happy clappy line you are on, son

bruuuno 11:55 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:17 Tue Mar 5

The BBC is hardly a respectable news source; they lost the plot a long time ago. On the occasions I get to view their output it’s strikes me as being produced by twenty something women for twenty something women.

On The Ball 11:52 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
It's not a great comparison though as Taylor Swift is - by some distance - the biggest artist in the world now, whereas Beyonce is just a very well-known name.

As Trundle said, it's the audience.

Lee Trundle 11:32 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
They're just pandering to their audience.

Just don't pay for the TV licence. I don't. Nothing's happened to me and I do terrible things like occasionally look at their website.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:20 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
8 for Beyoncé for comparison

PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:17 Tue Mar 5
Re: Taylor Swift
Ok , for some context

There are 28 news stories about or featuring Taylor Swift on the BBC main news page since the beginning of February this year.

That isn’t the Sun or Mailonline. It’s a “respectable” and professional news source and one that does not take income from advertising.

That number of stories is excessive isn’t it? Who does it benefit?

Council Scum 5:20 Mon Mar 4
Re: Taylor Swift
My youngest daughter liked her, although she's out growing her now.

She's wrote 119 singles including co writes 221. To suggest she has no talent is at bit ridiculous, she has far more talent than say Beyonce.

She's not for our age and just like I think all rappers are shit since Tupac came along and ruined it, I have to accept younger poeple think he's best ever (he's not even close)

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:10 Mon Mar 4
Re: Taylor Swift
El Scorchio 11:38 Sat Mar 2

I would say that is bang on fella, I dont have to understand her, her music neither offends or engages me but her core market would kill for her and there are seemingly zero skeletons in her massive closet so good luck to her.

Bungo 4:05 Mon Mar 4
Re: Taylor Swift
Fauxstralian 3:35 Mon Mar 4

I love AC/DC but I am over the stadium shows (and the ridiculous prices for tickets).

I first saw them in 1982 and most recently in 2015. The setlist was not much different, and apart from the size and scale of it (and their ages), the show and performance was pretty much the same.

I'd really like to see them in a theatre again. That would be worth paying for.

Still, they seem to be able to sell these huge shows at these prices, so good luck to them.

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