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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 7:58 Sat Mar 16
Saturday football

The Bees are still in the relegation albeit on its periphery. The Clarets are as good as down. Draw.

A genuine six-pointer. Having led by three clear goals at half time on Wednesday, the Hatters contrived to do a West Ham and hand all three points to Bournemouth. How much will that affect their confidence and chances of survival? It will take all the man management skills of boss Rob Edwards to get them back on track. Draw.

Fulham look set for a comfortable mid-table finish. Spurs’ battle for the remaining weeks of the season is with Aston Villa. The prize: a Champions League place (although West Ham may have done both a favour in that respect). Away win.


The FA Cup still has its old magic. Coventry are still in with a shout for a play-off place in the league and that has to be the season’s absolute priority. But an FA Cup quarter final isn’t a bad little side hustle, even though it will take something special to progress at Premier League mid-table Wolves. Could be a good ‘un. Home win.

How Newcastle would have liked to have got Wolves’ draw today. But they didn’t and now face the trickiest tie of the day. Thay couldn’t, could they? No. Home win.


Both sides moved convincingly into the next stage of their respective European competitions with comprehensive wins in midweek. Villa remain very impressive under boss Emery as they continue the hunt for a Champions League place and will be tough opposition. Confidence and home advantage will play their special roles, but there’s little to choose between these sides. Home win.


Mind the gap. Since this game came onto the horizon, Leicester’s form has plummeted and they could end the weekend out of the automatic promotion places for the first time since September. Chelsea, meanwhile, seem to have got their season back on track, to some extent anyway. Dangerous times for the Foxes. Stand clear of the closing doors. Home win.

This, as much as minnows baring teeth at sharks, is what the FA Cup is all about. Away win.


Oak trees still had their leaves when last a side other than Leicester were atop the Championship. By the end of the weekend, chances are that Leeds will have supplanted the Foxes in that exalted position.

Leicester have the weekend off league duty while gentle Leeds host charming Millwall just as we kick off the second half tomorrow. The West Yorkshire Constabulary will have their hands full. The Lions are in 16th spot, a position that would usually spell safety in mid-March. But this time round, they’re one of nine sides separated by five points. Of whom two will go down.

At the top, two out of Leicester, Leeds and Ipswich look set to go up, with Southampton ready to pounce if any of those three mess up.

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onsideman 3:13 Thu Mar 21
Re: Saturday football
I'd rather they didn't...

Manuel 1:54 Thu Mar 21
Re: Saturday football
Taffs at home to Finland tonight, won't lie, wouldn't mind seeing them get to Germany, even if it does mean hearing daily about how wonderful their team spirit is.

El Scorchio 12:26 Mon Mar 18
Re: Saturday football
Absolutely delightful seeing them go out like that. All the looks of sadness and disbelief in the crowd too.

Fuck off Klopp, you grinning goon.

Northern Sold 9:32 Sun Mar 17
Re: Saturday football
Well.... at least OUR National Anthem wont be getting booed in May...

Nutsin 9:27 Sun Mar 17
Re: Saturday football
That Manu v Liverpool game was something.

Rashford looks good, Gotta start for England if his form continues.

Some nice subs by Ten Haag, Klopp blew it.

Klopp out!

Slim Shady 10:52 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
And we love him for that ⚒️

, 10:42 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Coffee you got your third match prediction very wrong. 😅

only1billybonds 9:06 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football

Yep, the defender got 100% of the ball, that wasn't even a foul, far less a booking.

nich the d 9:03 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Newcastle player booked for a clean tackle on Haaland...

Football, dogs etc etc

El Scorchio 6:16 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Staggering! Ans unsurprising. She did also once say that pep should bid for Rice just to help out his mate Arteta, before admitting she used to put in ‘false’ bids for players with no intention of buying them in order to (somehow) help people she liked at other clubs to get a deal done when working as a director of football or similar in the US women’s league.

Just a bizarre thing to say and possibly even litigious?

Anyway. I’m delighted for Cov.

WHU(Exeter) 5:55 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Scorch, can’t remember the game but she was one of the pundits and got asked her opinion about something that had happened in the first half and replied with “that’s not for me to say”.

As a paid pundit, you’d kind of think it was actually for her to say….

Leonard Hatred 5:49 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
I'm going to report el Scorchio to the police

El Scorchio 5:44 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Look. You can slag of Ms Aluko all you like, but the truth of the matter is that she’s mastered the art of…

…being one of the shittest pundits to ever be on screen. Regurgitating hackneyed cliched rubbish constantly like a real life Ron Manager while also making it sound incredibly insincere and like she’s being fed it right into her earpiece. She never has anything of any value to add and I am staggered she continues to find employment on television. There must be several other women who could do a far better and more convincing job.

rumford 5:36 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Well done Coventry, Cup shocks happen don't they. Sack Gary O'Neil then.

the coming of gary 5:36 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
great game !

... and to think if the TV companies were only allowed to pick 3 of the 4 games , it woudn't have been shown

lowlife 5:33 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Great game, and I only caught the last 15!

Only downer is they’ve got that absolute racist twat Aluko in the studio.

onsideman 5:29 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Yep, enjoyed that second half!

El Scorchio 5:28 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Incredible finish! What a match.
Well played Cov.
About time they had something good happen to them. Wembley bound.

Obviously they’ll franchise jammy Scouse cunts who will get a free pass to another final.

Manuel 5:27 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Well fuck me, that was simply incredible, I won't be dissing the FA Cup again. WELL AND TRULY ALIVE!

Leonard Hatred 5:26 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football

happygilmore 5:26 Sat Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
a great second half and cup game. Ally called his MOTM a bit too soon

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