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Mex Martillo 10:58 Sat Mar 23
England v Brazil
Hope Paqueta slaughters you in the 2nd half
Will accept Bowen coming on to save the day.

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ludo21 10:53 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Mainoo looks as though he could be another Billingham, he was very impressive.

Not that I've been watching Spurs but by all accounts Maddison hasn't regained his early season form yet but assuming he can, him in front of Mainoo and Bellingham would look good so I can certainly see the logic in your Rice suggestion zico, especially as that is where we are lacking... you seem to get more time in international football anyway so it would suit Rice... I can't imagine him doing the five yard pass to the opposition that Stones, Maguire and Dunk all seemed to favour over the last two games.

zico 10:24 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
There is a way to improve the defence and therefore fit in certain players in their natural midfield positions considering we seem overloaded in the midfield area. I'll be shot down in flames for even suggesting this but to fit in Mainoo and Bellingham with either a Foden, Maddison or whoever as a number 10 you could arguably play Rice at centre half with Stones next to him. I'm not usually keen on players getting straight in after only a handful of games for their clubs but I was really impressed with Mainoo. With Bellingham as Southgate's one who moves forward Dec, under Southgate anyway, isn't going to be anything more than a holding midfielder, in fact he would probably be even better used in the middle of a three in a Libero type of role. Just an idea!

Lee Trundle 5:09 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Foden's issue is that he's a right winger, and has Saka ahead of him.

The only other position he does well at is an attacking midfielder in the centre, and he's got Bellingham ahead of him there.

He isn't a left winger, which is why I think he probably looked lost last night.

BRANDED 4:57 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Foden puzzels me. He's got so much talent and there I was shouting at the TV to fucking put the ball in the net or pass it to the right player. Very frustrating while Bowen generally finds a great pass or has a go.

Nick QQQ 4:46 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Bowens form, performance last night and the fact that he could be third choice CF means he will go imo. He's so direct he can add something a bit different.

ludo21 4:26 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Watched both games... don't normally bother with England games unless it is a tournament.

Mainoo played well in both... he has to be ahead of Henderson surely!? If he continues to progress this season then I'd put Mainoo ahead of Gallagher. Phillips is history.

Foden is obviously a fantastic player but little end product on the evidence of those two games.

If we can sort the defence out it is a very exciting squad.

Rossal 4:14 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Bowen should be on the plane as back up to Saka after 2 strong games

Grealish is injured i think hence his omission but think he has work to do now to make it. Gordon i think will miss out, i reckon he takes Grealish over him and will take Rashford

Palmer and Madison should both go, but he will probably have to choose between them

Mainoo hopfully fucks Hendeson out of the squad, but doubt it.....probably spells the end for Phillips though

Weird thing for me is why didnt Braithwaite play a single minute? What was the point of calling him up if you won't take a look at him in a position which is up for grabs. Baffling

Manuel 4:08 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Bowen having an extra incentive can't do us no harm in the run in. Bowen is competing with Saka, no doubt, it may work in his favour that he can also play through the middle, which in turn might force out Watkins with Toney going as the Kane back up.

Lee -Yea with Grealish getting injured and others coming through it's not looking good for him at all, but agree he's a great option of the bench.

Lee Trundle 3:51 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Ah yeah, sorry. I hadn't read Sir Alf's post. I assumed it was for me.

ludo21 3:45 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
'Although on performance and form Bowen ahead of Gordon and Grealish at least?'

Lee Trundle 3:41 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
"Bowen doesn't play in the same position as Grealish or Gordon"

I don't think anyone has suggested he does?

ludo21 3:35 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Bowen doesn't play in the same position as Grealish or Gordon so I doubt they are his main competition for a place in the squad. If Southgate is only taking 2 strikers then at least Bowen has that in his locker having been playing there a fair bit this season... he becomes a utility squad player which is always useful in a tournament.

Amazing to think that Grealish might not make it to the Euros. If he had stayed at Villa and been their main man he would be a shoe in, injury permitting.

Lee Trundle 3:13 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
I'd like to see Grealish go, but I don't think he has a chance if Waistcoat hasn't picked him in his most recent squads.

I think left wing is a bit of an issue for England (along with centre back and goaltender). Grealish isn't playing, Rashford has turned shit, and the only other one I can think of worth talking about is the lesbian junkie (Gordon).

Manuel 1:27 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Sir Alf - Yep. agree with pretty much all that apart from the silly small club Bowen reference. Waistcoat talked Bowen up in the presser after the game without being prompted, I suspect as it stands Bowen goes but as waistcoat said there's a way to go still until the end of the season, which is a fair point.

With Mainoo, Gordon and Palmer emerging and Grealish still an option, he's got some thinking to do, but it looks like Mainoo, as it stands, will go and may even be the Henderson/Phillips replacement alongside Rice. Would have to assume Rashford goes, but no longer a certain starter, and maybe one of Watkins or Toney. Sterling and Mount out in the cold.

As goose says two good games against good oppo and we did play some good stuff and was without Kane, Saka and Shaw.

Sir Alf 12:36 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
As discussed after Brazil game, and most of us see, defence is the issue.

Konsa looked our only decent defender imo. Pickford mistake a throwback to his past but no Pope so not sure who else plays there and he’s probably our best due to experience etc.

Right back has to be Walker and CBs Stones and Konsa? All 3 have pace which us needed against the best players. Shaw at left back. But need them all to be fit and stay fit.

Waistcoat will start with Kane upfront in the tournament. Rice, Bellingham, Foden and Saka. Bowen should go but like Maddison will start on the bench. Although knowing Southgate if he has to leave one of Saka, Foden, Bowen, Grealish or Gordon behind it will be Bowen as he deems West Ham the “smallest” ( aka less rich ) club? Although on performance and form Bowen ahead of Gordon and Grealish at least? Just hope he avoids injury and keeps his form for the next 2 months for us and it will be purely big coub bias then if he again doesnt make the cut?

BRANDED 12:07 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
I enjoyed both games. Thought both Brazil and Belgium were good challenges. Defence an issue and scoring goals without a fully firing Kane. Quality of the football except the mistakes was a good watch.

Bowen is odd at England but last night he grew into the game and the rest of the team found he was an asset not just a weaving wonder. Hope he goes.

goose 12:02 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
I think these two games will do England the world of good.

Objectively they played two of the best teams around. Both games England were the better side despite missing some big names, only some defensive mistakes cost them.

ray winstone 11:57 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
Maguire, Dunk and Gomez are all cloggers, no technical ability whatsoever, too early to suss out Konsa and Branthwaite but our centre half situation will be our undoing, along with GS's bullshit tactics.

Lee Trundle 11:42 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
"The complete Southgate performance"

haha yeah that's what I thought. We never look like we're going to beat any of the big boys with these tactics. It's all too familiar, sadly.

Manuel 4:23 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
I suspect optimism may have waned slightly after these 2 home games. A lot of capable sides in Germany who will punish you if you're not performing to your potential.

Sink or swim, waistcoat. No more excuses.

Shame about the Taffs :-)

Sydney_Iron 2:20 Wed Mar 27
Re: England v Brazil
The complete Southgate performance. totally uninspiring, his favourite result, a draw. And a last gasp one at that! But against a Belgium without KDB and England struggled to get a draw. The sooner Southgate goes to ManU the better.

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