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BRANDED 4:27 Wed Mar 27
Graham Souness
I went on the field to play better than the man in front of me

Re Modern football
“Some of the games are sensational. But it’s a 50-50 thing,” explains Souness. “Some games I’ll settle down to watch and I see midfield players passing it square all the time. It does nothing for me and I’ll turn over and watch something else. Other games just grab me and I’m glued to it. Maybe I’ve always been like that.”

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Northern Sold 2:22 Tue Apr 2
Re: Graham Souness
Don't mind his punditry... he keeps me entertained.... as a footballer he was a fucking beast.... but a beast who could put a yard ball on a sixpence.... and score his fair share of goals.... that red scouse midfield of him, McDermott, Kennedy, Case/Heighway was some fucking machine...

collyrob 1:44 Sat Mar 30
Re: Graham Souness

A little bit “woke” no?

Leavemyarcelona 1:20 Sat Mar 30
Re: Graham Souness
Hater of all things English? Really

He is a old school bloke, a mans man, says what thw majority of people thinks.

He played for the "always the victims" club during the time when they were proud of being british.

Prefer him to the likes of Neville, Jamie "i spit at children" carragher and the other woke pundits

Chairman Alf 1:07 Sat Mar 30
Re: Graham Souness
I remember seeing him play against us in 1974 for Middlesbrough, just after they had been promoted. We well and truly beat them 3-0.

RBshorty 12:47 Sat Mar 30
Re: Graham Souness
He swam the Channel for charity. So he ain’t beyond redemption.

Helmut Shown 12:43 Sat Mar 30
Re: Graham Souness
He was a nasty piece of work as a player. He played for the 4B2s and Liverpool. A bitter old bastard as a pundit and hater of all things English but not too proud to accept a hefty wage from them. What's to like about him?

fossil 6:43 Fri Mar 29
Re: Graham Souness
A massive presence both on and off the field, was a brave man of action.

But I remember being really disappointed with his punditry in the 2018 WC. He was just another sunburnt old prick only moaning about refereeing decisions, no expert insights, nothing else at all.

Manuel 1:15 Fri Mar 29
Re: Graham Souness
I met Barnes briefly in Bangkok, bit of a rude prick, was a great player so was just happy to have met him.

bruuuno 1:14 Fri Mar 29
Re: Graham Souness
I ate much healthier when I had money: smoked
Salmon every day etc

southbankbornnbred 12:50 Fri Mar 29
Re: Graham Souness
I have never met Souness, or spoken to him.

But I did bump into John Barnes in an off-licence the day Souness was sacked from Liverpool. He had his back to us, and we couldn't immediately tell it was Barnes, but he was buying up the offy's entire stock of champagne.

My university mate at the time said loudly: "That's a lot of fizz for this town.'

Barnes swung round, smiled and said: 'When you're celebrating, you're REALLY celebrating.'

chim chim cha boo 8:16 Fri Mar 29
Re: Graham Souness
He might be a nice neighbour but he's a fucking shit pundit so my post still stands.

Side of Ham 7:47 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
That’s not what I asked, worse still it’s not what you accused people of saying…..try again….braindead…

BRANDED 7:43 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
If you eat too much you’ll never be trim. I know lots of fat wealthy people.

Side of Ham 7:36 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
Who has said it’s to do with eating Braindead?

BRANDED 7:27 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
Why is it easier for the well off to eat less?

Alwaysaniron 6:49 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness


Lives in Sandbanks (hardly a surpirse I suppose). Genuine nice fella.

Manuel 6:44 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
Alwaysaniron 2:14 Thu Mar 28

Does he live Dorset way? Agree when you're wealthy it's a lot easier to keep trim etc, but many still don't do it. I can imagine Souness being good company over a pint.

Alwaysaniron 2:14 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
He lives down my way. Really nice bloke who just wants a chat and to talk about football. Keeps himself very fit. (It's not too difficult when you've millions in the bank). He likes West Ham (says we're a proper club). Hates Man U with a passion and does loads for charity. DEBRA being the main one sponsors. I like him

Oh dear 1:21 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
I know two people who can call themselves genuine friends of GS. Both say he's a decent guy to know.

He was my friend's Best Man when they played at Spurs together.

In the same youth and reserve side.

And a client of mine had him as an Ambassador for his company, he was pretty good at it too by all accounts. Souness's description of Craig Bellamy was interesting.

With genuine hate in his voice he called him "a walking cancer who scored goals"

Mex Martillo 9:43 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
I agree with his statement.
I liked him, but haven't seen him in years. Who does he work for these days?
I'd like to see Bilic doing more punditry.

cholo 9:35 Thu Mar 28
Re: Graham Souness
In the hierarchy of arrogant football pundits ranks second behind Alan Hansen. Both are sweatys that played for Liverpool. Coincidence? I think not.

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