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BRANDED 2:47 Thu Mar 28
RIP Daniel Kahneman
he would have loved WHO

the father of the cognitive bias

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BRANDED 11:13 Thu Mar 28
Re: RIP Daniel Kahneman
He was in the Israeli military in earlier wars but not what he’s known for. Most people know about priors but not who discovered the way the mind worked.

Darlo Debs 9:59 Thu Mar 28
Re: RIP Daniel Kahneman
Chim bit racist that and beneath you. Big indifference between anti the actions of a shit israeli government and anti israeli citizens because overall that’s just being anti semitic.

I don’t know much about this man but I guess at the age he was he’d have seen some horrors of his own and probably lucky to escape death himself.

cholo 9:37 Thu Mar 28
Re: RIP Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman would probably have disapproved of your cognitive bias on that one...

chim chim cha boo 9:19 Thu Mar 28
Re: RIP Daniel Kahneman
In another time I might have cared more about the death of a 90 year old Israeli clever clogs from natural causes.

Then I watched the news.

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