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Leonard Hatred 1:10 Thu Mar 28
Making a will
Talk to me

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easthammer 4:05 Fri Mar 29
Re: Making a will
Making a will need not be that expensive and in fact March has been Free Will Month whereby some solicitors were providing free assistance to make a will. Still time? probably not. But even you can still do it for free and there is plenty of online stuff to show what is required.

Personally, I had a Solicitor do both mine and my wife's. But far more importantly I had them draw up Lasting Power of Attorney for both Finance and Health issues. These can be done by yourself but it is more complex and there are fees for registering them.

If I go do-lally my wife has control over all my finances and health affairs. And if she is incapable then control passes to our kids both jointly and severally.

Let's face it more and more people are living longer and are likely to be suffering some dementia type problems. If necessary I am much more willing for one of my nearest and dearest to have control of my finances and medical care than the State, Local Government or the NHS, which would be the alternative. Setting this up didn't come cheap but I considered it worth it.

The one thing that I haven't done but I intend to do soon is write a letter of wishes. This will have no standing in law but might help the family to know who should get custody of my china West Ham Box from the 1950s and that I want the Vera Lynn version of "Bubbles" at my funeral (very controversial I know)

zico 3:46 Fri Mar 29
Re: Making a will
Alfs. sorry to hear that, its a story that we rarely hear about but it must be rife. I found out when I looked into it that you can politely ask an executor to step aside but they don't have to. You can go to court but a court can only remove an executor if they can be proven to have done something wrong. Problem is a will with a solicitor as an executor is a contract but who asks for a quote of what the bill will be for the beneficiaries when sorting a will out, after all you aren't paying the bill until you are dead! What annoys me is how the solicitors write you an email but don't explain things well enough so you have no option but to reply with queries thus charges for never ending emails that wouldn't be needed if the solicitor made it clear in the first place.

Alfs 2:40 Fri Mar 29
Re: Making a will
Come On You Irons 7:02 Thu Mar 28

"I have a big milestone birthday coming up"


Alfs 2:36 Fri Mar 29
Re: Making a will
zico 2:36 Thu Mar 28

My late step father made his solicitor/friend the executor of his will and my mother has been ripped off thousands of pounds.

I'm her executor and the day she dies I'm reporting the thieving fucker to the police.

J.Riddle 1:15 Fri Mar 29
Re: Making a will
No point being the richest man in the graveyard....

Stubbo 10:58 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
As was explained to me it's important because you can't control what comes after you. E.g.

You die...estate goes to wife.
Wife remarries
New bloke has kids
Bloke's a cunt
Wife dies...estate goes to new bloke.
Bloke cuts your kids out of your estate, and gives it all to his kids.

Proper estate planning avoids shit like this and means the people you want to be recipients, not just in the immediate aftermath but the aftermath of the aftermath, get what you want them to get.

Side of Ham 8:43 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
No, shamefully you are English.

Come On You Irons 8:32 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
As night follows day my stalker Snide of Spam responds to one of my posts calling me Swiss.

The mods will be able to confirm that I am not Swiss.

Side of Ham 7:50 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Yes Len, you should be far more ARCTICulate with Manuel…..

Leonard Hatred 7:45 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
When I said "talk to me" what I actually meant was "furnish me with the cheapest and easiest way of doing it.

Perhaps I should of been more pacific

Far Cough 7:36 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will

Side of Ham 7:12 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Enjoy your 70th Come on the Swiss, hopefully you will get to save a bit more for your son on your brass usage lowering with the old libido waining and all that…..

Come On You Irons 7:02 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
I have a big milestone birthday coming up and it has prompted me to look into doing a will for my son so that he gets all of my wealth (my home which I own mortgage free, my considerable pensions and savings, my car etc.).

I already have a tidy next egg stashed away for him in a cash ISA, stocks and shares ISA and TESP.

Manuel 6:36 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Do you have to start a new fred every day? You are boring me.

Kaiser Zoso 4:02 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
, wrote...

Re: Making a will
One important advantage of making a Will is that you can ensure who does not benefit from your estate.

Who would have guessed dysfunctional family issues for you, coma?

Travelling Iron 3:57 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Everyone should make a Will before they die.

Making one afterwards is very difficult.

, 3:38 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Zico 2.36, good point.

zico 2:36 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
One other thing I must mention is be careful with who you put down as executors. Mum put down, or was persuaded, by her very expensive solicitor to be both Trustees and Executors and a year later it is all going on with the bill racking up as these buggers charge for every phone call, email to and from, nice work if you can get it! With my new will my solicitor advised me to place my sister and her husband as executors and then if they don't want to deal with it then they can choose a solicitor of choice to perform the day to day running's but they still have control. Some solicitors are crafty, it can be in small print in their T&C's that if you don't nominate an executor they will automatically become the executor. And depending on solicitor they can either charge a time spent basis or anything between 2 and 6 % of the estate I believe.

Oh dear 2:09 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
That isn't as difficult as you are making it sound ,

While Judges may not split the Estate 50/50 the hard done by sibling are getting more

Time will tell

Alwaysaniron 1:58 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Get one done.

Not doing so in this day and age is barking! If you are struggling financially you can opt to get a chartiy to write one for you providing you leave them something.

Things can get a bit messy if you've kids from more than one family which is quite common nowadays.

, 1:51 Thu Mar 28
Re: Making a will
Oh dear, the hard done by sibling has to prove that they have severe financial hardship such that their parent would not have wished to neglect their child in that situation. When it happens the Judge might grant the complainant a few grand but nothing like equal share of the estate.

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