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madeeasy 2:50 Tue Apr 2
View from the opposition: Spurs
Writing this before our game against Newcastle so hope we came back from the international break and played well.

Next up are Spurs despite getting to finals and within touching distance of winning the league have still only managed to fill their shiny new trophy room with carpet so far.

I would like to thank this weeks Spurs fan Jonny from for taking the time to answer our questions.

OK Let’s hit our slight Jealousy of Big Ange’s style of play and personality out the way. You started off on fire, Harry who? After the first dozen games, then along came Chelsea, What made everything go, well a b it Spursy from there for you?

We will always do Spursy a few times every season

How much of a miss was Maddison during that period and is your squad that thin that he was such a miss, like our bad patch was at the turn of the year without Paqueta and Antonio?

Maddison Big miss

Was it a shock that happened, your team normally leave it until it is a 2 horse race, then manage to salvage 3rd. Is it nicer knowing you aren’t playing for anything this season and can enjoy watching the attacking football with the pressure off?

What do you think of Big Ange and do you think he would do a good job at West Ham?

Much better style of football than the previous 2 incumbents but he is not pragmatic at all which is a worry.

You hounded Antonio Conte out of your club while sitting fourth in the table due to his style of football, and subsequently finished eight. You now play a more exciting brand of football and will finish fifth or sixth. While everyone in the media plays the be careful what you wish for card, do you sympathise with West Ham fans for wanting a change in management despite winning a major European trophy? Ron Eff

Think Moyesy is doing a good job and would be looking at Euro entry again throigh league position if won yesterday. Still could happen though.

There is no denying the great job that Pochettino is doing for you currently at Chelsea. When Ange takes his next step up to a bigger club would you want Poch Back?

No, as managers or players return never seems to work out.

For us beating Spurs is like winning the Europa Conference League. It might even feel like winning a Europa league quarter final. Obviously its not possible for you to feel the same, but do you have a similar sensation when you beat Arsenal? Branded

Like beating Arsenal more than any other club.

Would you accept Moyes and Paqueta for Fat Ange? Throwing Paqueta in means we’ve not totally fucked you, and the dour cunt in charge of us has won a trophy (as he likes to keep reminding us) and something you’ve missed out on for some time. Deal?

Yes, Paqueta and Bowen.

My thermos is too wide at the base to fit into the resting place in my car. Do you have any advice on what I can do with space for cups of which I have no use for?

Make sure cobwebs don't start to form. 😂😁😁

Name your most proudest day as a spurs fan without mentioning the word Audi

😀😀 Gotta be the double in 61/62 - I'm an old fart

This a year with a 1 in it, hasn't worked for ages has it? Far Cough

About time we counted up to 2 😂

What are your expectations for you this season?

Before season started 5th and go for league cup.

Games between the two of us are rarely boring. Any particular favourites vs most gutting? Pub Bigot
A personal one of mine was the 3 down against you in 82nd min and watching my mates faces when Lanzini cracked a screamer in, My Spurs mate’s didn’t hang around for a chat much on zoom after that game

Yeah, that was pretty good, but look on my face was like Curbishley in our away 4-3 win.

Tottenham say they don’t care about West Ham and it is our final and try and mock us, yet your fans sites have hundreds of posts about us, what do you think of our rivalry?

Don't know about that but seems to me you dislike us like Millwall and think the rivalry started on your side. Will always dislike Arsenal the most.

What is your favourite size piece of wood?


What are your thoughts on West Ham and our fans?

I know quite a few from the days when you won cup winners cup. You might not have been born😂

What West Ham player/s would you like in your starting 11 and to see with a cock on his chest?

As above - Paqueta and Bowen

Spurs 4th but Arsenal win the league. Or spurs 5th and Arsenal choke?

The latter but only because there is an outside chance of 5th getting CL football

Question from the previous Newcastle fan:
As a club not yet affected by it hugely, what do you think of FFP and is it a good thing for the league as a whole (not just the top six)?

Good idea as I wouldn't want clubs to fold like they have in Rugby. I am also a Bath rugby fan
and as they were at Quins yesterday I did not attend Luton game

Up next we have Wolves, what question would you like us to ask their fan?

Why didn't you beat Villa yesterday 😂🤣

What are your favourite crisps?

Bacon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

And finally your prediction for the game?


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bruuuno 12:19 Thu Apr 4
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Seems alright, strikes me as like tottenhamonlines version of far cough. TFYC

Oneard 10:36 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
You have to laugh some of you lot do your most to piss the oppo off then they don’t bite and get called boring. Prob think West Ham a right bunch o desperate cunts

Matthew Holmes 10:02 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
A nice gent*


Matthew Holmes 10:01 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Nice one.

Seemed annoyed gent. Old school I suppose less of a wanker

Side of Ham 7:21 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
BBondsBootlaces 6:53 Wed Apr 3

What a great game to have on your attendance list......and your Grandad.....well I would have loved that had my brother done anything as stupid....but there was no chance he would be one of those cunts.....they are a type I'm sure you'll confirm..... :-)

charleyfarley 7:08 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Thanks for doing these madeaesy

BBondsBootlaces 6:53 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
I was at the 0-4 Cross game as a young kid. My turncoat older brother who swapped from West Ham to Spurs (my Grand Father barely spoke to him again) was spouting off how average David Cross was...well, then that happened.

marty feldman 6:48 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Seemed not too bad for one of them . Obviously has ideas of grandeur never met one who doesn't.

BRANDED 6:43 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
hope he's gutted

Wils 3:17 Wed Apr 3
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
He sounds too pleasant for the average Spurs fan. Need someone from a younger generation to give less reasonable answers.

Side of Ham 6:58 Tue Apr 2
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
They always try to play it off from being a rivalry but it is......the moment I knew West Ham got under their skin was the Spurs 0 Cross 4 result.....they were dishing out all their normal shit prior to this game and it was one of our first games back in the top flight.....they was bragging about having World Cup winners Villa, Ardiles and also had Hoddle, Archibald so we was going to get a good tonking blah, blah, blah......NOT A FUCKING WORD the next day.....

.....carried on from there for me, and they haven't stopped talking shit since except for a few.......

mallard 6:45 Tue Apr 2
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Good work Gents.
He seemed okayish for a Spurs fan despite the short answers.

I know a lot of the senior fans are baffled by the rivalry, my Grandad and his mates always used to go to WHL if West Ham were playing away.
Just read some click bait shite on social media where Jermaine Jenas stated the hatred from them started after Lasagnegate, but I’m sure it was before then.

The first time I went to their ground was the Ray Clemance testimonial and can clearly remember West Ham fans marching down Seven Sisters shouting the slang term for ‘Of Jewish background’

I never really had much of an issue with them until they started all the gloating after taking Kanoute, Defoe and Carrick off us when we got relegated.

Since then, I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of their supporters are cunts!

madeeasy 2:52 Tue Apr 2
Re: View from the opposition: Spurs
Thanks to Hammer 205 for getting his mate to answer.

I got banned from their forum for giving back a bit where they were taking the piss.

only bit of back and forth but fuck me what a bunch they are on there.

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