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northbankboy68 3:34 Mon Apr 8
Ben Johnson
Anyone know the latest with this lad's contract? I think he has been a bit of a revelation since he's been given more freedom on the pitch. His confidence is improving and I hope he stays.

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Texas Iron 9:08 Thu Apr 11
Re: Ben Johnson
What is Scarf Man’s opinion…???

Full Claret Jacket 3:13 Thu Apr 11
Re: Ben Johnson
He's been bright of late but has some huge indecisive and confidence issues. He's not a kid anymore. Been around the first team for a few years and has had time to be better. Makes mistakes with his passes, dwells on the ball and doesn't have that natural ability to know what he wants to do before he gets it. He has started carrying the ball more which is good but he is still quite one-footed. When he makes mistakes he often goes hiding.

With a good run in a side and someone helping him with his mentality he would make an average full back at this level. Not a star player, not a game changer but average - some good games and some poor. If we want to be fighting for trophies and high places, I don't see him anymore than a utility sub. With that in mind you don't pay him a big salary contract of a decent starting regular player.

I always want to see academy players do well and break through and often I will ignore their weaknesses due to them stepping up but there comes a time when they have to perform and show their value consistently. I don't think we've seen it from him.

LeroysBoots 7:04 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
Some one eyed fans on here

BJ sucks !

He's not very good, we need a lot better

Lee Trundle 6:59 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
Rossal 6:25 Wed Apr 10
"For LB, Scarles can come through plus got Cresswell"

We won't have Cresswell next season. And please don't suggest offering him a new contract. It will be the Ogbonna situation all over again that we've had this season.

Nutsin 6:44 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
I have said on here some time ago that we need a new RB, so I agree with you there.

Looks like we are well positioned financially to bring in a few players. Broja on a discount sounds tempting. A speedy left winger who doesn’t lose the ball every other opportunity and a quality center half. Some pace in midfield wouldn’t hurt either.

Rossal 6:25 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
We need a new RB, Coufal and go to 2nd choice

For LB, Scarles can come through plus got Cresswell

Johnson shouldn't be CM cover at all next season, hopefully we get in a semi decent manager who will look to build and utilise a full squad in which case surely Johnson won't be needed

Nutsin 5:57 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
His confidence was shot playing right back, he has turned it around playing a more forward position.

Personally I think he is relishing his new role and his confidence is coming back and it’s reflected in his game. I think he is starting to blossom into a good option for us and into a real quality member of our squad.

Hopefully we are able to keep him for a number of reasons the main being that he can play a little and still has more room for growth, who knows just how good he will become, he’s certainly heading in the right direction.

Eerie Descent 1:18 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
All the chat has been that he'd sign the contract he's asked for, but yeah, no one on here will know for certain.

Nagel 1:06 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
Are we sure he still wants a contract now? He's made just 7 starts this season and been played out of position several times. He's 25 years old next January. Maybe he'd rather be a 1st team regular somewhere else, especially if a PL club comes in for him.

Eerie Descent 12:40 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
I've never seen him as a first team starter, but aren't we in a bit of trouble with our home grown quota?

He covers the whole backline, doesn't want big wages (comparatively), and clearly cares about the club, which IS worth it's weight in gold.

We've got enough to do in the summer, let alone spending money to replace this lad and the job he does covering 4 positions. Just give him the contract ffs

Ron Eff 12:30 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
Starting ahead of Coufal is an odd claim. Scoring a goal once against that Villa that Coufal could only dream of also a bit weird, especially when you consider:

Johnson assists in his West Ham career: 1 (vs Lincoln this season), plus 2 career goals
Coufal assists this season: 7
Coufal assists since signing: 20

I think I know who’s goal involvements I’d take, and that’s without considering the fact he’s also far better defensively.

That’s not to claim Coufal is perfect, or to be anti Johnson, but he is very average. People want to rate him because he’s an academy product.

Vexed 11:30 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
He's played well of late but everyone seems to have forgotten just how bad he has been for us at times, he had a run where he looked barely league one level and was truly bad. The change in his form seems to have coincided with him being told he aint getting the 50k a week he's after, interesting. Shop window has improved him no end. You have to assume that neither Moyes nor Steidten are particularly fussed if he goes to Palace. All a bit strange as he's handy and home grown. 50k sounds like a bit too much money, but what will it cost to replace him with another home grown player? Probably loads more. Odd situation.

chim chim cha boo 6:31 Wed Apr 10
Re: Johnson
He's better than Coufal? Besides his performance against Newcastle I think he's been a revelation this season. I only get to see him at the LS but some of the work and plain skill he's producing at the moment is top drawer.

Ultimately I would love to see an improvement in his position mainly because he'll bust a nut trying to keep in the first team. I certainly don't see Johnson as an upgrade.

Sadly I see his career projectory going in the same direction as our second to last academy star (Dec is of course the real thing), Reese Oxford.

I hope to fuck I'm wrong.

Pedro 2:20 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
Always think he plays best at left back.

He was outstanding at Lyon away but that was two years ago now.

threesixty 1:03 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
From what I remember he was doing really well at one point then got quite a long injury and Moyes didn't use him for a while.

Personally I think he needs a manager that wants him to do well and makes time for him. As I think he's got the perfect attitude as a pro footballer and has all the attributes (speed, strength etc..) just needs a run of games to really settle in.
Not sure he'll ever get that here the way Moyes is.

So if I were him I'd leave to become a better player. But as a fan I really want us to keep him. We should always make room for academy lads and do more to keep them in our team.

btw, right now he should be starting ahead of Coufal.. but thats just Moyes. Stubborn and slow to change anything.

BRANDED 11:43 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
If I was him I'd be looking for regular first team football. You only have one life.

Fauxstralian 11:34 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
People talking about us getting rid of him but understood we had made an offer that he has rejected.
Presumably because he thinks he should be paid at a higher rate (ie as a first team regular) or someone has told him another club will offer more.

Personally think he is a useful utility player but needs to work on his consistency.
He wouldnt be in our best eleven at the moment
In terms of full backs I wonder if the club (probably not Moyes) thinks he will be overtaken by Robinson (rb) & Scarles (lb) next season

Manuel 11:31 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
Funny really how this has blown up into quiet a big story, the Tubers have been running with it for months now ''scandalous'' ''crazy to let him go'' ''pay him what he wants'' ''he'll be making headlines elsewhere next season'' are just some of the headlines I've seen. A utility player, or a jack of all trades and a master of none? Let someone like Palace take a punt on him. He does have some talent, but looks weak mentally and indecisive to me.

One Flew 10:58 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
I’d like us to keep him, but he’s only ever shown that he could be a reliable squad player, so doubt he’d get silly money with us.

Rossal 10:38 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
Let him go, he isn't worth anywhere near 50k a week. Has showed glimpses this season but overall last few years been really poor

Don't see the point of giving him a new improved deal to be 3/4th choice in a load of positions

Let Coufal be the back up RB and buy a decent one in the summer

Wish him well but its time for us to upgrade and push on, he has had his chance. Good luck to him but we move on

GoalLazio 9:12 Tue Apr 9
Re: Johnson
Not good enough.

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