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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

charleyfarley 8:25 Fri Apr 12
⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread

Fabiański ©, Coufal, Aguerd, Mavropanos, Emerson, Ward-Prowse, Álvarez, Paquetá, Kudus, Antonio, Ings
Subs: Anang (GK), Ogbonna, Zouma, Johnson, Cresswell, Souček, Earthy, Cornet, Mubama

Leno ©, Castagne, Adarabioyo, Bassey, Robinson, Palhinha, Lukic, Iwobi, Pereira, Willian, Muniz
Subs: Rodák (GK), Reed, Jiménez, Wilson, Broja, Cairney, Traoré, De Cordova-Reid, Diop

• West Ham 13/10 : Draw 13/5 : Fulham 15/8

• Stuart Atwell

• Darren England


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wansteadman 9:24 Tue Apr 16
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
He bought Vlasic as a no 10 and managed to get rid of him without him playing him there once. He absolutely ruined fornals and benrahma.
Kornet must be wondering what he's done wrong.
And who'd want to be a young player here as Moyes won't play anyone from the youth teams irrespective of how well they're playing or how well we are doing.

LAF 9:23 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Rossal - apologies.

LAF 9:23 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Fossil: good post, my friend. Fine criticisms but balanced with some positives going forward. One of my rare outings and a proper shitshow. After reading a myriad of posts bemoaning the ant-football this season, I’m angry at all these punters who keep telling these fans to be careful what they wish for.

rumford 8:43 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
We knocked the ball around well at times in the game,had decent possession ,58%,and should have scored early on in the game . Our overall goal tally is respectable, largely due to Bowen, however I'm afraid we don't have one reliable defender at the moment which is reflected in the amount of goals we've conceded already this season.
We know Moyes was keen on Maguire but the was not going to happen.Apparently, Steidten had a defender lined up from France in January but it all went belly when he realised he been negotiating with the wrong agent.which is so West Ham.
Anyway most of us will be there on Thursday hoping for a miracle but I hope I'm wrong as I just cannot see us not conceding.

scott_d 4:01 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
The problem isn't just that we don't know how to attack, but also have not clue on how to defend either.

The brightest point of the match sadly turned out to the the lowest too as Earthy came on and actually looked to move into spaces and to spread the ball around. Maybe Alvarez was instructed by Moyes to intervene if any of the team got too creative?

The worry for me is that Moyes reckons that he tried to play attacking football and that we got done on the counter. So that is now ammunition for him to carry on his negative ways, which will probably not garnish that much better results.

Swiss. 3:45 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
The team doesn’t know how to attack anymore. Would have been better off employing our away tactics even at home to Fulham. Probably would’ve got a result . That how bad it’s got . The over reliance on the 34yo Antonio and how he fucked off Haller and Scamacca says it all,

Rossal 1:29 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Well at the moment a new manager will have ...

Great Keeper
Great LB
Great CDM
Brazil's no 8
Kudus superb
Bowen superb

One of the best 18s and 23s teams in the country to choose from

Downes coming back

£50M to spend at least? and then maybe £85M on top for Paq

Not a bad starting point, theres plenty there to work with. Moyes has sucked the life out of us this season so much that it looks far worse than what it is. Our squad isn't as thin or as poor in quality as everyone makes out.......its Moyes management and lack of coaching which has lead everyone to beleive that

get in a half decent coach......literally anyone with some coaching badges and there will be lots of improvement very quickly

apart from Emerson and maybe Bowen......who is better than say last year or the year before? There is no coaching going on at the moment, on the ball we are clueless at how to attack. We got outclassed by Silva and a team which on paper wouldnt get close to ours

Massive Attack 11:51 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
It's the smallest Squad as well as being one of, if not the oldest Squad going too. Negligent management that leaves the next manager with an uphilltask from the off and likely no European football either.

Looking at the table I'm not sure we end up in the top 10, could go down as far as 13th if we collapse at this stage of the season but hey, at least we're safe for another year..

Vexed 11:06 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
A small fortune? I think jink at close to half a billion it can be classed as a genuine fucking fortune. Wasteful fucking cunt.

nychammer 7:36 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Moyes has had years and while he has improved us on paper we have spent a small fortune to have the smallest squad in the PL which still has major weaknesses. We have signed too many big money players who haven’t worked out for us. We play a dour defensive brand of football that is not working because we leak like a sieve and are not getting results we need.

Put simply Moyes has hit his ceiling with us and if the club has any ambition (which I do question) then he has to go. I really don’t like the look of next season without Paqueta who will be off as soon as the last whistle blows on this season, and another dithery transfer window where we don’t adequately replace him among others

Massive Attack 3:51 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
He's long been my realistic pick Vexed if the Club bothered to show any ambition in getting him, which I doubt as it'll mean stumping up the money to get him away from Fulham.

Vexed 3:18 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
What do we think about Marco Silva next season? Not a glamorous appointment but a fuck ton better than Moyes for me.

Nutsin 3:12 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Eerie I watch all the games mate. It’s pretty clear none of you have a fucking clue.

Alfs 3:03 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
onsideman 11:35 Sun Apr 14

Thanks for depressing me further after the loss.

100% right, though.

BillyJenningsBoots 2:52 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Nutstain still here are you?

What a stupid bunch of questions... the new manager has a massive task ahead of him rebuilding this paper thin aging squad your Messiah has left us with...

We'll be lucky to get back in to Europe in 5 years given what he'll have to work with unless Steidten can work some miracle and bring in a hatful of players..

The squad Moyes inherited was far deeper than the one he's leaving behind.

BillyJenningsBoots 2:47 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
MOTD still think Moyes is doing a good job... Alan Shearer BCWYWF its just so lazy would his beleoved Newcastle have him...

pdcwhu 1:58 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Our 2 nil defeat wasn't the headlines today Girls.
Scouse and Arse were beaten....
Cop da fuck on

Sir Alf 1:51 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
onsideman 11:35 Sun Apr 14

I think Mavropanos and Cornet can be salvaged with a decent manager or shouod I say coach. Yes the Greek fella fvcked up trying to control the ball today from that height and made a couple of ricketts earlier this season but he has been pretty solid sincd xmas for the most part and arguably our best CB (yes I realise the bar has been low). Cornet is not that bad either imo. I saw him look a decent player at Burnley. Coufal another who should not be first choice RB but a reliable squad man

My point is they can be useful in the squad even if not regular starters. They’ve been so poorly managed. It has been one of the biggest factors in Moyes demise, ln other words, his inability and unwillingness to develop and use a squad. .

But my opinion aligns with yours on almost all the other players you list as they will need replacing due to age, ability ( lack of ) etc

So its still a huge rebuild that will be needed and could take a few seasons. But it needs to start in summer and Moyes needs to on his way immediately the season ends and a new coach in place asap. Got to hope Steidten is leading this effort and candidates already identified and sounded out.

Moyes is done. Overall, and the first half of his tenure, he did a fine job but the league form really has been in a downward trajectory since early 2022. A couple of upsurges in form after last summer signings but an injury or two and its an overall decline. 6th, 7th, 14th and probably 11th or 12th looking likely now despite spending a lot on transfers by West Ham standards.

As many thought, the conference cup win, while it was a great moment, it really masked some real issues in squad management and tired tactics.

The level of investment has been high on transfers but Moyes really has not been able to get value for money from it using his methods.

Its gonna be a bit of a painful next few weeks but should lead to change and more hopeful times ahead. Unless Sullivan and the board and even Steidten freeze and let fear, uncertainty and doubt get the better of them yet again

Eerie Descent 1:42 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
What do you mean "we're"? You don't even watch our games, you plank.

The fact you even have to ask such a stupid fucking question is the clearest indication you're not actually West Ham. You tell people you support West Ham, that's as far as it goes.

Have some time off talking football and go and flood the political threads.

Nutsin 1:28 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread
Just so we’re clear, we are looking for a new manager to come in who plays attacking football, who will bleed the youth players into the team, to take a back seat to Steidten when it comes to building a squad and has to deliver European football every year….

Question how many years does he have to get us in to Europe?

And how many years does he have to move us on from where we currently are a Europa team pushing to become a CL team?

Massive Attack 1:05 Mon Apr 15
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Fulham - Official Match Thread

"Paqueta’s showboating needs to stop. Moyes needs to rip into him at half time and if it doesn’t stop pull him off he’s a liability out there."

This has to be one of the most anti-West Ham depressing comments I've recently seen having been brainwashed by Moyes into actually thinking Paquetas skills need to be eradicated or risk being taken off altogether.

It's not Paqueta's showboating, which we've all enjoyed down the years having grown up on it from other like-minded quality players at West Ham. To be ground down to accepting Moyes way of thinking is a truly sad state of affairs and Nutsin isn't unique to it, many now believe this should be the right way of playing. Don't risk losing the ball, in fact better off not having it at all with 10 men behind the ball, waiting for any unforced errors from the opposition to hopefully capitalise on. That's what our fanbase has sadly been reduced too and I fucking hate Moyes for it.

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