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OLD GEEZER 7:57 Sat May 4
Declan Rice Magnificent
Ok we knew he was going and hoped he would change his mind but you can’t blame a young man for having ambition. He was a great player for West Ham and never once did he step out of line and be a prima donna. He respected the football club and fulfilled all of his commitments to West Ham.
Have watched him play this season he has proved what we all knew. He is without doubt a huge talent and will go on to be a legend of the game.
So sorry that he had to leave to fulfill his potential but I wish him well and salute the undoubted next captain of England.

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SUM A DING WONG 12:40 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent

We can’t all be as cool and measured as you are.

I’m working on it, though.

mashed in maryland 12:18 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent

Manuel 5:50 Mon May 6

I get ya. Some people get themselves bent into all sorts of shapes over football and its all intentional and takes too much fucking effort if you've got other stuff going on.

I wouldn't go as far as Coffee but also don't agree Rice is an Ince/Judas. He was fantastic for us and loved playing for us and we loved him. He left on a high note and I'll always remember that. The alternative was he did what others have done and just stopped giving a fuck, refused to play, etc etc.

Won't ever cheer/clap him mind.

If he was shit no one would care, that's the mad thing.

Oh and Arsenal? Couldn't give a shit about them, don't care who wins the league unless its us, and have no interest in any other team unless we're in direct competition with them. Enjoy seeing some teams lose but Arsenal ain't one of them, but I don't "like" them either (in my lifetime they've never been like a spurs chelsea or millwall, maybe older hanmers its different)

SUM A DING WONG 12:12 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
I was using a bit of hyperbole with Coffee’s post to make a point.

You’re one of the ‘kings’ of that, on here, Manuel - I thought you’d be impressed ! ;-)

Manuel 11:52 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
SUM - Well, living abroad can be difficult for various reasons, but agree when you are not there you can give less fucks, although a poster on here moved back to the UK after living in Aus for many years and said that he doesn't feel any closer to West Ham now than what he did when in Aus. Anyway, my point was I don't think Coffee said anything that outrageous.

SUM A DING WONG 11:15 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent

There are more important things than hating other football teams?! What’s wrong with you?!

To be honest, I’m more annoyed that I haven’t been able to take a leaf out of your book and fuck off abroad! I’d certainly give a lot less fucks then.

Hammer Oz 7:30 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Personally don't give a shit who wins the league, if Arsenal win its only funny to laugh at Spurs as they implode.
If City win it, couldn't give a fuck either way.
I watched the game last night and was past caring, we are fucked, Moyes is going, the players are on the beach.
Fuck Moyes, fuck Brady and Sullivan and the rest of the management, they don't care otherwise they would sack or back Moyes not just let it slide.
Also fuck Rice, he doesn't play for West Ham anymore

Hammer Oz 7:26 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Unfortunately after following the Mighty Hammers since late 70's, every time a player kicks the ball straight they will be whisked away.
First 'Judas' for me was Paul Allen, now I accept it.
Our club has no ambition so will not stop, realistically only a Madrid or Barcelona will not have it happen, even Man Utd will lose players if they come calling.
To lose players to Spurs is fucking galling though

Manuel 5:50 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
SUM A DING WONG 8:14 Sun May 5

Hear what you're saying with the tribal warfare angle etc, but I also get Coffee's view. I think once you get to a certain point in life, i.e grow up a bit and have other, much more important, shit going on, many stop giving a fuck and no longer have the energy, head space, or desire for the ''hate anymore''. You still do, fair enough. Personally, I don't give one hoot who wins the fucking league if it isn't us, for one because I really don't care for Man City and 'Pep', but more so because it makes ZERO fucking difference to my life who wins the cunt.

bruuuno 1:32 Mon May 6
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Fuck him, he’s a white Paul ince

Massive Attack 11:42 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Respected the Football Club and yet it's a worst kept secret he tried engineering a move to Arsenal for much of last season behind the scenes, even though we were fighting relegation for large spells of it.

I'll always rate him as a player and said he was going cheap at £105m (£120m would have been nearer his true value), but I lost respect for him once I realised he'd been trying to move to Arsenal last season whilst our Captain in a relegation scrap.

marty feldman 11:23 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
I'd happily take the biggest annihilation in premier league history. If it stops boring arsenal winning the title . It takes something when you're fanbase is even more entitled than man utd and Liverpool combined. After the COVID break even in the 1st game back against Chelsea there was thousands of empty seats . Just because they finished 8th the previous season . Fuck em and any so called west ham supporter who wants them to win the league.

Mike Oxsaw 10:29 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
claret on my shirt 3:55 Sun May 5

It's his JOB to play for a rival, for which he has a contract of EMPLOYMENT to deliver the appropriate content/product. As he did when playing for us.

Just like a rent boy working for a pimp, which may be a little easier for you to understand.

SUM A DING WONG 8:14 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
“I had to choose, I'd go for Arsenal only because of Rice. He was great for us and most of us are grateful for that whether or not we have the courage to admit it. Anyone who says otherwise should grow up.”


You are a decent bloke/poster, who puts in a lot of time and effort into this site - top man.

But what you’ve just written is a load of wanky, happy clappy bollocks I’d expect a Brighton or Crystal Palace fan to write.

We’ve sold our best player in I don’t know how long, to a bunch of cunts down the road.

If they win the league, we’ll have to suffer seeing they’re patronising, glory hunting type fans gloating in their fucking droves - that is the overwhelming majority of them.

All you’ve heard from them for years, is their moaning because they’ve had to make do with only winning the FA Cup multiple times in the last decade.

I suppose for most on here, who don’t give a shit about this, you have either never lived close enough to West Ham to experience Arsenal supporters, day in, day out. Or, you’ve moved far away, meaning , you don’t have to see a lot of them out and about

This whole getting on with Arsenal fans because we both hate Tottenham is fucking cringeworthy. Arsenal fans only like us because we’re no threat.

I think people are scared of disliking/winding up Arsenal fans too much, because if they did, they’d have to suffer their supporters taking the piss out of us as much, if not more, than Tottenham supporters have done - due to the fact that they’ve actually won stuff over the years.

And before anyone mentions the fact that we goad Chelsea supporters and they win stuff, that’s not the same, as there aren’t nearly as many of their supporters in and around East London, as there are Arsenal.

Pagey 5:19 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
claret on my shirt 3:55 Sun May 5

Ironically it seems like you’re the one who needs to get over him.

claret on my shirt 3:55 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Sick of hearing about him from Arsenal fans, now i have to listen to it from our fans, he's not west ham he kisses the Arsenal badge. He plays for a rival and he can fuck right off. Some you need to get over him your like jilted teenagers.

Pagey 3:32 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Rice is pure class and is just showing that on a bigger stage now. It would have been great to have built a team around him (imagine having him alongside Alvarez, Paqueta, Bowen and Kudus and under a more forward-thinking manager) but we were never going to match his ambition.

He’s still one of my favourite players in the league. That doesn’t just switch off. I hope he takes his form into the Euro’s and we lift that trophy.

Takashi Miike 3:00 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
"Some on here are like immature, jealous, spiteful spurned lovers"

who's jealous? I applaud every player that escapes that jock bastard and his shit style of football. football you defended for months

Fauxstralian 2:52 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
If it comes down to goal difference & City need to make up say 8 goals in the last game …. I wouldn’t rule it out
I have a feeling the Gods of football might decree that Tottenham get something against City to hand the title to their friends in red. Don’t give a shit about Arsenal but wouldn’t mind the grief that would cause Tottenham

Mike Oxsaw 2:49 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
It was obvious early on to everyone who knew the shape of a football that we had an absolute gem in the team/squad AND had the time to build a team around him. For reasons better known to themselves, the club chose not to do that and cash-out before he reached his full potential.

If you want to have a moan regarding Rice, moan at/about those who couldn't get him out of the door soon enough.

Tomshardware 2:38 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
He's been superb, was always going to be a great signing whichever club he went to and I don't blaming for wanting to achieve more in the game.

LAF 2:30 Sun May 5
Re: Declan Rice Magnificent
Well said Old Geezer. Some on here are like immature, jealous, spiteful spurned lovers. Rice has simply gone on to a club which is matching both his own aspirations and level of quality. We had the possibility of striving towards that level during Moyes’ early reign but the club, and he, held us back with poor windows. With added quality in the January window in our first Europa campaign - who knows- we could have won it and gone on a proper Champions League run, building a stronger team around Rice. The rest is history.
What does annoy me, though, is the line about how Arteta has improved Rice. Bollocks. It is natural maturation that is seeing the qualities of Rice on display. Next season, he’ll be even better.
Good luck to the man. Decent footballer. Even more decent man.

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