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Leonard Hatred 5:25 Tue May 14
The 3 day week.

John Lyall becoming West Ham manager

Lord Lucan.

Abba winning Eurovision with "Waterloo" at the Brighton Centre.

Jethro Tull release "Warchild".

Leeds win the league.

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Hello Mrs. Jones 11:40 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
19 year old on 18 pounds a week with the world by the cojones

Hammer and Pickle 10:04 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Poland nearly win the World Cup after putting Don Revie’s England out.

Only saying like.

Ron Eff 9:57 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Top tax bracket of 98%. Standard of 83% income tax that increased to 98% with the investment income surcharge. Applied on incomes of >£20k

Alfs 9:02 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
I'm currently writing a script, based on a true story, set in 1974 and have researched the era quite deeply. An absolute mess of a year, both politically and economically.

Side of Ham 4:05 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
In 1974 joyo nicked his first pair of worn knickers from his nans laundry basket, he then climbed a tree so no one could see him sniffing them. It's at that point he knew he wanted younger girls in the East.....and had a tree fetish.....

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:41 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Keep dreaming,

Maybe lay off the cheese before you do, because that was dark and over the top.

joyo 2:07 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Snide's first thoughts and ambitions to become a drag queen

Side of Ham 1:47 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
You can tell who gets a LOT of Leonard's Hatred.........

Banjo 1:20 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Keep dreaming 10:52 Tue May 14

Seems a tad harsh. WTF?

ludo21 1:09 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
For some reason I clearly remember watching the royal wedding (Princess Anne and Mark Phillips) at school.

Massive Attack 11:52 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Keep Dreaming


violator 11:23 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Carlisle top of the 1st division

Keep dreaming 10:52 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Leonard Hatred beaten by his single parent mother for being a fucking CUNT

Cheezey Bell-End 10:38 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Australia made it to the world cup for the first time. Had to play the Germans twice, plus Chile, before departing without scoring.

only1billybonds 10:20 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
World Cup in Germany.
The Cruyff turn.
Scotland humiliate themselves.

only1billybonds 10:18 Tue May 14
Re: 1974

I remember that period clearly, we were thevHarlem Globetrotters of football for a few weeks.

Diamond Dogs. Bowie
Natty Dread. Bob Marley.
Pretzel Logic. Steely Dan

Takashi Miike 10:10 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
----------------------------------- Jongbloed ---------------------------------
Suurbier ------- Rijsbergen ---------- Haan -------------------- Krol
--------------------------------------- Jansen ------------------------------------
-------------------- Neeskens --------------- Van Hanegem ------------
-- Rep ----------------------------- Cruyff -------------- Rensenbrink ---

Fauxstralian 9:49 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
West Ham scored 20 goals in 10 days
Sep 18 Tranmere h (League Cup) 6-0
Sep 21 Leicester h 6-2
Sep 25 Birmingham h 3-0
Sep 28 Burnley a 5-3

Cheezey Bell-End 5:53 Tue May 14
Re: 1974
Liverpool beating Newcastle in the cup final is possibly my earliest memory of English football.

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