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DANNY66 7:18 Tue Oct 21
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Anyone hear the bloke on Talksport this afternoon?

Hawksbie and Jacobs sound pwoper gutted how we have the OS for 15mill a year
Saying how Levy has it right that it should be knocked down,can't be arsed to write the rest

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WHOicidal Maniac 9:02 Tue Sep 2
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Still having a dig..


Eddie B 6:37 Tue Oct 22
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
@adrian_warner: Think Boris's comments today on Orient are very interesting. What he is saying is Orient could share if they came up with more rent. BUT...
There is no way the whole process can be reopened for bids again. But interesting that he is not ruling it out.
I am not doing a report @BBCLondonNews tonight so here are the exact words from Boris on Orient and the Olympic Stadium..

"You have to look at the economics. If there is a deal to be done, there is a deal to be done but so far there hasn't been a defensible deal to be done. It is difficult to make it work financially. I have no philosophical objection though the problems is the fee offered does not cover the incremental day costs. "

What is looking clear is that the Lords Committee is set to recommend that Orient be given another chance as "community use" of the stadium.

Moore Than 11:04 Sat Oct 19
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
I must have been asleep for the last few months, only just seen this website. All the propoganda/news on there..


Gavros 9:43 Wed Oct 9
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Lords Select Committee back today at 10am interviewing Hugh Robertson, who has been a big critic of the stadium fiasco:


Gavros 2:18 Fri Oct 4
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
it begins


Gavros 2:17 Fri Oct 4
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
It begins:


Jonah Lomas 3:22 Wed Sep 18
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Gavros 12:03 Wed Sep 18

That all sounds rather positive.

In fact, I'm struggling to see anything in there that the anit-OS, lynchmob dickheads like Johnson can find fault with, but, I'll give it a go:

1. Nobody said anything about a prototype. The liars.

2. It says there it will function as an athletics arena and as a football ground. I thought it was the other way around in precedence. The liars.

3. Wembley's shit, the Emirates is shit, the Stade De France is shit ergo The OS will be shit.

Gavros 12:03 Wed Sep 18
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
maybe they werent too far off with their initial estimates after all. In which case, what is £140 million going to go on? A slightly bigger roof?


Olympic stadium retractable seating project to cost £20m

The London Legacy Development Corporation has started its search for a contractor to deliver the retractable seating system at the Olympic Stadium.

The corporation is looking for a firm to first build a prototype to test the engineering before going ahead with plans to build and maintain the movable lower seating tier.

A key challenge will be to design the retractable system while protecting the athletics ‘mondo’ track and maintain the total stadium seating capacity of 54,000 spectators for pitch sports and up to 58,100 for athletic events.

The stadium will function as an athletics arena with seating withdrawn and a football ground with the four sides of the lower bowl pushed towards the pitch by automated motors.

The initial designs provide for seating distances that would compare favourably with the Emirates and Wembley and the top stadia around the world.

West Ham Utd favours a design that brings seating 10m closer to the goal line than the Stade De France in Paris, which boasts a similar system.

Conversion plans will also involve a seating bridge between the upper and lower tiers on the East side to create a large “Kop” style stand.

Arko 10:54 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
I've been thinking all along that Hearn in his OS crusade is just the ventriloquist's dummy with Levy's arm stuck well and deeply inside Hearn's backhole.

This whole judicial review shenanigans is much more to do with Spurs' desire to make this whole OS affair as awkward for West Ham as possible as it is about anything to do with Orient maybe losing a supporter or two over all this.

Headtheball 10:39 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
The last thing we want is the contract cancelled as this will let the yids back in. Levy will now be interested to get the OS if retractable seating from the govt is on offer. They are dragging their feet on building their stadium, waiting for the outcome of Hearn's protest at the courts.

Dapablo 10:23 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Thanks Gavros, as has been said changing contracts after the event makes them void, not good fo the taxpayer.

bluewater hammer 9:34 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
even in the championship

penners28 8:46 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
When we move to the OS we can attract any player in the world. ANY player. So in less than 24 mths we'll be going from a team that cant sign anyone due to ffp, then suddenly signing someone without anyone leaving (which is odd as we were told someone HAD to leave...), to signing the liked of messi and ronaldo and bale.

I cannot wait personally.

Pseudonym 7:56 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
And absolutely the last one, pressed the wrong button.

Pseudonym 7:55 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Arko, it's a combination of buying magic beans and being incompetent I reckon.

Arko 7:08 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Nym, again: What of the five mentioned options is your prefered choice ? I reckon you consider the owners incompetent which is fair enough as everyone's entitled to their opinion.

They surely didn't cover themselves in glory during the transfer window and with the FFP bollocks.
But I don't see them doing a hell of a lot of things wrong ith regard to the OS...

Pseudonym 7:02 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
AKA ERNIE 6:59 Tue Sep 10

Absolutely right Ern, it's just Arko is the one using words like definitely when guessing at numbers you see, not me.

Excellent word on the little comments here and there without addressing me directly, it's nice to know you are still an avid reader.

Arko 7:00 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
So Nym, spell it out: Which of the five is your option?

You are certainly aware that G+S had to agree when signing the lease to share any profit they'd make from selling the club within the next ten years ith the LLDC.

If you then consider West Ham will not get their hands on the naming rights money for the next ten years or so, I doubt that G+S are realistically looking to sell the club in the near future.

It's not likely they will bag a fortune if they sell the club in the next ten years, rich Arab billionaire or not...

AKA ERNIE 6:59 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Arko no one knows the figures so no one is right mate or wrong

Pseudonym 6:55 Tue Sep 10
Re: Announcement on the Olympic stadium
Oh, it's just you said definitely so I thought you knew.

Now, on why the BERKS would move, there is all sorts of reasons:

1. It is actually better for us
2. They thought they could cash in on UP
3. They entered into discussions and ended up buying magic beans
4. They're incompetent
5 .There's something in it for them as they reckon they'll flog to some foreign owners as soon as we move in.

I know which one I'd have a fiver on.

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