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dicksie3 7:00 Thu Sep 25
Cockney Reds
Does anyone know any of these wankers and their mob from the 70s and 80s?...

What a bunch of embarrassing, glory-hunting fucking wankers...

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jfk 12:53 Fri May 3
Re: Cockney Reds
I'm 52,
Been following us forever. First game at Upton Park when I was four apparently.Started going to games on my own as a first year at senior school as 11/12year old.
I don't ever remember any team getting remotely near ever"taking any end" at ours.

northbanker 12:38 Fri May 3
Re: Cockney Reds
Do not get upset when you encounter these nincompoops. You just say to them that "...... as you have no connection with Manchester but claim you are a supporter, I am not in a position to entertain any discussion about football with you., as you do not have an opinion worth listening to."

The same goes for all the so called Liverpool supporters from East London, Surrey Norfolk etc.

jooliandix 12:14 Fri May 3
Re: Cockney Reds
Was Banana Bob,I was at the QF in 84,I was only 15,never been so scared & excited before,we was in the home seats behind the away end,what a day.

RM10 12:05 Fri May 3
Re: Cockney Reds
Tottenham tried to take the north bank must have been around 1976, I was in the shelf bit, they ended up in the west side tasty times

bruuuno 11:54 Thu May 2
Re: Cockney Reds
Let me guess, one of soldos bum chums is a cockney red, blah blah blah

Pub Bigot 11:53 Thu May 2
Re: Cockney Reds
Love this thread. I was looking for the old ICF documentary for the Manc who says "sinners everywhere. We're all finished" and this thread popped up.

I haven't found the documentary, sadly.

The Marsh Mongrel 3:00 Tue Sep 30
Re: Cockney Reds
Sorry, was Coco from Sandon/Danbury?

The Marsh Mongrel 2:21 Tue Sep 30
Re: Cockney Reds
A few memories of my first visit to OT on a cold Tuesday night in 1983.
A geezer on the train up, was selling tickets for the seats in the home end (to the left of the away terrace). we must've looked puzzled and said no thanks. Who sits in the away seats at football matches? I'm sure we were the first.
We were shit, Devo got a consolation as we lost 1-2.
In the escort coming out, one of their loons drove his Puch 90 (I kid you not) at OB sparking mayhem!

On the train home, saw one of our lot from the seats who'd been sussed in the bogs at HT. Dozens of Stanley knife cuts on his face...

No cockney reds on the train btw. I used to see them mid 70's come through Chelmsford for night games on their coach (I was at school there). Always plenty of West Ham around the bus station!

23ad 4:22 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
arsegrapes the goals are shown


dicksie3 3:30 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds

Eddie B 3:06 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
Actually NS, that's how I imagine you talking and looking.

Eddie B 2:56 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
You wanna get involved?!??


Northern Sold 2:04 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
Look at Eerie trying to get involved... Ha Ha ha

Swiss. 1:10 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds

That's because its a c&p from the Hooligan books they are writing.

Eerie Descent 12:49 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
All the proper old school ruckers seem to write in long paragraphs. Not a knock, just an observation.

And the clearest sign that Sold0 definitely WASN’T involved in any tasty stuff back in the day, regardless of his ‘tales’ of yore.

Eddie B 12:38 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
Sorry - 125,001 then.

Far Cough 12:38 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
I was a regular North Banker in those days and the only team that tried to take it was the aforementioned Cockney Reds

Far Cough 12:36 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
No, that I can believe

Eddie B 12:36 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
FC, erm, from my first line don't you think I was deliberately being ridiculous?

ludo21 12:36 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
Well Eddy.... your memory is obviously letting you down, 'cos the action was on the SB!

Far Cough 12:34 Mon Sep 29
Re: Cockney Reds
"Must have been about 125,000 people in the NB that day. "

Don't be ridiculous

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