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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Eddie B 1:32 Thu Oct 2
Custom House and Silvertown
As these two places are in Docklands, have they both been Yuppified now then?

Both were always traditionally WHU strongholds, is that still the same or can't you move for Man U, Chelsea, Liverpoool etc (a bit like East Ham)?

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1964 8:03 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Pub Bigot 7:05 Wed Nov 12

Here's a news story that might interest you then:


Although not in the East End, this bit fits me very well:

"....an Age Concern survey found retired men in the East End kicking their heels hanging out in tavernsóthose that were still open, that is ..."

mentor 7:53 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
I thought so. They are not spending billions of pounds on a transport network so that the inbreds can get to the corner shop.

DagenhamDave 7:39 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Have a day off.

mentor 7:07 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
What is a yuppie? Is it someone with a half decent job?

Pub Bigot 7:05 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
I miss living in Mile End, it's my patch, my territory and my heritage is steeped deep with the area. It's a shame it's now full of Islamic nutters, hipsters and students.

The only place you're likely to find an East Ender is the few decent pubs like the Widows Sun or the Bow Bells. Few decent ones around Roman Road possibly too.

AVOR 6:43 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Parents still live off Prince Regents lane and only heard about the shooting when i told them! Used to hang around the shops in Freemasons road/the Peacock and as TLE says it was rough but a different rough, Didnt ever really fear for myself and knew most of the "dodgy" people who hung around there..

REALGSA 5:06 Wed Nov 12
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Id rather have the yuppies in


REALGSA 3:06 Tue Oct 21
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Still cheap flats on border of Canning Town/ Plaistow tho



REALGSA 4:56 Mon Oct 20
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
But they have kicked the council tenants out and have knocked the flats and houses down and have even more earmarked

You cannot have council in this new area being built and that is what has happened.

There are properties for sale which in the search say by 2018 it is coming down.

Canning Town, Custom House, Silvertown not will be, it already is a quarter yuppie and the rest Chinese and a bit Arab and some Indian along the docks.

Porsche have a new showroom opening in Gallions Reach near the DLR and roundabout.

mashed in maryland 3:28 Mon Oct 20
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
TLE is spot on about these new developments.

Similar thing happens everywhere.

Attempt to gentrify an area by building loads of blocks of 1/2-bed flats meant for young professional couples/singles or whatever at extortionate prices, hardly anyone like who they're aimed for moves in, so they end up being social housing, = back to square one, just in nice shiny new buildings instead of rotting old towerblocks and terraces.

Eddie B 3:22 Mon Oct 20
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
eastender, they need more and more affordable housing for the 'new' locals.

joe royal 4:14 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
When I worked for EST their yard was in the same road as the sugar factory

Guvnor bar has some interesting punters

the last eastender 2:09 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
flats flats and more flats.
Gavros thats what kills areas , keep building flats.
families need houses and gardens not shoeboxes.
London is turning into rio.
As I say the area is not going to turn into some cool yuppie paradise, as long as theres social housing round there, you'll get social problems.
look at areas like Islington, you have streets where on one side of the road there are townhouses worth millions whilst across the street theres a rundown estate full of crackheads.
this seems to be the way most of these areas are going.

Gavros 1:55 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
The Trust that owns the old station is going to develop it into flats in a few years when the area becomes more viable. For now they're looking for someone to come in, fo some minor repairs and secure it, and that's where we come in with the BOATS.

the last eastender 11:49 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
tate and lyle was a good employer years ago, a great place to work.
now its all agency staff on zero hours contracts.
know quite a few people who took redundancy from there and done ok.

Ricky Bobby 11:46 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
All my mums family still live in Silvertown, all use to work for Tate & Lyles before they done everything modern.

the last eastender 11:44 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
yes they are building lots of flats, too many hence the reason so many of them end up going to dss people. even those luxury developments near barrier park are full of people living rent free everything paid for.

overbyyer 11:06 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
Ive been working out of Trinity Buoy Wharf for four months and there has been a lot of change even in that short time. The London Island development around the lower Lea has flattened all the derelict riverside units and the refuse/recycling units are all going now as well. Development runs behind the Tate and Lyle factory right down to the airport.

There is a little cluster of old terraced houses opposite West Silvertown DLR that will, in a few years time, be very valuable.

I use the A1020 every day to avoid the A13 but its starting to get very busy now.

the last eastender 10:45 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown

the last eastender 10:44 Sat Oct 11
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
I'm always right son especially if we are talking E16. I'm actually born and bred.
The old station? I still remember that being open when I was a kid. Was turned into a museum later. I'm surprised it hasn't been turned onto "luxury apartments" (rolls eyes).
You know the type, plasterboard shoe boxes and rabbit hutchs.
The type that when they dont sell get let out to the disposed who then trash them, like many of those places around barrier park.
The slums and ghettos of the future.

Gavros 9:42 Fri Oct 10
Re: Custom House and Silvertown
I was down there today as we are having talks with the trust that owns the old north Woolwich station about making that a new home for the Thames ironworks. Lovely building, grim area still.

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