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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Junior-Hammer 12:15 Tue Oct 14
Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Is highly embarrassing.

From where I sit in the ground (Half way up in the TBL) there is a great atmosphere, good banter and an average view but what do you expect for Band 4. The thing that gives me ag' is the people behind me at the very back of Trevor Brooking Lower, against Southampton 15 minutes in they were singing 'FUCK OFF SAM ALLARYCE' loud and proud. Completely pathetic considering in was 0-0 that early on in the game. I remember James Tomkins turning around and looking in complete disgust, if you are one of those fans do you really think that helps the players? Like really? ... If those people doing that had any clue about football at all they wouldn't want Sam Allardyce to fuck off. I BET a lot of you didn't know that for the past 4 years with Allardyce in charge we have NEVER given away a 2 goal lead, I repeat NEVER, Ok Ok ... On the last game of the season 2012/2013 when we played Reading we did but ended up winning the game 4-2! Other than that we haven't at all. This is what I LOVE about Allaryce he has bollocks and ensures stability which is ABSOLOUTELY KEY as we head to our new home. People like Zola, Curbishley Avrams, too nice, too calm and don't have other tactics like Allardyce does. In my opinion he is the best manager we have had in years. Another I don't get is that our fans LOVED Pardew, despite him getting us back up to the Prem second time of asking and through Play Offs. Allardyce got us back up first time of asking and an enjoyable trip to Wembley although we really should have gone up through automatic spots. Don't get me wrong Allaryce does fuck me off sometimes with the whole 1-0 down bring on Joey O'Brien for Stewart Downing sorta' thing. Sam definitely deserves HUGE credit for this seasons fantastic start too. He has made some incredible signings and it looks like we have a team that could compete in the Europa League with the likes of Downing in class form, Song from Barca & Sakho smashing shit up. Not to mention our other English talent which all should deserve a chance for a call up ... I'm talking Noble, Tomkins, Downing at the moment, maybe Jarvis & Carroll in the future even Cresswell who looks like a bargain at £4m!

Then it comes to Kevin Nolan. Where does he stand? Well to me he stands at West Ham United and should have the right to come on the field and play for the last 30 minutes against QPR... Again HOW EMBARASSING was it for those fans to boo him when Nolan has been a solid servant for us. He has scored 29 goals in Claret & Blue as well as leading the squad since 2011. Don't get me wrong I know how huge his bonus was if we got promotion and I know he can be a lazy sod but he has been a great captain at our club much better than the likes of Upson, Lucas Neil, personally I thought they were appalling especially Upson. Nolan has shown huge passion at the club after training he always goes to catch up on youth development and obviously has a great working relationship with the big man Andy Carroll which is a great alternative to the way we are currently playing. Agree? Do not get me wrong Nolan shouldn't just walk into our starting line up but does definitely deserve to be part of West Ham United.



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1941 10:46 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Booing of Allardyce/Nolan? Yes please.Very, very loudly against burnley.

Takashi Miike 10:42 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
ajc123 3:14 Thu Oct 16

joey5000 10:38 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Let's hope no bigger clubs steal him from us then!

Sir Alf 10:11 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Russ of the BML 6:27 Thu Oct 16

Nicely said and echoes my opinion in many respects. There is an article on Bwinbetting that is saying that he is one of the most successful English managers in the game over the last 20 years based on resources he has had to work with etc.... All about opinions although the bookmakers will also be using stats.

Here is the link to the article:

Russ of the BML 6:27 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
ajc123 3:14 Thu Oct 16

I don't think he was playing mind games and I have certainly not been offended by anything he says. Think you need to reduce your sensitivity settings, mate.

He was only echoing was thousands of West Ham fans have said down the years. When the going gets tough, West Ham don't get going. We have always been a side that played some decent stuff but got rolled over when teams came in to have a fight.

Under Allardyce it has been different. We aren't a pushover and one of the things I noticed most when he came in was how good we looked 'as a whole team' defensively. He may have his negatives but we are hard to beat under him. No doubt.

I now hope that he has finally got it sorted at the other end and our recent run of exciting performance continues.

But, again, you let yourself down with this Messiah comment. I have said this time and time again on here that people who actually dislike him persoanlly (and you are obviously one of these) seem to think that anyone who has anything good to say about him thinks he is a demi-god, a legend in his time, a football genius. Well they don't. No one does.

It's just that the people who dislike seem to be a sensitive type who cannot handle or understand that others seem to find positives in what he does, so they criticise them.

I don't like the bloke. But I don't need to. He doesn't care that I don't like him. He gets on with what he is paid to do and I get on supporting the team and giving him credit when its due.

ajc123 3:14 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Come on, even being generous and allowing that? He is 60 ffs. And he's meant to be our football manager, the man who runs our team and deals with every eventuality in a rational, dignified and responsible manner and leads by example. Or is that too much to ask in these post 96, EPL, Soccer (in an American accent), 39th game, spit roasting, JT-sey ingrate days?

You could maybe forgive some mind games directed at the opposition like Mourinho, Clough or Ferguson but really? Directed at us, the fans? His infantile behaviour on its own means that he is not fit for the long run.

I want Rinus Michels and Cruyff (or take a look at Brooking!), not a squalid, Northern pie muncher who's a legend in his own lunchtime.

Yeah, I'll give him to the end of the season to see if he's changed. But realistically, even if he has, does he have what's needed to take us to the next level and into the OS? I can't see it at all. He's been in football since he was 16. 44 years and he's won the League of Ireland title with Limerick and the 3rd Division. Yet some on here think he's the Messiah with a deeply thought out plan, and every action is tactical even losing and drawing.

Russ of the BML 2:53 Thu Oct 16
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
ajc123 8:43 Wed Oct 15

"If you want to be generous about it you could say that there were no specific lies, just bullshit and braggadocio"


aldgate 9:13 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
i've not been a fan of either in the past but come on - you have to hold your hands up and say allardyce seems to have listened to his employers after the fans showed their displeasure
without booing we wouldn't have forced the davids to have a strong word
they have - sam has taken it on board and combined with good buys we are now playing football
i'll support allardyce now unless he reverts back
nolan is now a bit part player but no-one should boo the club captain coming on when we are winning a game

ajc123 8:43 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Russ - he lied about playing us and given us a tough game, and he lies about his 'record' against Wenger. If you want to be generous about it you could say that there were no specific lies, just bullshit and braggadocio but I think (and I'm paraphrasing him) 'I have a good record against Mr Wenger' is pretty much a lie, as is 'when we (Preston/Bolton in the wrong divisions) used to play West Ham, they used to wilt when we applied the pressure'.
His 'playing' record against us is 8 wins to us, 1 loss, 3 draws. So a lie then.

Sir Alf 8:33 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
From the Granduim today:

Jacob Steinberg

The Guardian, Wednesday 15 October 2014 18.05 BST

A strange thing happened near the end of West Ham’s victory over Queens Park Rangers two weeks ago. The match was over as a contest, West Ham were heading for seventh place and the stadium was emptying out as supporters raced to beat the long queue at Upton Park tube station when a long clearance from a QPR defender sailed out of play and towards Sam Allardyce.

No one would have batted an eyelid if Allardyce had let the ball continue on its path but instead, nonchalant as you like, he hung out a leg, waited and then produced a backheeled volley that was admittedly not up to the standard of a Ronaldinho effort but was nonetheless a piece of showboating from Sam Allardyce.

That settled it: Allardyce really has changed. He did listen when West Ham’s board told him to introduce a more attacking style.

Watching West Ham trudge their way to 13th place last season was painful and although Allardyce managed to steer them clear of relegation, the sheer tedium of the football and his abrasiveness turned many against him. That supporters were bordering on open mutiny gave the board a free pass and Allardyce would have gone in the summer if West Ham had found a suitable replacement.

There would have been no outrage, no Save Our Sam placards – some supporters would have driven an open-top bus down Green Street: resentment was growing on both sides and it was hard to see what anyone was getting out of a marriage of convenience that was running its course. Even though the search proved fruitless, it still felt like Allardyce was on thin ice, that providing more entertainment would inevitably be beyond his capabilities. Yet the 59-year-old is confounding expectations. West Ham will be confident of beating Burnley on Saturday, they are playing robust, attacking football and Upton Park is a happy place again.

Allardyce is indeed a perplexing character at times and those Allardici comments will stick with him for ever, but he is undeniably accomplished in the Premier League and to dismiss him as a dinosaur is unfair. It should not be forgotten that West Ham were a mess when Allardyce picked up the pieces left by Avram Grant three years ago, but he won promotion at the first attempt and then kept them up, while his time at Bolton Wanderers proved that he could develop a team.

It would be pushing it to say that Allardyce had Bolton imitating Barcelona or that he did not place a huge emphasis on set-pieces, but no one could complain about watching Jay-Jay Okocha, Nicolas Anelka and Youri Djorkaeff. After scraping survival in 2002 and 2003, Allardyce led Bolton to four consecutive top-half finishes and European football.

That informed the thinking at West Ham once it became clear Allardyce was staying and it was acknowledged that it was unrealistic to ask for better football without first providing him with better footballers.

West Ham have improved in several positions, adding youth and pace to a squad that previously had very little of either. The full-backs, Aaron Cresswell and Carl Jenkinson, are quick and comfortable in possession, Cheikhou Kouyaté, excellent before he suffered a groin injury in the win over Liverpool, is an upgrade on Mohamed Diamé in midfield, Diafro Sakho has scored five goals in six games, Enner Valencia is growing in confidence and the arrival of Alex Song on loan from Barcelona means that it would be an affront to common sense not to keep the ball on the ground.

Part of the criticism of Allardyce was that he had one idea: cross to Andy Carroll, header down to Kevin Nolan, scrappy goal from six yards, repeat until opposition has succumbed. Unsurprisingly, West Ham were lost when Carroll was injured last season and there was alarm when he tore ankle ligaments in the summer, before Nolan injured his shoulder ahead of the trip to Crystal Palace in August.

If that forced Allardyce out of his comfort zone, then he has adapted brilliantly, tweaking and modifying the side until he hit upon the golden formula against Liverpool last month. Song, Kouyaté and Noble formed an energetic and intelligent base in midfield, Valencia and Sakho were used as wide forwards with freedom to use their speed and skill to roam inside, and Stewart Downing moved from the flanks to an influential playmaking role in the hole, where he has been outstanding. Downing and Song, two refined players, are at the heart of West Ham’s evolution.

There was no target man or central striker in Allardyce’s thoroughly modern formation. Although Carroll and Nolan still have something to offer, now they face a fight for their places.

Allardyce also has much left to prove and his future remains uncertain given that his contract runs out at the end of the season, yet West Ham might finally be about to see eye to eye with their new backheeling entertainer.

Full Claret Jacket 10:34 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Wasting your time Junior, half the retards on here that boo can only string a couple of words together and the second word is usually 'off'.

It's not showing loyalty or passion to boo or sing derogatory songs about our own players or managers, it's pathetic and a totally embarrassing.

Russ of the BML 10:19 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
HMP 10:18 Tue Oct 14

When has he lied?

Mr Polite 8:01 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
I can't be arsed to read that - but I don't have a problem with booing in some situations.

Showing your disgust at Sam and Nolan being at the club is on of those situations

HairyHammer 6:19 Wed Oct 15
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Pathetic to boo

If you are going to boo at least do it when their is certainty of relegation or maybe if your team is absolutely terrible several times in a row. but better still just do not attend.

HMP 10:18 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
Completely fucking DISAGREE Junior.

Alot of BFS Wankfest going on here. The man is a complete lying oaf and desrves NO PLACE at a proper football club.

Hope that helps.

Now fuck off.

hub hub hub hub 9:40 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
That fat no good northern ear cupping cunt can go and jump off a cliff.

i-Ron 9:03 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce

jack flash 8:52 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
I fully agree with Lilly Hammer

Well said Junior Hammer

I can only apologise for the ignorant & deluded minority who should be setting a better example to our younger fans

These morons are an embarassment to our great club, instead of getting behind the team, no matter what, they are acting like spoilt kids & should clear off & support someone else instead of acting like traitors

Lily Hammer 8:14 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
And well said Junior Hammer.

Nobody has to be 100% happy with how we've done things since Nolan and Allardyce came aboard, but it's worth backing the club right now, as they are doing things right. The club includes the manager and players as well as Dorris and the rest of them.

Lily Hammer 8:12 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
I didn't like that performance against Hull, but I liked the three points and the ear-cupping. Just like I liked Tony Gale's two fingers up at the Chicken Run, which also got a few people's knickers in a twist.

I quite like that our manager has got the balls to give us some attitude back directly. I don't want some wimp lap dog that does exactly what we tell him to do.

Russ of the BML 4:15 Tue Oct 14
Re: Booing of Kevin Nolan/ Allardyce
i-Ron 2:03 Tue Oct 14

Good post. Agree with that. Except for you-re bit about Cresswell. I am not saying he is England standard (yet) but, let's be honest, going by that Chambers of Arsenal, jesus, if he can get in then Cresswell should get in.

Never seen a player get caught out of position so many times at the level.

So not really I disagree with you just more of a dig at Chambers and perhaps the big club syndrome.

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