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Hearney 8:47 Sat Oct 18
Happy Days!!
Another 3 points
Scoring goals for fun
Attacking football
4th in the table
Spurs getting battered

Enjoy it whilst it last ladies and gents.


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happygilmore 7:34 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
6 pts off relegation.

Fordstar & Nicey will be back soon.

w4hammer 4:54 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
took my lad to his first look the the "new " west ham yesterday - he couldnt believe the pace that valencia and Sahko bring to the team- different gravy now.

I worry about losing reid in January and really needing an extra CB with him here so we need two..., also agree we need a GK - Adrian is ok, nothing more than.

1964 4:29 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
You never know.

A point will be acceptable against them

Pancho 4:15 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!

ludo21 11:06 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Actually put money on us to win at Burnley yesterday... I have NEVER bet on us to win away before, and I never doubted that I would get a return. Very excited about this season!!

D Scully (eire) 11:02 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Josh agreed was frustrating that ginge hoofed it everytime but he was there to block countless very important strikes in the first half defensively was a warrior and kept us in it. Watched song alot of the time and he was just pointing out simple balls + frustrated when ginge would hoof.

icwhs 10:44 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Sahko looks class, he was a gamble though, Valencia is class, as his header showed, as good as anyone.

Downing playing as a number 10, loving it, if Wenger or José had done it, press would be creaming it..it's only Sam...

Cresswell looks class as well, Song, amazed he's here !

Analfitano looks good coming on too, good buy.

Adrian, always said this, he is not that good, might kiss the badge, clench fists and gee the crowd up..so would any of us ! he was Lucky he didn't cost us at home to Liverpool, and Noble was right giving him a bollocking fot it.

By winning the "bread & butter" games in this league, means we can have a go at teams like City next week, who play a dodgy CL game away at a naughty place, bring on next week.

happier days lately, not that many are there?

Hearney 10:27 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
New GK I reckon, I like Adrian but he's not good enough in my opinion.

Josh 10:25 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Thought Ginge was our worst player and could see he was the weak link in the team. When 'trying' to play the ball out one time he smashed the pass so hard it went out of play. Allardcye started to shake his head.

New centre back, maybe two if Reid doesn't sign needed. Otherwise looking very promising.

D Scully (eire) 4:19 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Great performances from noble, song, ginger, sakho and amalfitano was a class act towards the end.
Jenkinson and cresswell great going forward and at the back.

Barmy Fred 2:06 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Last season we would have handed them their first win of the season - we were that type of a club - all hail the change ! Long may it continue

normannomates 12:38 Sun Oct 19
Re: Happy Days!!
Got to hold my hands up..didnt think either of sakho or Valencia would cut the mustard.
Sakho's enthusiasm is a joy to behold.
Valencia' s header today by the way was top drawer.

subcutaneous 11:57 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
Thought this thread was going to be about the Fonz.

peroni 10:58 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
We were shit in the first half Johnson, but it was still exciting and we could have had a few on the break as well as letting a few in - proper West Ham. Then we annhialted them second half.

Not for one secind did I think we wouldn't win this one. And that's not happened for a while.

Re: Happy Days!!
Good wingers and forwards right now and today our fullbacks both put in excellent crosses for 2 goals.

Its great when a player like Noble can play with skilled players the midfield was strong and he worked well with Song and Downing. When hes the third best of the 3 central midfielders that is a good thing as opposed to him being the best.

Song and Sakho are as good as anyone.

Johnson 10:47 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
I didn't watch the game but wasn't the general consensus on the match thread that we were a bit shit first half?

If we can eradicate those flat spots from our game then we'll only improve more. Looking forward to next week.

peroni 10:42 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
It's been a long time since we've looked this good. Hats off to Allardyce for turning it around.

Takashi Miike 10:40 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
I agree, sakho's just a natural goalscorer. just always seems to be in the right place, love it

FLIG 10:39 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
I expect a thrashing.

chad sexington 8:51 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
It's west ham so can see us getting destroyed next week. Loving it at the min though and hope we go at city from the off we could do them if we catch them off guard.

Jam rock Ammer 8:51 Sat Oct 18
Re: Happy Days!!
Sakho brings a great air of determination to the team whilst at the same time scoring GOALS, great signing.

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