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Turan 2:53 Fri Oct 24
Why are English people so obsessed with crisps?

No other nation seems to be.

They make a horrible noise when you eat them.

They smell.

They're terribly bad for you.

They're not particularly that tasty.

Convenience food at it's worst? (except for pepperoni)

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gph 1:55 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
Anyway, crisps are pork scratchings light.

They're much worse for you, and, in my experience at least, divide the sexes much more.

gph 1:52 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
There's a stall in a Vienna market with hundreds of different types of vinegar.

My guess is that the Austrians are as keen as us and the US on the stuff.

Manip 1:39 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
No point starting a new thread to discuss the same subject.

Mad Dog 12:26 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
Why has a 4 year old thread been suddenly bumped?

geoffpikey 10:22 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
Crisps are a "man ting"??

Pint of "lager" and a packet of Monster Munch?


Hammer and Pickle 9:25 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
I’m old enough to remember when crisps were what you became when a volcano went off next door.

GBHammer63 9:13 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
Growing up, there was only plain, salt and vinegar and cheese and onion, maybe smoky bacon. Plain crisps- dark blue bag, S&V light blue, C&O green and bacon red. Now there’s aisles of the things.

Old as fuck :-(

Darby_ 8:09 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
Good work here, Turan. Still winding people up years after you started the thread.

Hammer and Pickle 12:30 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps
I agree with bruuuno.

Crisps are a man ting.

Claret Badger 12:29 Sat Feb 10
Re: Crisps

DukeofDevo 11:00 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
Americans love there ‘potato chips’

bruuuno 9:01 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
I do find women who regularly eat crisps a turn off. It shows a lack of class imo

Eerie Descent 6:35 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
HairyHammer 5:58 Fri Feb 9

Yeah, a strange one for sure. You spoken to anyone about it?

lowermarshhammer 6:07 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
You don't like crisps?

Wrong 'un.

HairyHammer 5:58 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps

Do you like Conspiracy theories ?.

What would be the point of lying in a football website?

Eerie Descent 5:50 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
No, and neither do you, you fucking weirdo.

But that was not what I asked anyway.

HairyHammer 5:44 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
Eerie Descent

You don't know many Turks do you ?

Grumpster Turkey has always been awash with peanut flavour wotsits they love cheesy crackers too and tiny fishes that are basicaly plain salty crackers.

Bromley Reject 5:31 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
Walkers Lime and Coriander Sensations.

They're the new Pringles.

You read it here first.

yngwies Cat 5:06 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
I was only thinking the other day about the lack of crips threads.

A welcome return.

lewisnadasurf1 4:41 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
All crisps expire on Saturdays.

Fill your boots with that amazing fact.

geoffpikey 4:35 Fri Feb 9
Re: Crisps
You are very sensitive "Russ". Plenty of people, I imagine, are either indifferent to or actively dislike crisps. I haven't eaten crisps in years. Low grade potatoes smothered in overly salty chemical "flavour" mostly. Horrible. You're welcome to them.

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