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Q: 2017/18 Carabao Cup Spurs (a)
a. It's Wembley we have a decent record on the hallowed turf a& all we need is another Maiga, win
b. There's no draws in this comp so what chance do we have, lose
c. Forget the game, we'll always be a laughing stock while those idiots in the Boardroom still own the Club, SELL SELL SELL
d. How great is this another game live on the box, so it's back down the Pub full kit on and roaring the boys onto another win, cut me and I bleed claret & blue

brentmeister general 11:37 Sat Nov 1
Ravel Morrison
How the mighty have fallen….

Was tipped as a bit of an outsider for Englands world cup squad in the summer, yet got 10 mins for Cardiff today (Cardiff's bench had a few washed up rejects from us. Morrison, Maynard, Gabbidon)

He really isn't going to amount to much at all is he. To think many fans were calling for us to build a team around him. It was glaringly obvious that although naturally talented he was never going to have the attitude to match the talent.

Get the impression that he wasn't particularly liked by the players/staff as well, what with the gangster attitude and lavish lifestyle.

Wish he'd cracked it with us but not going to happen. Arse of a bloke.

Realistically, what's his level?

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Razzle 12:28 Fri Dec 12
Re: Ravel Morrison
Is he related to Mark Morrison? If so could you ask him that a return of the mac would be nice as the weather is a bit inclement

Scraper 5:06 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison

I didn't laugh, as it wasn't a GLOL

Lily Hammer 5:05 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
You may laugh, but those capital letters made it bona fide.

Scraper 5:03 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison

Fought so


Lily Hammer 5:02 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
If you mean my last waffle, it's straight from the High Court of Annecdotal Evidence.

Scraper 4:56 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison


Lily Hammer 4:54 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
Despite comments that this is boring, this has veered off into a decent thread of its own, still connected, though, to what Ravel may be missing, or not.

A general and vague rule regarding raising children, is that by the age of about 6, the character of the person, including the future adult, is pretty much formed, and will remain pretty much like that with no big change, apart from as results of seriously traumatic events, or seriously positive events, which can be "life changers."

How you respond to pressure, whether you listen attentively or not, whether you easily quit or not; all of this is what we often to refer to as character. Ravel has bundles of ability, but he lacks the charcter to stick with the tough and neccessary program to keep up with top level football, let alone be one of the best, as in always improving himself.

As much as he's wound me up, Queen Ronaldo impresses me, how you can tell he is still working hard to learn new moves, after all this time at or near the top.

I'd hazard a guess that Ronaldo's first 6 years weren't as fucked up as Morrison's. It's not a gift from the beard in the sky, it's more a gift from your parents, family and friends, setting you up right to do yourself what is neccessary.


Buster 4:54 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
Are we still arguing over something nobody can actually prove or disprove?

Is this thread still about RAVEL?

stewie griffin 4:48 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
Don't think anyone would disagree there, Joker SON

The Joker 4:46 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
stewie griffin 4:42 Thu Dec 11

Well, without getting into the semantics of it, yes. I suppose, going all the way back to Ravel, is that these abilities, whatever they are labelled, are not enough on their own.

stewie griffin 4:42 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
"but a person may well have more appropriate physical and psychological tools to better perform this complex ‘unnatural’ task"

So natural talent, then

Steve P 4:29 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
That reminds me, when Croe first met Bolty, he started singing

'Big head, he's got a fucking big he . . .

It ain't even that big!'

True story

The Joker 4:24 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
Alex - to be honest I am with you on this point. Someone such as a sportsman (David Kelly aside), who regularly practices an activity that demands balance, will naturally develop that skill more than someone who doesn't. Not necessarily to a world class level, but definitely better than someone who doesn't. Chim seems to almost be saying that because they have great balance they are sportsmen - when the opposite is much more likely and logical.

People are confusing innate ability with an individual’s mental or physical aptitudes. No one is born with an innate ability to play football well as it involves a wide range of complex skills to perform the one 'task' of playing, but a person may well have more appropriate physical and psychological tools to better perform this complex ‘unnatural’ task - e.g. quick decision making, special awareness, acceleration, flexibility etc, etc.

Take LAD for example, it obviously isn’t a God given gift as no ‘creator’ would be so cruel, but he does have a natural aptitude to wear much larger than hats than your average Joe, whereas no matter how many large hats I put on, or how often, they will always look too big on my normal head.

(swtoc bolty x)

Eggbert Nobacon 4:17 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
so that';s speed and balance (though sight) that we have shown cannot be trianed to the ame level in very person

I imagine when yuo add all these genetics up you fine the x factor people call natural talent

Eggbert Nobacon 4:10 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
balance comes from the senses which can be trained

but one that counts is sight which we know for 100% fact not everybody has the same

so we can say beyond doubt that balance cannot be trained to the same level in every person

Vestibular system: sense organs that regulate equilibrium (equilibrioception); directional information as it relates to head position (internal gravitational, linear, and angular acceleration)
Somatosensory system: senses of proprioception and kinesthesia of joints; information from skin and joints(pressure and vibratory senses); spatial position and movement relative to the support surface; movement and position of different body parts relative to each other
Visual system: Reference to verticality of body and head motion; spatial location relative to objects

Alex V 4:05 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
The Joker 4:01 Thu Dec 11

Again I don't disagree that sportspeople might anecdotally possess better senses of balance.

But explain to me how you prove it exists from birth and isn't just a by-product of many many years of practice?

The Joker 4:01 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison

chim chim cha boo 1:19 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison

Alex, everyone has a certain amount of natural balance including me and any cunt can learn to ride a motorbike. There's really nothing interesting there.

What I'm saying (again) is that people who become elite athletes have a SPECIAL DEGREE of balance that the other 98% of people, despite being very successful in business, acting, singing and the other hundred professions I took around so have DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of, simply don't.

It's really not difficult to understand, is it?

You would have the polar opposite view if you'd biked David Kelly around!

Eggbert Nobacon 3:53 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
" I think an edge in betting is often gained by working out the difference between the expected myth of 'natural talent' and the cold reality. "

which of your many yatchs you'dve bought with your winnings are you posting that from Alex?

Alex V 3:51 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
stewie griffin 3:44 Thu Dec 11

Good post. I think science and sport do mix, but results are woefully misrepresented most of the time. As in the rest of science it seems :). I think an edge in betting is often gained by working out the difference between the expected myth of 'natural talent' and the cold reality.

LAD 3:48 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
Some people do have the x factor. And enhance their natrual talent by training.

It's not fucking difficult.

stewie griffin 3:44 Thu Dec 11
Re: Ravel Morrison
"But people don't talk about 'natural talent' in those terms. They're often talking about some strange mythical x factor that apparently some people just possess and others don't. And apparently it's there from birth, even though none of us have the ability to trace a human life with such accuracy. It's basically a completely unscientific 'messiah' myth. "

In equal measure I think - as shown on a number of occasions - science and sport don't necessarily mix. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a theory developed by statistical boffins that extrapolated that Aston Villa would score 1 more goal between now and the end of the season.
It was, like most statistics, complete bollocks.

In fact, the unquantifiables of sport are precisely what makes it interesting. As a gambling man, you should know that better than anyone.

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