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belly39 6:16 Mon Nov 3
Irons Travel Club
I was going through some old programmes i had and found my Irons Travel Club membership card which I may add was 31 years ago . I remember the porter cabin just inside the main gates next to the Club shop porter cabin where you would buy your tickets for the "special", a train that was usually on its last legs taking us to various parts of the country and hoarded onto buses to arrive at the away ground .I only was a member for one season then as most of us bought the travel-card for under 25's and travelled in the luxury of inter city 125.....and so it all began ..

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holyhandgrenade 8:30 Sat Nov 8
Re: Irons Travel Club
Great memories people, thanks for sharing

jfk 5:09 Sat Nov 8
Re: Irons Travel Club
RIP Andrew Ware's dad,god bless.

Andrew Ware 4:27 Sat Nov 8
Re: Irons Travel Club
Lacey's did do the ECWC - I know coz I went on one of their coaches,
I was fifteen and by then living out in Bedford. My dad drove me down to UP to catch the coach, from memory it was due to leave at about 6.00am or maybe 6.30am so we must have left very early, no M25 then.
Anyway we turned into the Barking Road and there was an absolute sea of coaches pulled up waiting to collect us all, Lacey's, Grey-Green and Harris from memory but absolutely dozens of them.
My dad died earlier this year and thinking about it all now is both a joy and a hurt.
He wasn't coming with me and he had to turn round and drive back to Bedford to work that day but he drove me down so I would be there in time (way too early for the trains in those days ) so I could go on this huge adventure - it might sound daft in the the modern world but this was 1975 -

It was a magnificent day - and never forgotten
And if I have rambled a bit know that thro you and thinking about your post I have honoured my father.

From cradle to grave........

m11 10:22 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Wonder why it was that although Lacys did all the coach trips the ECWC Final was done by Camkins?

Scully 3:43 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Those were the days! ;)

belly39 2:28 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Scully .... the look on the guards faces when we showed them the ticket was priceless ..They knew we were blagging it but they could do fuck all about it .

Scully 2:20 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Belly: I remember that, one of the Forest Gate U5's! We all went to Aberdeen on those tickets!

ted fenton 2:04 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Still got my dads Supporters club letter with travel options for Hillsborough 1964
FA cup semi final.

belly39 2:02 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Some great memories on here, It was such a laugh going to away games both on the travel cub specials and then the inter city trains it felt like you had gone up to big school when you made that leap from specials to inter city ha ha .. remember a lad getting hold of the British Rail ticket book with stamp ....dont think i paid for about 6 months as you could put about 6 people on the tickets ...great days

eastend joker 1:43 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
remember the Sunderland away game after we won the cup in 1980 , I think it was the mon or tues night strait after , not many went to that ,always wondered where all these loyal fans were who moaned about not getting tickets for cup finals ! about 150 on that train back from Seaburn .

wanstead_hammer 12:00 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
M11. Haha
Didn't he wear the club 'blazer', like Tommy Cockles.

I'm sure one of my mates had the no.3 membership. Think mine was 29.
I bet Dennis had the no.1. Haha.

Yeh, them specials always had natural air conditioning.
Remember the windows getting done at villa amongst others.

The same thing happened to us on the way back from the semi-final replay at Leeds with the broken down train lark.
Got back to kings cross about 5-6am.

AKA ERNIE 10:46 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Andrew i was on that train back from sunderland lc game and yes it was fucking freezing.

Went to every away game 84 to 90 had some fucking great laughs on those specials

overbyyer 10:42 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
Was that the same Dennis that became the club's Commercial Manager?

He arranged for my family to meet John Lyall before a Wrexham game in about 78.

Bullet 2:16 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
I vaguely remember Dennis, went on the football specials or whatever they were called many times, but never on Lacys coaches. I never had a donkey jacket but remember those being worn, not just by our fans. I bought one of those green American flight jackets without orange lining in brick lane. Mid 70s was interesting when we had a large punk and skinhead following.

m11 12:46 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
I also remember Dennis. Wasn't he the official supporter club secretary or chairman or something as well? You had to go through him to get a photo with the FA Cup in 75

m11 12:42 Tue Nov 4
Re: Irons Travel Club
My membership was number 9 so one of the very early members along with one of my class mates from school.
I remember one of the early trips was a midweek game at Derby.
Only about 20 or 30 of us on the official train trip. The return train to London was the milk train or the post train something like that. Sitting in a crappy old wooden guard van on the way home, getting back to London at something stupid like 5am!!

Exiled In Ireland 11:22 Mon Nov 3
Re: Irons Travel Club
Great memories. Still got my membership card from 79-80 when i first joined

Remember the food that was sold on board. Slices of gala pie and fruit cake, in cling film.... always sold out on the way home.

Went all over the country for a couple of quid a time - it really was a good laugh.

Much like Belly moved up to the Inter City trains thanks to the Persil vouchers and a little more comfort.

I feel sorry for today's fans - going to football will never be as good as it was in the 70/80s.

murf tenerife 10:55 Mon Nov 3
Re: Irons Travel Club
We used to call him ginger Hitler

wanstead_hammer 9:31 Mon Nov 3
Re: Irons Travel Club
Hahaha. Ginger Dennis.
Yeh, remember him. Tried to act all sensible. Haha.

murf tenerife 9:15 Mon Nov 3
Re: Irons Travel Club
Great memories on this thread.

I remember, Donkey jackets, flat caps, Manors station year of petrol bomb and escort through the shopping centre, Train breaking down on night games Sunderland away, i got home at 6.00am and my dad was getting up for work. Great times

Any one remember Ginger Dennis?

Far Cough 9:01 Mon Nov 3
Re: Irons Travel Club
I still see Bank and his trusty donkey jacket in the Chicken Run

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