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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Ernest Faulkner 7:48 Mon Dec 1
Reece Oxford
Just great to have the captain of England U17s in our ranks, with Reece Burke a mainstay of the U19s.

Would love a decent home draw in the FA Cup next Monday.

Good Reece Oxford piece here...


The future is bright for us at centre-back. Still think Leo Chambers will make it too.

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Full Claret Jacket 5:03 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
For me he is too small and not strong enough yet to command a starting spot at centre half either at Premier league or Championship level. No doubt he has some talent but he needs to work hard to realise it. He's cruised to where he is but to be a top player you have give more. He looked totally not bothered in his last appearance. No surprise he was shipped out again.
Unless something changes I wouldnt be surprised if we cashed in and his career drifts away.

threesixty 3:54 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
"Currently Lookman of Everton is on loan at RB Liepzig, Oxford on loan at BM and the third English youngster is Jadon Sancho who Man City sold to BD for £8M."

I think this isl great for these kids.
There is too much money in the prem and therefore youth development hasnt been a priority.

I get it. When there are hundreds of millions at stake and you can get an experienced german or spanish player, why not?

But its meant our youth have suffered. So they need to play in other leagues so that they arent lost. And one day they can be the 75m player that everyones raving about because they tore up La Liga or something.

Also, it will separate the good from the "crap but english" brigade. Would Ox have made it on the continent at Dortmund? But cos he's english he gets a lot of praise and chances that other players dont.

If Oliver Burke was with us maybe he would have been hyped too much. But at Liepzig they knew he wasnt as great as was hyped.

I think our youngsters going abroad is good for football.

jimbo2. 3:07 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
It looks like we don't really fancy him & will sell him in the summer? Some decent European teams are obviously interested in him, so for once WH:
a) sell him for a decent price
b) insist on a sell on clause

, 1:24 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
Currently Lookman of Everton is on loan at RB Liepzig, Oxford on loan at BM and the third English youngster is Jadon Sancho who Man City sold to BD for £8M.

These lads represent potential and nothing more at the moment. BFS wanted Lookman to remain at Everton but he forced through the loan to get first team experience in Europe and Man City were not happy about selling Sancho. Oxford looks different though because Moyes looked unlikely to favour Oxford over Rice for the rest of this season.

Vexed 1:09 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
What are all these teams seeing in him that our lot ain't?

threesixty 12:49 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
I'm two minds with him.
I dont want us to lose him but I dont think he will develop into a great player with us. I'm also excited that he might be one of the first English players to actually develop properly at the top level on the continent.

(Ok, there is Eric Dier, but I feel he is completely a portugese product).

Atletico are among the best defences in world football. A 25yr old Oxford coming from that pedigree would be amazing for England. It could also show the way for so many young english players that they dont have to stay on the bench or the championship etc.. And could play at the top level abroad.

Eddie B 12:28 Fri Feb 23
Re: Reece Oxford
Reece Oxford courts attention from Atletico Madrid

Sam Wallace, Chief Football Writer

The West Ham prospect Reece Oxford is the subject of interest from Atletico Madrid who are looking at the England Under-20 international as a potential signing for this summer, should his development in the Bundesliga continue.

The 19-year-old is back on his second spell on loan at Borussia Monchengladbach after a brief return to the West Ham first team over January. He struggled to get in the side at the Bundesliga club in the early part of the season but won a place just before his return, and last Sunday started at right-back against Borussia Dortmund.

Atletico have looked at Oxford, whose best position is a centre-back, over a long period and feel that he could be a good long-term prospect with his immediate development path likely to be further loan spells. Oxford was the subject of a 8 million bid from Monchengladbach in January which was rejected by West Ham with the club valuing the player at around 12 million.

The teenager may yet be moved up into the England Under-21s squad come next month, and is keen to play regular football even if that means leaving West Ham. David Moyes did originally bring him back in January with the intention of looking at the teenager as a potential first team player but decided to opt for more experience in the clubs relegation battle.

Oxfords willingness to move abroad to seek games has attracted the interest of clubs who see a shortage of potentially top-level centre-backs across Europe and prices rising accordingly. The 75 million fee Liverpool paid for Virgil Van Dijk demonstrated the value of a leading centre-back. There has also been interest from RB Leipzig in Oxford but he favours a move to Spain if he leaves West Ham.

He will have three years left on his contract come the summer and his value is likely to rise if he plays regularly in the Bundesliga. Thus far West Hams valuation of the player has tended to rise each time there has been an enquiry.

ironsofcanada 4:23 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
Jaan Kenbrovin 4:16 Mon Feb 19

Noble replaced him because we needed him and a goal but it looked like we were playing a back 3 earlier, from where I was sitting at least.

Jaan Kenbrovin 4:16 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford

ironsofcanada 11:54 Mon Feb 19

Oxford played Centre mid that game and got replaced by Noble. He did nearly cause a goal early second half though.

terry-h 11:55 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
Ernest Faulkner

I know this is an ancient thread but just in case you missed the news, Leo Chambers left West Ham some time ago and seems to be on Billericay's books,although on loan apparently to Kingstonian. It's gone wrong for him too unfortunately.

Let's hope Declan Rice has the future he looks capable of. I'm sure he's built of the right stuff!

ironsofcanada 11:54 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
andyd12345 10:53 Mon Feb 19

Started in the back three for the second Shrewsbury game less than month ago.

Gave away the ball to provide them with their best chance early on, if I remember correctly.

jack flash 11:28 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
He looked very promising when he first came through, but frankly, I can't see him making the grade as a premiereship player now

If we can sell him for silly money, we should. So long as the money is re-invested in decent players (unlikely!)

On The Ball 11:21 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
andy1-5 - he started there at Everton away when we won 3-2. Came off at half time as he was gash.

Eddie B 11:04 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
No lack of talent, just a lack of brains and too much ego.

Trevor B 11:01 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford

like many young CBs they tend to start out playing either holding midfield or fullback positions, to get them used to the rigours of the professional game, give them confidence, without them being in a position where their inexperience/immaturity could cost us a goal, and sap their confidence. didn't seem to do oxford's confidence any harm when he made his PL debut against arsenal. sadly that game probably gave him a bit too much confidence and rumours were abound that he had a bit of a billy big bollocks attitude very quickly afterwards. i believe he has featured in his preferred position against lesser opposition a few times though. he played at CB for reading during his time there, and was awful on the whole i believe.

andyd12345 10:53 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
Have we played this bloke in his correct position once yet? He's a ball playing centre half, but every single appearance has been as a holding midfielder. It's 2 very different roles.

Side of Ham 9:45 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
No doubt has the potential to be a Rolls Royce player of the Rio ilk but i like my players to look like they can go up to 6th gear he never seems to get out of third gear and for a youngster that’s quite worrying.

percyd 3:10 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
Jordan Spence Mk2?

stepney hammer 1:55 Mon Feb 19
Re: Reece Oxford
He'll be gone in the summer. Hope we get a decent price for him.

Jasnik 8:19 Sun Feb 18
Re: Reece Oxford
Playing ok but like for us seems to be at half speed

Jasnik 8:16 Sun Feb 18
Re: Reece Oxford
Pitch is awful

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