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sanfrancis-co-uk 3:41 Thu Feb 5
David Rodigan.
Don't panic.He's still with us.

Does anyone else find him strange?A 64 year old white guy with glasses,prancing around the place,shouting out Jamaica every 10 seconds.
Don't get me wrong,I like him and so do a million others.

I just find it odd.

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Russ of the BML 3:18 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
bishbosh 11:04 Fri Feb 6

Cheers mate. I'll give it a go.

Disappointed to hear about the Francois K one as I was fully expecting the same.

But how good is that Gilles Peterson one?!!? Blimey. That is some quality.

Talking of Paradise Garage. Have heard the Larry Levan mix 'Journey into Paradise'? Bloddy hell. If you haven't check that out.

Ronald_antly 1:14 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
RAMJAM Rodigan

lukie 12:37 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
He has Dudley! I keep telling him he should write a book. And Bruuuno, I don't unfortunately, my dad might!

So my old man worked with Gregory once, and before he went into the studio, he demanded he be paid. Eventually agreed to sort him out an advance, and he walked out, went straight down to Hatton Garden and spent the lot on jewelry! Came back and asked for the rest!

My Dad also new Matumbi well, (one of the first big English reggae groups). Took them along to meet Lee Perry with a demo and he's invited them in, stuck the record on a deck and dragged the needle across the record.
Then declared, 'Me nah play no music but Upesetter music 'ere.' Weird little cunt he was/still is! Genius, but then the best normally are!

Dudley Moore 12:09 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
lukie, I might have to buy you a pint and have a chin wag one day after a match.

Your old man sounds like he's led some life.

bruuuno 11:54 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
Luke do you rember smiley I aka Matt a big gooner used to shop in your dads shop?

lukie 11:51 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
He wouldn't have done - they had a falling out as a consequence and he'd never have referenced him.
Daddy Kool started in Hanway St. in the 70's, then to Dean St, then Berwick St.
No one in Reggae my old man hasn't met/dealt with. Not many people can say their dad has smoked a chalice with Bob Marley & The Wailers and released two of their tracks on his own label;


Got plenty of stories about the likes of Lee Perry, Gregory Isaacs, Ijahman Levy!!

joe royal 11:37 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
I remember rodigan talking about the dub vendor in ladbroke grove

Don't remember daddy kool

bishbosh 11:04 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.

All the Masterpiece Cd's are excellent the Gilles Peterson one is probably the best in my opinion .
Francois K I have that as well that is just all tech house was expecting some disco and soul considering he used to DJ at paradise garage.

On that Rodigan compilation is a track it's reggae buts sounds like an old soul tune called sitting in the park by billy stewart I only recognized as Slick rick sampled it back in the day.

Reggae is not my main taste but I like a bit here and there I think you will like it even some of the more current tracks on the Cd England be Nice by Ini Kamoze is a great tune aswell

I like a bit of Reggae Ragga on the other hand is not my cup of tea

lukie 10:53 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
He's a lying cunt though.

My old man used to own Daddy Kool Records. Was the first proper reggae shop in Central London. Rodigan used to buy his records from there and a few years later, when he really made it big, he was asked where he'd bought his collection, particularly the rarities.
He said he'd got everything from his trips to Jamaica.

For that reason, he's a cunt.

joe royal 9:44 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
I was referring to this San Fran

defence 6:39 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
First off Rodigan is a Jamaican.
He love his music and knows it inside out.
He is a music legend.

Russ of the BML 9:02 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
bishbosh 5:53 Thu Feb 5

I have got a couple of those Masterpiece CD's. Gilles Peterson and Jazzy B. Funny as I was watching a show about Kraftwerk the other night and Francois K was on there and he has one out too which is meant to be really good (if you like dance music).

I did once have a little look at Rodigan's one but couldn't be sure as i do like a bit of reggae and dub without being a massive fan. I noticed he started with the Stones and the Yardbirds (2 of my favourite tracks ever) so obviously there he is looking back at his early music influences.

So if I am not a huge reggae fan will it still be something I would like do you think? I do have a very diverse taste in music so should be ok I reckon.

sanfrancis-co-uk 7:34 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
Royal.You got your period or something.You've been a riight picky cunt for 24hrs.

I know he was born in Hanover.

joe royal 7:24 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
Er , he was born in Germany , not Jamacia

defence 6:39 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
First off Rodigan is a Jamaican.
He love his music and knows it inside out.
He is a music legend.

bruuuno 12:41 Fri Feb 6
Re: David Rodigan.
His show on kiss on Saturday afternoons in the mid nineties was what got me into reggae. *packs records for dj gig in Germany tomorrow*

Cheers roddi son

13 Brentford Rd 8:01 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
Used to listen to his Radio London show in the mid 80s, seen him live too.
He is a legend in Jamaica too so maybe not so odd.
I find him a bit annoying these days though as he is very shouty and never shuts up and just let the TUNES play.

WmCovell 7:38 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
I've been David's chauffeur in the past via a small car service from the angel.
He is a man obsessed with reggae and it's subculture. Every weekend he done a new York gig and it was me who picked him.up and took him home

holyhandgrenade 7:32 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
One reason to love WHO... To get introduced to music like this and take on recommendations for albums.

Just downloaded the Masterpiece compilation and can confirm it is cracking indeed.

sanfrancis-co-uk 6:55 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
Hardly a splat Joe.There's no fucker on here at the time this was posted.I didn't expect Hugh or Ron to comment on this tbh!

Brooking_is_GOD 6:45 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
I remember Westwood on LWR.

Famous for radio cock-ups.
He once read a shout-out from me incorrectly, basically acted like he knew me.

Gave me some street cred at school for a few days.

joe royal 6:45 Thu Feb 5
Re: David Rodigan.
If me aunt had balls..........

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