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riosleftsock 12:21 Thu Feb 26
Jihadi Johnny
Jihadi John' named as London man
Breaking news

IS militant known as 'Jihadi John', believed to have beheaded hostages, is Mohammed Emwazi from London, BBC learns

Anyone know him? Is he chicken run or north bank?

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Gavros 12:46 Wed Mar 11
Re: Jihadi Johnny
an israeli arab, not a jew.

they'll all be on the run soon enough. i see that tikrit is falling to the iraqis.

jammydee 12:38 Wed Mar 11
Re: Jihadi Johnny
New images of a 10 year kid shooting an israeli in the head with a pistol..

Why are we ( the world ) allowing this to continue? send in the armies ffs...

Gavros 10:46 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
If there were 30,000 anders breviks carving out a state in scandinavia, you might have a point.

You dont have a point.

WHOicidal Maniac 10:33 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Did you mean Guantanamo Bay ?

Lertie Button 10:27 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Nonentities who don't amount to fuck all in life & become sadistic psychopaths is nothing new (Nazis, that cunt in Norway, spring to mind), not just an Islamic problem.
Two wrongs never make a right so while Guatemala Bay exists we will always cede the moral high ground in part to the terrorists.
Who was an upstart like Bush to decide that one of the basic rights that western society was built on, the right to a fair trial, should not apply.

SHORTYHAMMER 9:36 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny

WHOicidal Maniac 7:41 Tue Mar 10

"But Im too stupid to equate the two and clearly dont know what Im talking about so I'll fuck off"

First decent post you have done in a long time..

Tick tock

Gavros 7:46 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Ah, so youre a spudmuncher.

That explains a lot.

Scraper 7:41 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
I'd be ashamed to call myself muslim if I didn't believe *everything* (except the abrogated stuff) in the koran should be adhered to. We're talking about the unaltered words of GOD here.

WHOicidal Maniac 7:41 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Gavros 7:25 Tue Mar 10

Im so sorry that I am so poorly educated on Middle eastern Fairy tales. I realise now that I have no business conducting a debate with a scholar on the subject, such as yourself.

I will refrain continuing the debate.

I will talk about what I know, having been raised in the Irish Catholic church, that In my time I have seen Woman degraded by men to the extent that they are seen and not heard, beaten if they step out of line, beaten for marrying outside of their faith,sent away from the family for falling pregnant outside of wedlock. I have relatives being forced in to marriages because of parental pressure and I know personally a woman that was beaten to kill her unborn child, forced to give birth to it and then the child was burned in an open fire place in the front room.

Sexual abuse on a scale that rivals anything in Rotherham. I have had family murdered by Protestants and family that have murdered Protestants.

I have seen and been part of an immigrant family that was abused by neighbours for being different and hated because of it. I have felt disenfranchised and not part of this society especially in my youth and it wouldnt have taken much 'evil whisperings' to pervert the head of a young man in to action.

Maybe that is why I see a lot of similarities...

But Im too stupid to equate the two and clearly dont know what Im talking about so I'll fuck off...

Nicey 7:40 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Wasn't jihadi john the best it salesman his old company ever had? What is his social/economic issue

Always an excuse

Capitol Man 7:33 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
But there are social/economic reasons at the heart of this as well.

Many immigrant populations across the world have minority elements that end up feeling animosity/hatred for their new nation - it's a blanket excuse for their own failings for a start.

But then you add in the mix of the structural and economic issues in the countries of the region - even those apparently stable ones.

One of my mates went to teach English in Saudi Arabia years ago as part of a British Aerospace program with the Saudi government aimed at getting young Saudi's up to speed in engineering and such so they could start to fill the jobs in their own oil industry.

Many of those jobs were taken by foreigners, which left many many young Saudis with no opportunities.

They weren't doing badly, thanks to a kindly welfare state, but they were instead being educated in religious schools, and spent time focusing on religion rather than their personal careers.

There was a genuine fear in the nation that these young men, slowly being indoctrinated, were a time bomb ready to bring down the state - they were on the money with that.

Gavros 7:25 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
WHOicidal, you fall prey the usual leftist trap of equivalence between religions. As an atheist/agnistic, i dont have much tome for any of them, but it is clear as day that the most oppressive religion is Islam, followed, strangely enough, by Judaism. The difference is that Jews have long ago renounced the nastier parts of the Torah,while a small but significant number of Muslims believe that the nastier parts of the Koran/ Hadith should be practiced. That's why they are, you see, in virtually every Muslim country to some degree.

Educate yourself then come back here to discuss. Ignorance, in this matter, is not bliss.

WHOicidal Maniac 7:06 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Scraper 6:53 Tue Mar 10

Perhaps not mate.

To be fair, I have no experience where I can make an informed opinion. My concern is more about what its doing to us as a country, our psychology.

We are going from a nation who prided itself on its tolerance and compassion and its being chucked away because of what ?

We have people who post on this site that would see every last one of these people shipped out, if not willingly then at the point of force and that feeling is growing stronger all the time.

Thats what concerns me.

We are losing what made this country great, and its not some imagined culture of yesteryear but the sense of common decency and compassion. Maybe Im talking shit, I dont know but feeding on and fuelling hate wont help anyone.

Sussex_IRONS 6:57 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Tbf the Bible had a new testament and that's what Christianity should be judged on. The Quran didn't, Muhammed is no different to Gengis Khan or a modern day mafioso extorting money (jizya tax) exploiting and promoting the idea that women are to used and sold as sex objects where rape is allowed (Ma malakat aymanukum) Even a code for lying (kitman) (Taqiya). Muslims are victims of this cancer and the sooner they understand that the better the world will be.

WHOicidal Maniac 6:54 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Gavros 6:50 Tue Mar 10

Despite being set up as a country where every religion is tolerated and has no baring on State Policies, The mighty US of A are doing a fucking good job of becoming the Christian version.

Scraper 6:53 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
I don't think you have got the gist of them tbf, Maniac son.

Gavros 6:50 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
OK then WHOicidal, answer me this. Where on earth can you find a country the majority of whose laws are dictated from the New Testament?

Scraper 6:49 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Oh dear.

WHOicidal Maniac 6:40 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
Gavros 6:20 Tue Mar 10

I instinctively want to lie and say that I read them, but I aint so I wont.

I get the gist of them and most of it is OK, but , like the Bible, If I want to read fantasy I'll get a Harry Potter book.

As you said, the overwhelming majority of Muslims dont hold any harm in their hearts at all.

I will say that there is a lot of violent and immoral shit in the Koran and so has the Bible.

For instance if your Daughter sleeps with a man and refuses to marry him, She should be stoned to death. If she has been raped and refuses to marry her Rapist, same rules apply.

Mixing two different cloths in one garment is as bad as Fucking a bloke up the arse, both an abhoration in the eyes of God.

We all know that the Muslim communities dont believe or follow every word in the Koran any more than Christians only eat Fish on a Friday...

Just because these cunts do their evil shit in the name of Islam, I dont see that it has anything to do with those 99.9% that practice Islam and just want to get along.

goose 6:21 Tue Mar 10

No, people had their heads blown off, or shot off instead, and plenty got burned alive...

Dick Gozinia 6:24 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
riosleftsock 5:49 Tue Mar 10

goose 6:21 Tue Mar 10
Re: Jihadi Johnny
dont remember many beheadings, stonings or people being burned alive in northern ireland.

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