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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Nurse Ratched 8:52 Sat Mar 28
La Knoxy
Not guilty.

Good verdict, I reckon. Forensics were ropey and you can't convict someone on the grounds they look a bit shifty.

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Nurse Ratched 2:33 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy

Gruesome Dump 1:30 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Less of the scary, unless you want another clump.

Pancho 10:12 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Hairy is filling the void left by NaG after he calmed down again.

Every site needs an overly dramatic attention seeking drama queen who claims bullying but is the first one to throw around threats of violence and impending death at the mere mention of suggesting they are a complete and total cock.

Nurse Ratched 9:57 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Oooh, a bit of chat about scary pyscho sex predators, and look who blows in...

Gruesome Dump 9:16 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Hear hear...

*waves papers*

Johnson 9:15 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
What's wrong with being fat and black, Zammo?

It hasn't done Garth Crooks any harm, he still gets his misog on the TV. He's a bufty as well.

Zammo = Racist

Gruesome Dump 9:11 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
I'm outraged.

Darby_ 9:04 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
The Hairy's obviously need to change their names to HairyTurk and HairyPie&MashWog.

peroni 8:32 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Agree with Nurse. This wouldn't even have got anywhere near a court in the UK.

Of course, people who get swept along with sensational media coverage and internet campaigns will be outraged.

Coffee 8:09 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Thanks, Monk.

(Assisted by Wiki.)

Monk~koknee 8:07 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
According to wiki:

The show became well known in popular culture for a shout of Golaço!, Portuguese for "fantastic goal", featured at the start and at the end of each show. The sound clip is of Italian television football commentator José Altafini, a Brazilian who played in Serie A for AC Milan, Napoli and Juventus.

"Golaço!" was transcribed as "Golaccio!" in the show's titles.[25] However, James Richardson later added, "I heard Steve De Berry [Steve DuBerry] who'd produced the music for the show say he'd wanted it to sound like 'go Lazio' because of Paul Gascoigne presenting it and so had added a twist to the soundbite."

Coffee 7:57 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
What were the words that the Italian commentator used to shout on the Channel 4 Italian football programme? (It sounded like Goal Lazio.)

Monk~koknee 7:55 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
*Assist by Coffee

Coffee 7:55 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy

Monk~koknee 7:54 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
100 you set em up I'll knock em ins.

Coffee 7:53 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
*takes the ball from the keeper, dribbles down the wing and past 10 opposition players, finds the byline and delivers and inch perfect cross*

Shin Chan 7:38 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
how ever guilty she may or may not be, and how ever guilty she is doesn't matter. Their is NO conclusive proof.

Did she do it, or was implicit with it? Most probably yes, but you need proof I am afraid.

Pancho 1:00 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy

Pipe down eh Zammo you're as bad as that mess.

Zammo 12:31 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy

Fodder? Yeah let's go after someone when
They are going through a shit time?

You spend far too much time on here. Don't think it's spotter that's the fodder mate. Are you not fat? Black? I'd prefer spotters card

HairyHammer 12:25 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
Hammer and Pickle.

Which Hairy ?

Pancho 12:25 Mon Mar 30
Re: La Knoxy
HairySpotter is fantastic WHO fodder.

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