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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Norflundon 11:51 Tue Apr 14
Freddie Sears
Great to see him getting played as an out and out striker finally
Absolutely flying for ipswich......21 goals and if the carrot crunchers get into the play offs could be nearer the 30 mark the way he's going
Shows how criminal it was to let him go for fuck all and bring in that over the hill lump of turd Carew.....
I think he'll go onto have a good career would love to see him in the prem next season

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Alex V 12:51 Sun May 17
Re: Freddie Sears
ted fenton 3:21 Sat May 16

That seems very harsh seeing as he's just come close to getting promoted to the Prem. Especially given some of the performance levels in our squad in recent months. I think he's done so well to turn his career around - many don't manage it.

Hugh Monteith 12:44 Sun May 17
Re: Freddie SEARS.
Freddie is a technically gifted player

Ronald_antly 3:26 Sat May 16
Re: Freddie Sears
MrCrowmanSir wrote...

"Sears has god movement off the ball ..."

You mean that he moves in mysterious ways?

Marston Hammer 3:24 Sat May 16
Re: Freddie Sears
Think this is his level, no shame in that though, good luck to him.

ted fenton 3:21 Sat May 16
Re: Freddie Sears
Have watched him in both these play off games and I'm sorry but he is not the bollocks !!!
Just doesn't stand out for me and our management got it right IMO.

Wish you luck son and you're obviously earning more than most so carry on.

Raymond Reddington 2:05 Sat May 2
Re: Freddie Sears
Good player, works hard, will be a decent prem player if used right

Norflundon 2:01 Sat May 2
Re: Freddie Sears
Been superb in the first 15mins of this game a real handful
His movement and touch really are quality

MrCrowmanSir 6:59 Thu Apr 16
Re: Freddie Sears
Sears has god movement off the ball, he sniffs out goals and can finish, it's done him a lot of good playing regularly in tough leagues. I would not be surprised to see him back in the premier league one day.

Junior-Hammer 6:51 Thu Apr 16
Re: Freddie Sears
Lets get him back!

taffy apple 4:54 Thu Apr 16
Re: Freddie SEARS
I'm pleased for Freddie. Good luck to him.

Hugh Monteith 2:55 Thu Apr 16
Re: Freddie SEARS
played to his strengths he is a Top Class Footballer

Sniper 6:11 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
He did destroy ashley Cole for the entire game thecseasin we went down under grant

We still lost

He never looked half as good again

OneAll 5:32 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
Scored on his debut , never really done much afte although I remember a last minute chance vs Everton one on one and e hit the post from then on he couldn't seem to score

Mr Kenzo 4:35 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
Trevor B 4:29 Wed Apr 15

Trevor B 4:29 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
Whilst I am sure that everyone thinks that Sam calls 100% of the shots 100% of the time I am sure that other members of staff have input. If sears was thought to have been good enough then I am sure that various coaches etc would have had their say too. let's not forget that these are the people that see our players in training every single day of the week, and in matches that most of us never see. Whilst I am sure that every so often mistakes in letting players go will be made I don't think the club made one with Sears, as I said earlier and as others have said Sears has probably profited by having to work harder, make his name in League One, get a move to a decent Championship club, continuing to work hard and put in the effort which some have suggested may have been lacking when he was with us.

The lad has done well, good luck to him. In these days of 20 years old rejecting 100k a week contracts as too low it's good to see that rather than feeling sorry for himself after being let go he piked himself up and worked hard to get his career on track.

i-Ron 4:22 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
But the point is about Sears since he left is it not? Not last week, so what's the point of being pedantic, when we're discussing the progression of Sears over 4 fucking years?

90-95% of the time since Allardyce joined, with wingers, target men, and Nolan in the hole?

It's not been until the last few months he's tinkered around, when Nolan has been back.

We'll see what happens with Lee, but I reckon he'll go the same route as Sears under Fat Sam.

whufcroe 3:42 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
i-Ron 3:07 Wed Apr 15

Strange that wasn't the set up on Saturday, still maybe that's how you set up your computer game?

Eerie Descent 3:21 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
i-Ron 3:07 Wed Apr 15


BulphanIron 3:12 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
i-Ron 3:07 Wed Apr 15

Real talk...

cholo 3:08 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
*granted not grant.

Got grant on the brain.

i-Ron 3:07 Wed Apr 15
Re: Freddie Sears
i wouldn't have minded Sears stayed on and given more of a try. I wouldn't mind Elliott Lee given a try.

Fact is we don't play football to players under 6ft, who would be better off in a partnership.

We have winger, who cross, we have a target man, and we have Nolan.

That's the setup. Might as well save your energy arguing otherwise.

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