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Westham67 11:45 Sun Apr 26
Indonesia issues execution orders
I thought Widodo might have held up a bit after 2 of his Indonesian Subjects were executed without his prior knowledge in Saudi last week , Two women beheaded to be exact. He wasn't happy and protested like fuck

Anyway order has bee issued for the 2 Aussies could be a s little as 72 hours


At least three of 10 people on death row in Indonesia for drug smuggling have been given formal notice of their imminent execution.
Two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, and a Philippines woman, Mary Jane Veloso were notified by Indonesian officials on Saturday.
Under Indonesian law, convicts must be given 72 hours' notice of execution, but no formal date has yet been set.

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Westham67 6:29 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
If they had nicked the mules in Aus at the airport they had the info of who were the other conspirators, they must have as they gave the information to the Indo's

Sydney_Iron 2:28 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Not sure if those nicked at hotels had gear in the rooms, obviously those at the airport did, pretty sure Sukamaran was one of those arrested at his hotel, at the time he was portrayed as the ring leader and enforcer for the gang, think the others (mules) were singing as much as soon as arrested, Chan who was at the airport, was his lieutenant as it were.

Westham67 2:16 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
So did they all have gear on them in the Hotel syders or were some of them nicked for consriracy

Westham67 2:15 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
They are saying they knew about the syndicate before they were tipped off but they had nothing to hod them in Australia. So if they knew who they were why not wait for them to come back. Sounds to me like they pan iced. As mentioned 1 copper resigned over it . I think they are on the back foot and making excuses for their idiotic action

Sydney_Iron 2:11 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Also not all of them were nicked at the Airport; think only 4 or 5 of the 9 were, the others were arrested at Hotels in Kuta.

Sydney_Iron 2:04 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
That crossed my mind as well, why not nick them when they got back?, but from my understanding listening to the AFP, once Indonesia was involved, and they had to be, they could not carry out an operation on there soil without letting them know they would have no say on if they decided to arrest them when leaving.

And I would reckon, there was no way the Indonesian Police were going to pass up the opportunity of drug bust to make them look efficient and doing there job.

Westham67 1:56 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Was there a reason they didn't want to wait for them to come back with the gear and nick them then ?

Sydney_Iron 1:54 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
I was listening to this on Australian News Radio yesterday, and what came across was the Police did know about the syndicate but had nothing to be able to arrest anyone or stop them leaving the country, not even conspiracy at that time.

Even went so far as to say if they had detained anyone it would have let the syndicate know they were on to them, so they had to decide between taking a few minor players out of a drug ring who were about to import a large amount of Heroin or what punishment Indonesia would dish out but they would stop this gang, and apparently there were many more arrests in Australia due to this bust.

I disagree 100% on the execution but can see the AFP were in a difficult corner with a difficult choice, personally I think they did the right thing, it stopped a large amount of Heroin hitting the streets of Sydney and maybe saved a few lives and led to many other arrests.

The gamble was the death penalty and sadly 10 years later, they fucked up on that one.

Westham67 1:39 Tue May 5
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Aussie old Bill are squirming about their role in giving information to the Indo's. One copper left in protest when they did it

Australia police defend Bali Nine operation


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have defended their role in the arrests of the Bali Nine Australian drug gang.
Information shared by the AFP with Indonesian police in 2005 led to the arrest and conviction of the gang and the execution of the two ringleaders.
Police have been criticised for reporting the men despite knowing they could face the death penalty.
But senior officers said they were unable to arrest the gang before they left Australia for Indonesia.
Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were killed by an Indonesian firing squad on Wednesday despite Australian diplomatic pressure.
The AFP will soon be called before a parliamentary committee to explain the decision.
'Fanciful and offensive'
Commissioner Colvin told a media conference on Monday: "If we had had enough information to arrest the Bali Nine before they left Australia we would have done exactly that."
He said the AFP did not know how many members were in the gang or what drugs they were dealing with, which was why they contacted their Indonesian counterparts.

He said media reports that the AFP found out about the gang from a tip-off from the father of one of the gang, were incorrect because the AFP already knew about the syndicate.
He said also reports the AFP had "shopped" the gang to Indonesia in a bid to curry favour with police there were "fanciful and offensive".
However, he admitted one of the investigating officers asked to be removed from the team because he was upset about the risk the gang members might face the death penalty.
Commissioner Colvin also said he could not guarantee that other Australians caught smuggling drugs in countries with the death penalty would not suffer the same fate.
He said police took into account the risk of passing on information, but that police guidelines said they must also work with foreign police.

'Agonising decision'
Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan, who made the decision to share information with Indonesia, said he worried about it at the time and ever since.
He said when he made the decision, protecting Australians from drugs was at the forefront of his mind, not Australia's relationship with Indonesia.
"If anyone thinks I have not agonised over this for the past 10 years then they don't know me," he said.
Commissioner Colvin said it was vital Australia worked closely with overseas law enforcement agencies to tackle trans-national crime.
"It is a hard reality but many of these countries still have a death penalty for these offences," he said.
The AFP receives about 72,000 requests a year via Interpol to share information about suspected criminal activity.
In the past three years, it has received about 250 such requests from countries that have the death penalty. Of that number, 15 requests from a range of countries including China were rejected.
Guidelines setting priorities for how the AFP deals with foreign police were strengthened in 2009 and include weighing up the value of such interaction and the risk that suspects could face the death pena

Ronald_antly 12:03 Thu Apr 30
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Nurse Ratched 6:08 Wed Apr 29

Let's face it, Matron, it was only a matter of time.

mashed in maryland 8:48 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
cholo 9:59 Wed Apr 29

Coppers, border guards, soldiers in Indonesia (and the Philippines, and Malaysia, and Thailand, and Mexico, and Colombia etc etc) probably earn less from their salary in a month than a cleaner in the west could send home in a week.

You really think that someone on fuck all money (but with a lot of connections) who's just seized millions of dollars worth of drugs would just get rid of it?

mashed in maryland 8:41 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
LOL @ people going on about not breaking these countries laws.

What absolute bollocks, in all these third world shitholes "law" and "justice" depend entirely on who you're mates with and how much money you're prepared to part with.

If the Bali 9 (or any of the ones executed yesterday) were all children of rich diplomats it would have all turned out to have been a big misunderstanding.

Willtell 6:20 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Golden Oldie 6:02
I don't often agree with you but I do here. Anyone trading drugs gets what they deserve as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone trading drugs in countries with the death penalty are not only criminals but criminally stupid...

Nurse Ratched 6:08 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
God help me, I'm starting to fancy Ron-antly.

Golden Oldie 6:02 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
I suppose the real lesson to be learnt here is not to smuggle heroin from countries with the death penalty as a punishment, especially if you're one of those fucking stupid people who seems to think that the laws of the land do not apply to you.

Either that or build up your business networks to work in harmony with the US industrial military complex and then you can invade/liberate nations and bring up production and the distribution of raw opium and refined heroin, like Donald Rumsfeld or David Cameron-Levita's family had in the past.

Either way we mustn't discriminate against our glorious smack heads.

Westham67 11:10 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Australian Eggheads , I'd watch that

Ronald_antly 10:47 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
It is the UK version.

I don't write letters, I apply a bit of ........ pressure.

Lee Trundle 10:46 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Do you get the UK version of Eggheads, or do they film an Australian version?

Westham67 10:43 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
Have you written a letter yet ?

Ronald_antly 10:41 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders
This situation really has taken a disturbing turn.

The ABC cancelled the scheduled episode of Eggheads so that they could cover the executions.

I was not impressed when I found out.

cholo 10:28 Wed Apr 29
Re: Indonesia issues execution orders

Globally, even nationally $3.1m is a piss in the ocean,fact, a significant amount to get caught with? If course, but not a great deal in the scene of things.

However, do the Australian police have figures on how much they smuggled in when they didn't get caught? Or even details of other operations these men got away with?

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