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Leonard Hatred 9:30 Thu May 7
Talk to me

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jfk 12:31 Sat May 9
Re: 1978
'Duncombes pie and mash shop.

Does anyone else on here remember when it was down Plashet grove?
Before it became Duncan's in Green Street?

Ronald_antly 12:21 Sat May 9
Re: 1978
"Hold Tight - Now we're on our own
Cue light - Now it's ready to roll "

Hammer and Pickle 12:18 Sat May 9
Re: 1978
Simply roots.

Nurse Ratched 12:17 Sat May 9
Re: 1978
See me in me 'alterback,
See me gi' ya 'eart attack...

joe royal 12:11 Sat May 9
Re: 1978

No pop no style

jfk 12:08 Sat May 9
Re: 1978
First year at senior school started going to watch West Ham on our own.
We used to meet up opposite mercury house in Romford at 9.30ishand catch the147 bus to Darenham Heathwey or an 87 to barking,whatever came first.
Then go to Dumcombes? when it was in Plashet Grove(later Duncan's in green street)
I've brilliant memories of them days that will never leave me.

Leonard Hatred 9:17 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
The SMURFS with Father Abraham

Nurse Ratched 9:15 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
"Love is aaaahhll I bring,
In-a me khaki soot an' ting..."


It's on my MP3.

Tony Gubba 9:12 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
On telly...
Soap, Kenny Everett, The Muppet Show, Mork and Mindy, Jim'll Fix'it

At the pictures....
Pete's Dragon, Grease, Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family, Watership Down

Do ya think I'm sexy, Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, Uptown Top Ranking, Bright Eyes
The Barron Knights

Other stuff...
Grifter bikes, skateboards, CBs,

Nurse Ratched 8:22 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
Not even Spirograph?

Private Dancer 8:20 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
Ipswich Town
World Cup 78
West Ham relegated.

I was only interested in football as a kid so have no other memories.

Bullet 8:20 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
One flew, yes mate from memory we were 300 approx, we all stood out with narrow jeans ect, they all looked stuck in an early 70s time with warp fly away collars and huge flares.

franksfat&slow&wank 8:19 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
I was 3

sparky 8:09 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
Cortina mk 2
the jam

One Flew 8:02 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
Bullet, I was at that game too, got kept in after there was only a handful of us, then going back to the van, the Geordies were following but keeping their distance, as soon as we were all in one came up and punched the back window, and then ran off , idiots. I remember his haircut, centre parting , greasy black wavy hair that thickened at the bottom and trying to grow a moustache. Trying to work out how I was in the van now, I'd gone up by train.

Bullet 2:23 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
As Wanstead Millwall at UP. I knew a few Millwall in with their police escort from UP station and West Ham mates who had infiltrated it along Green Street, they knew each other. The Millwall fella I know told me later that he looked over and recognised my mate and my mate put his finger to his lips. They never made it up the stairs to the SB.

I remember this night game, not won many times so easily up there, we had a decent team then. The Geordies watched my mate get thrown out and five of them went out after him, chased him all the way back down to the station.

0 Newcastle United

3West Ham United

David Cross G
Bryan Robson G
Alan Devonshire G

GoalkeeperBobby Ferguson
Defender/Centre backTommy Taylor
Defender/MidfielderBilly Bonds
Full backPaul Brush
Defender/Left backFrank Lampard
MidfielderAlan Devonshire
MidfielderPat Holland
Midfielder Trevor Brooking
MidfielderAlan Curbishley
ForwardDavid Cross
ForwardBryan Robson

One Flew 1:40 Fri May 8
Re: 1978
Marquee club, Vibrators, got a sleeper in Selfridges and left without paying, missed one game that season , Boro away won 2-1 on a Tuesday night, was in Paris working, got home on the Saturday for the final game losing 2-0 to Liverpool and getting relegated, had my white suitcase borrowed off my aunt in the West side and Emlyn Hughes acting the cunt. There's more but that'll do for now

Hammer and Pickle 10:00 Thu May 7
Re: 1978
I thought it was more sepia for both years.

Nurse Ratched 9:54 Thu May 7
Re: 1978
1977 was brown, too.

subcutaneous 9:44 Thu May 7
Re: 1978
It was the year after 1977.

No, you fuck off.

Hammer and Pickle 9:41 Thu May 7
Re: 1978
Went on holiday to Majorca - a village in the Northern mountains. Was my first time in the Med. and was just blown away by the whole thing.

Thinking back, Spain must've been dirt poor in those days -hardly a car on the road and women doing their laundry in a watercourse running through the village. That was all to change very quickly in the 1980s - now the area is on a par with Switzerland.

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