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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

MrCrowmanSir 8:47 Mon Jun 8
Italia 90
25 years ago now, can't believe it's that long. Still one of my favourite World Cups despite how it ended for England.

Good article on it.


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Keefy 1:46 Wed Jun 10
Re: Italia 90
Bicycle Kicks in for 100.

Skuhravy update....he now looks like a pre-op Bruce Jenner.


Keefy 1:26 Wed Jun 10
Re: Italia 90
Some great characters at that world cup. Carlos Valderama.....great playmaker...great haircut.

My favourite was Tomas Skuhravy. IIRC after scoring 3 or 4 goals for Czechoslovakia he went on a mission to score with a bicycle kick. Literally attempting a bicycle kick every time he got the ball.

When he scored his fifth (?) goal, a penalty, the commentator remarked "I'm surprised he didn't try an overhead kick there"......pretty witty for a '90's commentator, I thought.

Sniper 1:00 Wed Jun 10
Re: Italia 90
I idolised David platt after that volley

Incredible to think, after all their heroics, that Neil Webb ended up as a postman and platt ended up a character on coronation street

balders 12:50 Wed Jun 10
Re: Italia 90
The West Ham bollocks flag caused a bit of a stir

When the bloke from Forest Gate showed us we pissed ourselves laughing

MrCrowmanSir 10:56 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Rene Higuita playing sweeper and tackled by Roger Milla.


, 10:48 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
got that wrong Sid. The world cups in Russia and Qatar will be one long party.

casual hammer 10:47 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Carlos Valderrama

What a player and what an orange afro.

Colchester Sid 10:45 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90

Kevin Allen's film of Italia 90, made at the time with a video camera, really captures all the shitty campsites,the chaos before the Holland game, ticket fiascos, everything...

World Cups are very sanitised and dull now, Italia 90 was great fun and quite scary..

wanstead_hammer 10:13 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
The japanese caravan (Nessan Dorma)
Balmy evenings (even over here)
Edge of the seat England games
Schillachi's eyeballs
The ball unluckily looping over Shilton
Waddle you sausage factory, mullet headed, Geordie maggot.

Good times.

Mr. Burns 10:13 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
, 10:02 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90

I think I preferred Cyrille MAKANAKY

bruuuno 10:12 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Fantastic memories, was nine and had only just got into football the year before. Remember everyone did the roger milla dance when they scored on the playground, and also schilachioooo which was handy as 'skill' was a word we always used to say when someone scored a good goal etc.

Remember the Cameroon game being absolutely epic and remember crying like a fucking baby after the semi final.

Happy days

swindon hammer 10:10 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
If you look at the Semi Final match in Turin the stadium is half empty.

Just would not happen nowadays to have England vs Germany in a world cup semi final in a European country and the stadium is half empty.

A different time.

As far as the tournament goes, the quality of the matches were awful but it did have a special feel about it. I think Pavarotti's song was a big part of that. Much like Baddiel & Skinner in 96.

, 10:02 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Just two years before we had come home from Euro 88 having lost all three mini league matches to Holland, Eire and the Soviet Union.

We did not envision getting as far as the semis.

Roger Milla was the star of the tournament for me.

penners28 9:55 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Loved the baggio goal vs the czechs (i think). This was meant to be HIS tournament but he'd been average so far. Then when he scored the commentator said "thats what we've been waiting for!!!"

Like pancho said, everyone was on this. I was 11 so mexico 86 wasnt one i watched in full. Italia 90 had everything, including a theme tune.

I miss football back in the day. I really do.

MrCrowmanSir 8:26 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
1990 world cup is now longer ago than 1966 was in 1990, scary thought.

Northern Sold 8:16 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Rememeber watching the Dutch game after Cricket load of us watching in the club house... pretty sure Pearce scored from a free kick and we erupted... only to find out a min later it had been disallowed? For a 0-0 that was a decent game

Sarge 6:40 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
started showing the effects of gastro-enteritus from a dodgy cricket tea at bromley town, just as the Cameroon game kicked off - threw up twice between my mates and home - got my dear old mum to put the portable TV by the bog so I didn't miss a minute in between sticking my head then arse down the toilet.

Got admitted to hospital later that night - was released just before the semi v Germany.

Missed the first 30 minutes.

Infidel 6:34 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Biyik's goal for Cameroon in the opening game against the reigning champions, Argentina....and then his brother getting sent off for a murderous lunge at Canniggia.

You knew it was going to be a special world cup when it started with a Cameroon 1 Argentina 0 scoreline.

Woodford Green 5:54 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
lovely bit of skill from Maradonna here:

Brazil were so shit scared of him they forgot about Caniggia

Garth Algar 5:02 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90

I wouldn't have said the standard of football was shit.

The likes of Baggio, Maradonna, Gullit, Valderrama and Gasgoigne to name but a few were in that tournament.

Very young back then but great memories of that World Cup.

, 3:37 Tue Jun 9
Re: Italia 90
Didn't 'Arry have his car crash during Italia 90?

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