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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

The Stoat 1:41 Sat Jul 4
Jaanai Gordon
Been loaned out a couple of times, anyone checked on his progress or is he destined for the scrap heap ?

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terry-h 10:40 Wed Jan 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
What a unique thread this is!

croe a participant!

Come back croe, we miss you!!

tnb 4:39 Tue Jan 3
Re: Jaanai Gordon

He was on the bench for both the Lusitans games, so he's already been in 2 matchday squads. Remind me who was acting as manager for those games? Ah, right. Yes.

Buzz442 4:36 Tue Jan 3
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Serious attitude problem, a classic case of too much too early, lost the plot and in for a real shock under Westley at Newport County, then again so is Westley in of shock!

You see young players with the ability, desire, dedication and right attitude not getting that bit of luck or much needed support and then see lads like Jaanai Gordon sack it off because they cannot be bothered given 4 Yr contracts - wtf!

El Scorchio 4:23 Tue Jan 3
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Westley's kid still being at the club seems a bit of a pisstake.

I'd be very surprised if he ever makes a matchday squad.

Eddie B 3:59 Tue Jan 3
Re: Jaanai Gordon

Mex Martillo 8:06 Sun Jan 1
Re: Jaanai Gordon
is he any good?

Out on loan again, this time to Newport County

Rossal 11:14 Mon Jul 6
Re: Jaanai GORDON
Chambers is back for Pre Season i think, but be surprised if he gets near the first team after missing so long out.

Westley is there because he is the managers son no other reason.

Regarding Jaanai, i used to play in the same team as him, he was a natural goalscorer. Strong, half quick and always could get half a yard, he scored goals for fun and there was interest from Arsenal. His attitude was questionable back then though, was very lazy and didnt seem to have the commitment to become a pro footballer. Doesnt seem to have hit it off with the U21's but done well at Chelmsford, hopefully he can start banging them in and maybe get a loan to a league 2 club

Mr Polite 5:05 Sun Jul 5
Re: Jaanai GORDON
Don't know about scrap heap but the club regret giving him a 4 year contract. I imagine he'll be like Spence and will see out his contract going on loan at best. He won't trouble the first team.

Hugh Monteith 6:53 Sun Jul 5
Re: Jaanai GORDON
a good set of teeth would elp

icwhs 6:51 Sun Jul 5
Re: Jaanai Gordon


Hugh Monteith 6:40 Sun Jul 5
Re: Jaanai GORDON
A good lad with plenty of potential under the right tutelage he will earn a career from scoring goals

gph 10:59 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
More likely from a (very) Christian background. There seems to be a competition amongst them to find the most obscure Biblical name.

My comment about him not being made captain was to do with his namesake being the leader of a LOST TRIBE.

riosleftsock 9:53 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
*faces east (bacon sarnie in hand) and prays to Baal for thanks that I'm kosher*

Far Cough 9:52 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
They were wrestlers for the most part weren't they?

Nurse Ratched 9:49 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Not like a Jewish person to bring up old wounds...

riosleftsock 9:39 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon

I think there used to be quite a few. They got the wrong end of the high jump in Munich in 72 and mayb eit put them off?

Nurse Ratched 9:28 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Aah, you think he might be from a Jewish background?

Yes, that's very possible, what with Jews being such renowned athletes.

Let's see, there's Eyal Berkovic..

And um...

...someone help me out.

gph 9:18 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Jaanai, a leader of the tribe of Gad, one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.


whufcroe 7:56 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Chambers is always injured

Westley is erm..............under contact and too old for the dev squad

terry-h 7:51 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Two more mysteries.

What's happened to Leo Chambers?

Why is Sam Westley included in the first team squad on the OS?

whufcroe 7:40 Sat Jul 4
Re: Jaanai Gordon
Parfitt-Williams also played in Hong Kong.

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