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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

franksfat&slow&wank 8:39 Sat Aug 29
James Tomkins
Take a bow

Keeps jenks out for me

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Marston Hammer 2:27 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
Spot on Tex. If it hadn't been for those couple of games for Team GB at the Olympics he'd be well on his way to 100 caps by now.

Texas Iron 2:24 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
Tomkins was a rising starEstar...young English CB...until a couple of poor games at The Olympics finished his England chances...

Texas Iron 2:19 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
Thanks for the 1yard miss...

Would have changed the game...


Rossal 2:18 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
Reece Burke has done well at Wigan on loan

Another season on loan next year with Oxford pushing the current 3 CB's

Its a position we're well covered in with a mix of everything across our 5 out and out centre halfs

Declan Rice is also getting rave reviews for the 23's

Futures bright at the back

boleyn8420 2:03 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
Block 130, we were singing 'He's one of our own' when he missed that open goal, well made me smile anyway

Hammers1993 2:01 Mon Jan 16
Re: James Tomkins
If he scored that imagine how differents things could of been. Cheers James!

I don't see much of the youth but from what I have I think Oxford will be a prem player one day, he has that style about him, I could see Burke maybe in the Championship, not sure on him to be honest always seems hot and cold as you would at that age, seems suited for the lower clubs though.

As I said haven't seen much of either to have an opinion really.

From people that have who would you say is the most likely of the two to break through?

North Bank 5:54 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
Alex don't agree, you sound like you've written him off and he's only just turned 20, I wouldn't have liked him to be playing in a 3 in our position where the odd mistake could destroy him

I'm sure Bilic will know the right time to blood him and sees him as one for the future

Alex V 5:48 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
Burke will come back with just as many question marks over him as when he left. The odds of him featuring for us now are very very low - the key development period in his career has been largely wasted imo. He would have played for us too if he'd stayed, either at right back or in the three at the back. Pity.

North Bank 5:40 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
Alex I disagree about Burke he needed to get bloodied as he wasn't going to get much game time in front of Reid, Ogbonna, Collins and at the time Tomkins, we also had cover with Kouyate and Nordveit

I'm hoping that the year away will have matured him and he gets a chance next season, my only concern with his time at Wigan is he's palyed a few games at Right Back

franksfat&slow&wank 5:37 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
I agree re oxford

Alex V 5:36 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
There was one exceptional defensive header from Tomkins denying Carroll - absolutely a goal-saving moment.

For us, I think Ogbonna's time is up and Collins is at the end. Oxford must be blooded now. Unless Kouyate is willing to play the role, we will have to buy a centre-back in the Summer. Giving Burke away for a season was a massive mistake. It's just been very poorly managed imo - no foresight at all.

Staffs-Hammer 5:30 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
I still can't believe he missed that but he knows what's best!

FWIW, I agree totally with Full Claret Jacket. A lot of rewriting of history going on with Tomkins.

North Bank 5:23 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
stoneman he got a good reception and was clapped on the numerous occasions he took throws near those sections of the crowd

We need to get a top centre back in the Summer, sell Ogbonna. keep Collins as back up and look to give game time to the two Reeces

Lertie Button 5:15 Sun Jan 15
Re: James Tomkins
To be honest that would seem to be typical of his recent performances, unless the fat man can get hold of him I can't see much of a future in the premiership.
I take no pleasure I'm saying that.

El Scorchio 10:56 Sat Jan 14
Re: James Tomkins
Completely forgot he was playing to be honest.

franksfat&slow&wank 10:33 Sat Jan 14
Re: James Tomkins
He wasn't at his best was he

stoneman 9:34 Sat Jan 14
Re: James Tomkins
Thanks James for the miss 👍

He worked hard today, hope he got a good reception.

the exile 5:17 Sat Jan 7
Re: James Tomkins
Fuck me, I totally agree with Vexed for once. Too much sentimentality on here about Tomkins, who really wasn't all that.

boltkunt 5:10 Sat Jan 7
Re: James Tomkins
Tomkins isn't a right back nor is it his fault the club didn't buy a proper right back. But when he played there he did a very good job.

As I said, since he's left we've been shit at the back.

El Scorchio 5:06 Sat Jan 7
Re: James Tomkins
It was the right choice at the time. Looking back it was probably still the right choice. I doubt he'd be much better at RB than what we have, and he wouldn't be getting a game over Reid Ogbonna and Kouyate. We wouldn't be doing any better if Tomkins had been playing this season.

Oxford and Burke are on the fringes. I expect Collins goes at the end of this season and Reid Ogbonna Burke and Oxford become the choices next time round.

Full Claret Jacket 2:31 Sat Jan 7
Re: James Tomkins
I like James as a person but he wasn't a great defender. I think there are way too many sentimental delusions about him. We got good money for him and he was on good wedge at West Ham for his ability. He's been pretty poor at Palace when he can get in their side IMO.
I wish people would stop dredging up these lame excuses for our poor form.
There are clearly some off field issues which the board need to act on. West Ham shouldn't be a side that surrenders regardless of the players quality.

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