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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Spandex Sidney 11:09 Tue Sep 1
Jeremy Peace
Thank you Mr Peace for making my day:

'Spurs say they opened negotiations with West Brom 4 months ago...' - Sky Sports

April 2015 -

'Hey Jeremy, it's Daniel Levy, we're interested in Saido"

"No worries me old mucker, how much were you thinking of?"

"Fifteen million, we feel that's about right"

"Okay mate, I'll have a think, plenty of time"

May 2015 -

"Hey Jeremy, it's Daniel, have you had a think about Saido?"

"Daniel who?"

"Daniel, Daniel Levy at Spurs"

"Oh, oh yes, oh yes, of course, yeah I've had a think and 22 and a half million isn't enough"

"I offered 15"

"Yes, 22 and a half million isn't enough but I'm happy to talk but I'm just off on my holibobs, call you back in a week"

July 2015 -

"Hi Jeremy, it's Daniel here again, have you got a figure in mind, I really want to get this one wrapped up soon"

"Daniel who? Are you calling about that shtreimel and fake beard and ringlets I put on ebay yesterday?"

"Daniel Levy! At Spurs! We want to top this out at £20 million to get this done now, if I don't these fans will cut off the half my cock off that hasn't already been cut off. Take it or leave it or we will move on"

"Okay Daniel, keep your hair on, let me take it to the board and we'll, let you know first thing tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, yes, sorry, you know, transfer window stress"

"That's okay mate, I understand. First thing in the morning"

30th Aug 2015

"Jeremy, I can't fuck about, I need an answer now. £22.5 million and we are done. Deal?"

"You want to pay me £22.5 million for a jewish hat and fake ringlets?!"

" No you fucking provincial bastard, for Berahino"

"Oh, okay, sorry Daniel. £22.5m? Hmm, yeah, go on then, if it's gonna make you happy. Do you still want the hat and fake hair and ringlets? Lots of fun for the whole family"

"No Jeremy, it's fine, just the player"

"Okay Daniel, we'll get the lad down to you tomorrrow, first thing, okay?"

31st Aug (9pm) -

"Hello Jeremy? What time is Saido expected down here today?!"

"Hi Daniel! Oh, was that today?! Sorry, I though that was next week, sorry. I'll guarantee he'll be there tomorrow, first thing, okay?"

1st Sept (5.55pm)

"Peace you fucking bastard, you FUCKING bastard, you fucking bastard, they will have my nuts for this, you fucking bastard, I'm standing in reception and NOTHING, NOTHING you fucking bastard.... oh wait...hang on a second....there is a West Brom club car pulling up outside White Hart Lane... sorry Jeremy, traffic must have been terrible, it's tight but we can get this deal done. *Hangs up*

(opens door car to see a smiling Cyril Regis's obese mum in the back wearing a shtreimel, fake ringlets and 'Berahino' shirt)

Dials Jeremy Peace

"Hi, this is Jeremy Peace, can't talk right now but if you leave me a message, I'll get straight back to ya!"

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Blunders 3:25 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
I liked the bit at the end.

The fucking ending.

brick_lane_batty_boy 3:05 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
It actually makes me want to pull my own arm off and smash the fuck out of my pc.

It's that unfunny.

What's even worse is you can imagine the soppy kunt giggling to himself while he's composing it.

stepney hammer 2:58 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
It actually reads like the sort of guff that appears in the Daily Mash. Just with a hint of Antisemitism thrown in.

appyhammer78 2:54 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
Sid , is there somebody we can call?

stepney hammer 2:51 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
Thanks for resurrecting it.

brick_lane_batty_boy 2:46 Fri Sep 4
Re: Jeremy Peace
Still trying to stop my toes curling.

An awful piece.

Private Dancer 5:52 Wed Sep 2
Re: Jeremy Peace
I really don't care but fwiw I think he has bitten off his nose...25 mil was a good price for him that he may not see offered again...he now has a player that says he doesn't want to play, but potentially more serious than that Pulis is fucked off, so watch this space as it could get interesting.Should be fun.

The Cult Of Bob 5:16 Wed Sep 2
Re: Jeremy Peace
I don't get it?

Private Dancer 5:14 Wed Sep 2
Re: Jeremy Peace
You sad, sad bastard.

Nurse Ratched 11:58 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
I like the word 'holibobs'. It's jaunty.

gank 11:53 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Axeman, nobody gives a fuck about that, not even Jews. It's the waste of time that's riled us.

Spandex Sidney 11:45 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Hehe, I don't care! Today has been a great day and you can cunt me off all you like!

stirlinghammer 11:36 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Axe - that is the biggest issue with this post? How about not very funny?

theaxeman 11:33 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Anti semitic twat

Johnson 11:32 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Even copy and pasting that would have been too much effort.

Mad Dog 11:32 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Spurs being cunty on transfer deadline day?

Nah really?

gank 11:30 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Fucking hell, how long did it take you to type that?

On The Ball 11:28 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
To pick that icon for something you wrote.... Brave.

JGW1 11:27 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Stunning new low

stirlinghammer 11:19 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
Very racialistic in a anti jewishtick way.

And not very funny.

Vexed 11:16 Tue Sep 1
Re: Jeremy Peace
This is gonna get mauled.

Tin hat time Sid you unfunny cunt.

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