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percyd 12:24 Wed Sep 2
De Gea
Looks to me like ManU well and truly fucked over the Spaniards: ManU now saying they faxed the paperwork at 10:58 BST - which is 2 minutes to midnight in Spain, giving Madrid less than 2 minutes to check/verify and lodge.

Serves RM right: they set out to destabilise to get a cheaper deal and it backfired.

But who cares - we had a brilliant day!

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Rossal 2:12 Fri Sep 11
Re: De Gea

Same here !

Put most my money into Kane Sanchez and Hazard

Having a right mare !

Grumpster 2:06 Fri Sep 11
Re: De Gea
I can't lie, I'm absolutely devastated by this.

I put Romero in my Sun dream team thinking the Spanish fucker would bugger off, so I now have to wait a couple of months to change it!!

Eerie Descent 2:04 Fri Sep 11
Re: De Gea
Yeah, it's been proper on my mind this one. Thank fuck it's all sorted.

Joey Woodwork 2:04 Fri Sep 11
Re: De Gea
As did Ronaldo, Bale, Modric, Suarez etc etc

Just guarantees them a bigger fee (which is likely to be all ready agreed) next Summer.

The best Man Utd could have hoped for.

percyd 1:59 Fri Sep 11
Re: De Gea
Told ya.

De Gea re-signed for 4 years.

Trevor B 5:49 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
very poor bait, must try harder.

ray winstone 5:47 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Twat? Better than Leftie Cunt I guess......

Trevor B 5:45 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
haha, you desperate twat.

ray winstone 5:44 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
I don't want to make a difference, I want Man Utd apologists to stop posting on a West Ham forum....

Trevor B 5:34 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
you'd do well to look on things with a more level view, based on earnings etc, clubs will spend what they earn, and it's fans and consumers like us that are funding their huge revenues. if you really want to feel like you're making a difference then stop paying money to the club. but why on earth would any fan do that just to make a point about how 'obscene' the world is? have a nice cup of tea mate, it'll all seem better.

ray winstone 5:30 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
I do think it's obscene, all of it, that's why I keep saying it'll be the end of the game as we know it.

Trevor B 5:18 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
It's a bit weird that you keep using the world obscene. When we spent 17m on one player we basically spent one tenth of our club's worth and that's based on what Forbes think we are worth presently. They could spend 170m on one player to equal that.

Spending one tenth of a club's worth on one player must be 'obscene' you to, right mate???

ray winstone 5:13 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Trev, it's all pretty obscene as I said previously and it doesn't bode well for the future of the game.
If the likes of Abramovich and the Monsoors hadn't come along, Man Utd would still be winning everything in sight just because they happen to be the richest club in the country, maybe that is, deep down, what you really want.....

kylay 5:13 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Would prefer pre-premier league when gates were shared and stadium size or owners purse didn't dictate success

Trevor B 5:06 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Nope, if you compare their spending against their revenues and then our spending against ours i think you'll find that %wise our spending in terms of net revenue is higher, and i'm presuming you would consider that 'obscene'?

ray winstone 5:04 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Trevor, 17m is chickenfeed to Man Utd, they spent that on Owen Hargreaves in 2006, the same season they spent 25m on Nani, 27m on Anderson, 19m on Carrick, I think that's pretty obscene don't you?

Willtell 5:00 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Trevor B 4:49
We haven't always seen eye to eye Trevor B but I am with you on this one. It does matter where the money comes from....

Trevor B 4:51 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea

they raised funds for their club using a business model that worked, not a massive amount of difference to our owners taking out extended loans against future ST sales. as far as the glazers go it was a leveraged buyout, much like in any other business model.

Trevor B 4:49 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea

yes i am of the belief that it does matter where the money comes from, i cant stand the modern billionaire owner who treats a club as his plaything, which is why i will always defend our owners for spending what the clubs brings in.

i presume you had a problem with us spending 17m on carroll? 14m on payet? etc??

cholo 4:41 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Didn't the glaziers and those before them just practically remortgage old Trafford to accrue transfer funds?

ray winstone 4:38 Wed Sep 2
Re: De Gea
Trevor B, you sound like a Man Utd fan coming out with the 'spend what they earn' line, I've heard that more than enough times from Glory Hunters in the past.
Does it matter where the money comes from? If a club spends gazillions of pounds on 'Galacticos' to try and win trophies surely it doesn't matter where the money comes from, self generated or funded by rich owners, it's money spent, loads of it without any moral restraint.
Eventually it will mean the end of the game as we know it and Man Utd are just as culpable as the others.

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