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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

BigDingus 8:52 Wed Sep 16
Majorca /Minorca
Am sneaking in a quick week away next month with the Mrs - we're in our 50's so don't need to have it large or anything. Can any of you chaps recommend some decent resorts. ?

Thanksin advance

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LeroysBoots 11:56 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Son Xoriguer ( sp ) beach in Menorca is lovely

blazehammer 11:41 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Calas de Mallorca is nice

Dr Congo 10:22 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Mahon harbour boat trip is good.

Fivetide 10:06 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Ciutedella in Menorca/Minorca (both perfectly acceptable by the way) is a nice old town around a harbour lined with some excellent seafood restaurants and interesting drinking holes.

If you go there, hire a car. There are small guides you can buy to hidden coves if its nice, lighthouse hikes if it isn't etc...

If you are into your history, there are plenty of Napoleonic sites and you can vist haunts of Nelson, Collingwood etc near Mahon. Older still, driving around to visit the various troglodite settlements and better still the megalithic talaiot sites gives you a reason to get out and about and see the island.

That's about it really.

Dr Congo 9:35 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Binibeca in Menorca.

DukeofDevo 2:02 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Not in Somalia Bollox they have them removed!

Saul Bollox 1:52 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Majorca /Minorca These are the outer and inner vaginal lips aren't they?

Bullet 12:25 Thu Sep 17
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Relatives lived in Andratx for 30 years. Driven all over. West Coast is stunning, very scenic. Andratx, Valdermossa, Deia to Soller. No significant beaches. Go to Es Trenc beach.

BMorris 11:59 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Fergus Tobago in Palma Nova. It is 5 minutes walk from Magaluf but you don't see or deal with any of the shit that goes on there. It also has some amazing beach bars and restaurants. You also have the beach across the road from the hotel pool/bar. So you can use your all-inclusive to take your drinks on the beach and chill.

Hammer and Pickle 11:52 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Never been in a coma there yet joe.

m11 11:50 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Fornells in Menorca is very good. No chavs, decent bars and restaurants

mike hunt 11:36 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
where the fuck is MINorca, is it anywhere near MENorca

11MDE 10:56 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Peguera or Port Andtrax in Mallorca are nice.

joe royal 10:47 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Sa Coma

Sarge 10:17 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Get a villa in Minorca - doesn't really matter where as it's not that big - hire a car - explore the beaches (hopefully the weather holds)


bruuuno 10:09 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
I went to pollen a last year, lovely place but I wouldn't go back, I can't handle being amongst the chav scum on the flight, fuck that. I suppose you could go first class or something but then you've still got to share the airport with them. I was the only person on my flight without a sleeve tattoo ffs

Zammo 9:32 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Pollenca in Majorca.

Lovely relaxed village.

TeVaz 9:28 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
Cala d'or in Majorca . Can recommend the Esmerelda complex .

LeroysBoots 9:28 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
San Antonio, Ibiza

Get off your face and smash her back doors in

Hammer and Pickle 9:21 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca
There's a little village called Biniaratx in walking distance from Soller. Cracking little bar there and bugger all else apart from mountains and shit.

gank 9:16 Wed Sep 16
Re: Majorca /Minorca

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