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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Barry Hearn 2:41 Thu Sep 17
Going on holiday next week. Any one got any recommendations for a decent read?

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White Pony 12:31 Sat Sep 19
Re: Autobiographies

Alfie 11:41 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
Another favourite and well read tome in my library is 'He had a big nose: i was his cat', the 1991 biog of Postman Pats cat, Jess.

In it Jess recounts the scintillating tale of all the years he spent at Pats side, travelling loyally as his wing - cat in Pats postal delivery van, sometimes at speeds of 11 miles an hour as they drove round little village bends and over bumpy little model bridges past trees made of sponge and cooked broccoli.

Its all in there - Pats heroin addiction, their feuds with Thomas the tank engine, Jess's torrid sexual encounters with Mrs Jessop the elderly post mistress and of course Pats infamous tiny model matress in the back of the van on which he shagged his way round their postal rounds and routes.

The most heart rending chapter is the one in which Pats massive nose gets trapped in a supermarket conveyor belt whilst he is buying fresh seasonal asparagus fronds, and his entire head is wrenched off, thus tragically ending 9 series of their hit tv show. Jess was alone and morose.

Jess went on to appear in a few series of minder, briefly starred as the lazy wall top cat in coronation street then sadly died in a qualcast hover mower accident at michael barrymores sex mansion

Alfie 11:25 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
'Spitting at innocents', the 1982 ghost written autobiography of Spit the dog is an emotional tour de force, one of the best works ever put down by a drunk scottish dog with a hand controlling its mouth via its arsehole.

The chapter where Spit recounts his 1978 knife fight with Basil Brush is sublime in its rendering of the violence and drugs rife in the hand puppet millieu of the late 70's. Spit tells it best -

' I didnt like Basil much. Moody and bang on the gak, i bumped into him in the French House in soho one night. I cut his bushy tail off with big scissors and kicked his back teeth off. This was my drinking phase. Bob Carolgees rang me the next day with an invite to appear on Bullseye but i was too coked up to do it'

Aalborg Hammer 11:13 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
I read Joss Acklands autobiography which was excellent..Norman Wisdoms' was pretty good and ,I know he's a kiddy fiddler but Stuart Halls was entertaining as well (I read it back in 2000)

stomper 8:09 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
Life by Keef

Northern Sold 1:53 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
Infidel 7:08 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies

At the other end of the scale I thought 'Left Foot Forward - A Year In The Life of a Journeyman Footballer' by Garry Nelson was a great read. He played all his football outside the top flight and describes what it's like to be a pro footballer but struggling to pay the mortgage

Our Sunday vets play against Garry Nelson... still turns out on a Sunday

bmc 12:10 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
David niven.very good
Errol flynn. Very good
Both get a mention in each others book as they went on the piss together and shared a appartment and womankind

gary kemp...very good.
Bear grilis..superb... proper bloke book, no pretend bs here.
Bobby chalton...old school..but good
Slash...as already said..good insight.
Harry's last book is a good read, starts with im not guilty..lol.
Ronnie wood....good
Both kray books by themselves, good,
Mad frankie...mad, different world.
Scott by ranulph fiennes..heavy but good
My heroes by the above, superb
And if you want biographys set in storybook anything by conn iggulden...julius caesar is v good...three books.
Also bernard cornwall Arthurian series, his version of his life but great battles and intrigue.

Gruesome Dump 12:00 Fri Sep 18
Re: Autobiographies
That Robert Encke book was hard work. He could've added some lighthearted bits.

terry-h 11:55 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
David Jason's autobiography is a good read. Worked very hard in his early days before becoming one of the biggest TV stars this country has produced.

Marston Hammer 11:40 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet but the Robert enke book is excellent

Son of Anarchy 11:33 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
The Raging Bull the original book before the film is superb, one of the very few that the film is as good as the book

FHB 11:31 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Apparently Don Estelle's autobiography is the greatest ever, completely bonkers.

Gruesome Dump 11:27 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Fucking Ada.

Son of Anarchy 11:17 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
It's Tom My sat infront of his commodore 64 drenched in his own piss trying to look hard.

and to think you look up to him, hahaha.

Cor Blimey 11:15 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Yeah, keep dreaming.
And what is a piss stained battle?
You really are a retard, ha ha ha

Son of Anarchy 11:13 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Bore Whiney...

That's not true is it, Tom MY MY couldn't fight his own piss stained battles so got you to, you shit yourself as you'd be about as hard a babies 1st shit without your "gang" behind you.

You never went to the Duke looking for me as you couldn't be sure you'd walk back out.

Cor Blimey 11:11 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Hammer and Pickle 11:07 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Do you actually know this cunt Blimey?

He stalked me for ages. Kept organising meets and never turned up. Laughable cunt to be honest, never fails to amuse me.
He lives in the states now and wants to meet me. Didn't have a pair to do it when he live here.

Son of Anarchy 11:07 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
rich coming from someone who goes to a football match dressed in stone island gear looking for a fight as part of a gang.


Hammer and Pickle 11:07 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Do you actually know this cunt Blimey?

Cor Blimey 11:06 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
From a grown up! Ha ha ha


wanker sign

Son of Anarchy
22:58 Thu Sep 17


Tut Tut fatty boom boom

Son of Anarchy
23:03 Thu Sep 17

Son of Anarchy 11:02 Thu Sep 17
Re: Autobiographies
Tut Tut...broken the site rules.

when you and your GANG want to have it let me know you cunt.

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