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1985 10:31 Thu Sep 17
Photographic lyrics, say what they see (a bit like Catchphrase). Sometimes slightly annoying lyrics but they are enduring, and have made some great melodies.

A bit of a gem of British music I think. Remember listening to them at college and that was 30 years ago. Maybe the English counterparts of the Americans' Pixies. Little valued, but a bigger contribution to popular music than often recognised.

Over to WHO.

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only1billybonds 11:59 Thu Apr 7
Re: Squeeze
'Some fantastic place' is one of my favourite all time songs,very poigniant lyrics.

Nagel 2:28 Thu Apr 7
Re: Squeeze
I find them very similar to the Kinks and Elvis Costello and the like - great lyrics, great songwriting, boring music.

Pretty much opposite to the Pixies I'd have said.

hammerromford 2:02 Thu Apr 7
Re: Squeeze
Brilliant singles band not so strong albums but I'm a fan regardless.

1985 11:42 Wed Apr 6
Re: Squeeze
Squeeze fans, what do you make of Nirvana? Like it, they have failed to disappoint yet again...

The children had all left home
The house was like a ship without a sail
They headed for the sunset
Where maybe they would find a holy grail
The bedrooms were all rigged up
The posters of my [?] were ripped away
Each day was blessed with freedom
As they would try to find something to say

She kept a little journal
He scanned them out to see
If they could find Nirvana
And where that place might be

She had lots of things to do
They kept the plastic covers on the chairs
It drove him around the twist
They both were wondering what they might have missed.

He quibbled with ambition
She fell into a rut
They sat and read the papers
In sequence they would touch
The creeping realization
Like a punch in the gut

Each day like the one before
The dreams evaporated
As the weeks and months turned into years
The queasy feeling that they wanted more

He said his word was final
She heard him slam the door
Anytime she would pipe up
He heard it all before
Although they blame each other
Really they knew the score
They were in this together
Like children holding back tears
They've come so far to end up
With nothing down the years

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:29 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
And Ann Bredon

Takashi Miike 8:26 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
.....and terry reid and steve marriott :.)

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:57 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
Any Old Iron 10:36 Fri Sep 18

'Ok vexed. So which partnership would you put ahead of them? Jagger and Richards are the obvious one, and perhaps followed by Page and Plant,'

When you say Page and Plant do you mean Willie Dixon, Bert Jansch and Jake Holmes?

1985 7:47 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
White Pony, why don't you read the post.

"Little valued, but a bigger contribution to popular music than often recognised."

That's where there are similarities, not the music itself (which couldn't be more different)

oioi 9:07 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
I worked with them briefly in 1978. A great band & nice blokes too. Borrowed my king size reds, never got them back.

White Pony 2:24 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze

The General 1:37 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
Harsh but fair old spar

White Pony 1:18 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
Alfs? Think you're a little confused, I'm afraid. Maybe take a night off the booze, you deluded alcoholic?

The General 1:13 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
By god Alfs / pony- you are boring. Duller than ditch water

White Pony 1:01 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
You're not getting any better at this are you?

happygilmore 12:59 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
that was a bit shit

The General 12:54 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
Only this: that was even more boring than your previous post

White Pony 12:51 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
Yes, not that difficult to glean what the thrust of my point was, i. i.e. Squeeze are nothing at all like Pixies. Hope that helps. Now, what do you have to say?

The General 12:48 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
White pony have you got anything to actually say or is your thing to post drivel with occasional swearing?

White Pony 12:45 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
How the fucking fuck can you compare Squeeze to Pixies?

yogib 12:31 Sat Sep 19
Re: Squeeze
This documentary from 2012 "Take Me I'm Yours" is well worth a look


happygilmore 10:37 Fri Sep 18
Re: Squeeze
I'd put them ahead of Lennon and Mac

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