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SilverSurfer 2:05 Fri Sep 25
Haven't touched any (other than Lager) since I was a kid, but a mate of mine is going through some heavy shit and has turned to a bit of draw.
I have been told he does an 1/8th a day of a normal green and skunk mix.
Question is..........

Is this a lot?

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bruuuno 1:12 Sun Sep 27
Re: drugs
^them, I don't take 20

bruuuno 1:12 Sun Sep 27
Re: drugs
I can reccomend phenibut - ill take a couple of ten and go out and not drink, wake up the next day still a bit buzzing, no hangover. Just like mild MDMA. Too old for real drugs.

gph 1:15 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Another of London's green spaces destroyed

Mart O 1:04 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
On a lighter note, how about this for stash?

'Cannabis forest' discovered in London

Hammer and Pickle 1:03 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
The Kronic 12:58 Sat Sep 26

Delighted to get you rattling your cage as well.

The Kronic 12:58 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Hammer and Pickle 12:53

Fuck me, you must own your very own eau de trump store by now, you fart bottling sanctimonious smug cunt.

Nurse Ratched 12:56 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
I think you need to stop drinking and see a shrink.

There is something seriously wrong with you.

Spend more time with your wife, and less time stalking me on here.

Hammer and Pickle 12:53 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
boltkunt 12:32 Sat Sep 26

No mate - I'm just expressing a standard modern position. It's based on thinking that has been developing since the 17th century with a movement known as the Enlightenment.

It also brought you the rule of law, citizenship, democracy, freedom of speech, the emancipation of women and the like. Nurse hates it.

Infidel 12:49 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs

I thought for a moment your pant-wetting diatribe was aimed at me.

But as I argued that drugs should be legalised it can't be.

I'm disappointed that there are others on here who can provoke that sort of reaction from you. I thought I was the only one. Must try harder.

neilalex 12:34 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
FC - I think that's right to a degree, and also you need it with greater frequency. With the mate I was talking about, it was more that he just couldn't function as a normal human being without several hits during the day.

I remember building a patio for my Mum with him, and every hour or two he had to disappear down the garden to jack up or have a quick chase. When he tried to give up he was literally racked with pain and flu like symptoms only ten times as bad as flu, and constantly shitting or puking a horrible green mess. Fucking hideous.

Nurse Ratched 12:34 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
The bitter bore is like a dog with a bone, Bolty.

Best ignored.

Far Cough 12:33 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
What the fuck are you on about?

Nurse Ratched 12:32 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Geep - FINALLY I have an explanation for what ails me!

boltkunt 12:32 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Are you high, Pickle?

Hammer and Pickle 12:31 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
No other issue exposes the nasty, crude utilitarian dinosaur in policy-makers on both the left and the right, as we see demonstrated here. Since they would like to persuade us that we are in fact just stomachs with orifices at either end, it is very important to get us to agree to laws which deny our capacity to make rational judgments on the drugs we use for our work and pleasure.

To do so, they prey on our most base fears, just like they are attempting to with our freedom of movement on the continent of Europe when they claim we are about to be invaded by all the hoards of Africa. No sane adult should be giving those intellectual dinosaurs the time of day, and it pains me to live in times when they seem to be so much in the ascendent.

gph 12:30 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
I very occasionally do cannabis (about as often as Cameron sticks his prick in a pig's head), but only when I'm pissed and someone else offers. I'm not very impressed by it, and regard it as a waste of money.

I did a bit of acid in my youth. Enjoyed the trips themselves, but noticed I felt less intelligent after them. I either got my intelligence back after a couple of weeks, or got used to being a tiny bit thicker, but I stopped because I was worried about a cumulative effect. To be honest, the state of a couple of long-term users I knew increased my concerns.

I've been told that the brain-deadening effect was probably down to speed mixed with the acid.

boltkunt 12:28 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
You're right there, Cough son.

Far Cough 12:28 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Neil, I had the same feeling when given Morphine after getting my hand caught in a printing press

My understanding of it is, the longer you take it, the less effective it is and therefore you have to take larger doses or try even harder drugs to get the same effect?

neilalex 12:26 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
Haha - lucky you if that feeling is normality.

Nurse Ratched 12:25 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
I'm lost in daydreams pretty much all the time without needing drugs. Maybe it was too much like normality. :-)

neilalex 12:22 Sat Sep 26
Re: drugs
My understanding of heroin is that it's not as dramatic an effect as coke or acid say, and you certainly need to do it a few times before you get 'hooked' and even then it's not like everyone does get hooked. But if it does get hold of you then you have a big problem, way beyond other drugs.

My sole experience of an opiate was when I was given a pre med prior to having my hand stitched up. The pre med is an opium derivative or a synthetic opiate. Really, really nice floaty, dreamy kind of experience. I can certainly see the attraction.

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