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Pub Bigot 8:44 Thu Oct 1
The 92
How many of you have done the 92?
How did you do it?
If you've not done the 92, how many grounds have you done?
How many outside the UK including West Ham Euros, internationals and non-West Ham abroad?

I've done 39 of the 92,
51 in total.

*zips up anorak*

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norwich hammer 9:21 Sat Oct 3
Re: The 92
82/92 plus 7 conference and most with WHU 👍

Seen Croe at most of them too making the locals wherever that may be look smart 😆

norwich hammer 9:03 Sat Oct 3
Re: The 92
Far too many to list,got as close as 86/92 once but since conference ups and downs it's changed. Prob done over 100 abroad with WHU and a England too 👍

Ronald_antly 6:41 Sat Oct 3
Re: The 92
Well, seeing as you ask, I have visited 35 of the current 92. I haven't been to any of the new stadia, though.

I've been to both Wembleys (big deal).


Estadio Azteca - Mexico City
Estadio Universitario - Monterrey
Estadio Tecnologico - Monterrey
Estadio Corregidora - Queretaro

Sydney Football Stadium
Paramatta Stadium
Suncorp Stadium - Brisbane

The Sydney Cricket Ground, but not for football.

Brucies_Star_Prize 10:59 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
About 20.

Only major one outside of UK was to see Dinamo Zagreb play at home. Awful place!

hornchurchsteve 10:57 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
Anyone done Clapton spotted dog ground in Upton lane?

joyo 9:55 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
73 of current stadia

Eggbert Nobacon 4:43 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92

longest away trip - South Africa v England in Durban

Ricky Bobby 4:38 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
Of the 92 I have done BOTH

Man City
Northampton Town

Olympic Stadium (Germany) 1-5 England is my finest 90 minutes of football.

Watched TC on his Selangor debut in Malaysia as I was out there while in the Royal Navy

Loads of grounds while travelling in the Navy

Of the 92 I would say about 45-50.

AFC Hammer 1:19 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92

35 of the 92 including all of the current prem apart from bournemouth.

2 european grounds; Lustians & Schalke

Wembley and cardiff also done.

All with west ham :-)

Pub Bigot 9:29 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
Ron, the the football league 92.

Nothing conspiratorial to see here.

The White Horse 6:26 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
Is this similar to a 69?

Ronald_antly 12:49 Fri Oct 2
Re: The 92
92 clubs or 92 current stadia?

BulphanIron 11:06 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92

Ludoooo 10:59 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
32 for me which is quite shocking actually although I did follow a Welsh non -league side when I was younger with my old man and we done about 20 grounds

WHU(Exeter) 10:03 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
got a bit anoraky about doing the 92 a few years back, so knocked off a fair rew of them though pre-season friendlies or youth cup games.

wouldn't go to the length of going some place as a neutral just to knock it off the list though.

Realistically now, don't think I'll get to the 92 mark - stalled at late fifty or sixty odd grounds I think.

The real 'anoraks' are the non-league ground hoppers, who'll try and fit in 6 games over a weekend, met one at a NL game and he had hundreds of old bus tickets and suchlike on him, apparently there's a few of them who'd only count grounds, if they'd got there on public transport.

We pissed off when he was halfway through taking a photo of the railing round the pitch.

whufcroe 9:57 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
Would be piss easy to finish the 92 now but can't really see the point, all my 77 are with West Ham and have interest in going and watching a game between 2 sides I couldn't give a toss about.

Colchester Sid 9:55 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
Did the 92 a few years ago, finished up at Hartlepool first time around

About 250 grounds abroad in 50 or so different countries..

Long Lost 9:50 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
Thinking about it. I also went with a mate to see Brighton v Kingstonian in the FA Cup. It wasn't a league ground then but it is now as AFC Wimbledon play there now.

Long Lost 9:46 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
I've done about 55 including Wembley, Celtic and Rangers, Amsterdam Arena etc. Do you still count clubs who were in the league but have relegated like Grimsby in the 92?

Far Cough 9:41 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
I've also done Ilford FC old ground at Lynn Road Newbury Park

subcutaneous 9:39 Thu Oct 1
Re: The 92
I've been to Brisbane Road and Victoria Road in pre-season friendlies (Orient and Dagenham).

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