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HairySpotter 9:43 Fri Oct 2
I may be finished and a drunk and highly paranoid but I did manage to turn over 2 yids last night. Went hunting for them. Hate them. Hate myself too but for 20 mins I felt West Ham again. God I miss my family including you lot.

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Marco Boogers 2:50 Thu Oct 8
Re: spurs
Why are you in the shit???

How badly are these two beat up?

B6NY B 2:30 Thu Oct 8
Re: spurs
'Congratulations, you've just met the HairySpotter'.

Kearley 2:24 Thu Oct 8
Re: spurs
I like Hairy, but a grown man starting a fight with strangers just because they support a different football team is not really on.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:14 Thu Oct 8
Re: spurs
hairy is the man

Pancho 2:10 Thu Oct 8
Re: spurs
Did HS get a tug?

Re: spurs
I too have problems I flip on people here and then and run away to the car and drive off glad mo charges have come and I'm a very friendly peaceful chap.

Since when was being drunk and the annoying cunt being spurs not a good enough reason to twat someone? Fucking Xbox entitlement generation

Dave Lister 9:33 Sat Oct 3
Re: spurs
Hunting Yids you to be one of my favourite pastimes.
On Thursday walking through Brisbane City I saw someone with a replica shirt on with BALE on the back and was about to launch into a loud tirade when I remembered they had sold him and realised the shirt was in fact a Real Madrid shirt. Could you imagine the embarrassment?

Razor Ironz 8:55 Sat Oct 3
Re: spurs
hahahahahaha hilarious thread

franksfat&slow&wank 2:23 Sat Oct 3
Re: spurs
Let' your body move to the music

Gentile 2:19 Sat Oct 3
Re: spurs
You sound like a knob jockey

LondonE3 1:39 Sat Oct 3
Re: spurs
HS might have a few issues he needs to deal with but he's proper West Ham in my book.

stirlinghammer 11:33 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Did they have big noses?

franksfat&slow&wank 11:29 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Who fucking wants it

gank 9:55 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Spotter - I'm telling mum!

bruuuno 9:40 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Good lad hairy spotter son, hope you caused them permanent damage

Nurse Ratched 9:39 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Without a doubt, the worse aspect of alcoholics is the self-pity.

Far Cough 9:34 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Fair play must have hammered the old Green Fairy?

Pancho 9:33 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Please never stop posting Spot.

You are the poster who keeps on giving. Brilliant...

Zammo 6:22 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs

You need to quick the drink mate. It's no good for you champ.

Ease off mate or abstain

defjam 6:21 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
"Congrats... you just met Sold.... now get us half a fucking pint"

HairySpotter 6:14 Fri Oct 2
Re: spurs
Shame on any of you mailing me with dual personalities. Did I do what I said last night? Yes. Do I regret it yes. Am I a washed up old soak yes. You know what's fucking hilarious, I swear my brother posts on here. And is laughing. C***

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