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10thofMay 3:21 Fri Oct 9
Facebook data
Fellow WHOers,

A serious crime took place just over two years ago.

An issue has come up about Facebook. Although I have a Facebook account I really do not use it at all and so don't know too much about it.

Is there anyway of actually downloading the logs of who befriended whom and who unfriended whom and at what time.

It seems that as soon as someone unfriends someone all the previous data is lost which I find difficult to accept (it disappears from the timeline but the data should be somewhere).

I have googled it but cannot seem anything that seems to fit.

I can promise you the crime was just about the worst crime that a Dad can stomach.

I don't need snide responses just ideas of where to look.

Thank you,


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Mr Polite 4:19 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
I don't need snide responses just ideas of where to look.

sorry, I can't help then

dicksie3 4:14 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Bollocks to BOATbook...

Get some real mates and go out for beers with them...

Fucking hell...

Trevor B 4:10 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Facebook™ recommends that investigators contact their organization as soon as a requirement for account information is known. This way current accounts, erased content, and related Facebook evidence can be preserved for a further ninety (90) days, to allow adequate time for service of legal applications.

Pancho 4:09 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Sounds creepy.

*glares at Milhouse*

whufcroe 4:08 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Trevor B 3:58 Fri Oct 9

I think we all know that nothing is totally lost, it may disappear from your profile but in a dark corner of Facebook HQ in a serve the information will be.

10thofMay 4:07 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
It was evidence submitted at trial by the defence so the police had not even looked at it.

Unfortunately, the prosecution could not denounce it because we cannot prove when the friending went on if that makes any sense.

if you want to kn ow more I'll WHOmail but I don't want to put it on the open forum.

Suffice to say we're trying to find away to hack a facebook account of a family member with full consent!

AfM 4:02 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Sorry to hear about this, 10thofMay.

I'm sure you've thought of this but won't there be an email somewhere saying that there has been a friend request or request accepted?

Perhaps the email provider might be able to access it?

Trevor B 3:58 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data

i think, as it says in the op, that some data can be lost completely. or at least that is what FB claims. i thin the same thing happened in the evans case that i mentioned below.

Pancho 3:58 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Trev - yeah I meant kind of what Roe was saying...

Getting it himself I mean, surely it should come from a legal team who go to Facebook. Should be fine. Zuckerberg might have a word though that creepy cunt has stalked a bit - you can tell.

Just watch The Social Network!

whufcroe 3:57 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Why did your lawyers simply not demand FB supply the information??

Trevor B 3:55 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data

not sure about jurisdiction but if the obtaining of personal information that can prevent a crime or help in the detection of one then it can be legally allowed in the UK i think mate.

Trevor B 3:53 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
if the trial has happened and therefore in the public domain there's no reason not to disclose the details of the case.

unfortunately without the details a lot of people might think you have ulterior motives.

Pancho 3:52 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Surely any kind of hacking that WOULD allow this type of data to be found would be a breach of some FB data protection act?

Hence rendering it totally useless and damaging to any "case"?

10thofMay 3:49 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Trial has already happened so I think we're good for that.

It was part of the defence strategy and we couldn't prove who befriended whom and when only who unfriended whom!

We're looking for that initial evidence.

Marston Hammer 3:48 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Trevor B 3:37 Fri Oct 9

Not heard that. Not sure how use much use those messages would be. I think the useful ones would be the fb statuses she allegedly put up (and deleted) on the night it happened.

Trevor B 3:43 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
you're probably best on some sort of hackers forum mate, im guessing you would have to pass on the details of what happned in order to get someone to help you and if you did so this could hinder any prosecution i imagine.

Jack_El_Biscuit 3:41 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Start in Manhattan and then branch out

10thofMay 3:40 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Hi Trevor,

That's exactly what I'm looking for.

I just don't know where to start.


Trevor B 3:37 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data

i doubt your average man in the street/posting on WHO would know where to get that mate.

i was reading the other day that a NY fireman/part-time hacker read about the ched evans case and he hacked the victim's facebook and found the deleted 'im gonna take my friends on a holiday when i win big' messages which could form part of his appeal. i dont think it's a simple process unfortunately mate.

Northern Sold 3:35 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
FACEBOOK causing MORE shit again... who would have thought

10thofMay 3:34 Fri Oct 9
Re: Facebook data
Thx Trevor,

I think i'm probably looking for software or an app that can do just that.

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