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Q: 2017/18 Watford (a)
a. Moyes first game & like the postman he'll deliver, win.
b. A tough first game for Moyes it'll be a test alright & I expect a point, draw.
c. Different day and it'll be the same shit, lose.
d. We should be pleaed the football's back but after the last humiliation and the Board's ineptitude, my passion for WHU has been sucked out of me
e. I can't wait me, I'm our biggest fan and once again will be down the Rub a Dub kitted out and belting out David Moysie's Blue & Claret Army, I know all the songs me

Texas Iron 3:05 Wed Oct 28
Mourinho...Con Job...

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Dharmesh_Sheth 1:40 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
He's a good manager but he's a complete and utter cunt. I don't understand how anyone can like him

The way the pathetic british media MASTURBATE over the unfunny wanker is laughable.

Sven Roeder 11:40 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
This is my favourite Chelsea season since the days of Colin Pates, John Bumstead & Doug Rougvie.

Keep it up Jose. Superb

ATBOG 11:37 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Dynamo Kiev should beat Tel Aviv on wednesday, which means that Porto have to beat chelsea to go through to the knockout stages. If they do, mourinho will be out of a job that night, no question about it. Very possible that will happen.

onlyoneclydebest 11:22 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Chelsea are in trouble if they keep losing the 6 pointers

One McAvennieeeeee 11:07 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
I think he's doing a smashing job personally.

13 Brentford Rd 10:50 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Shall we judge him over the 15 games if this season or his entire career where he has been one of best managers for the past 10 years.

Tough one this.

Eerie Descent 10:48 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
I think anyone with any sanity would not say he's a con job, it really isn't up for debate, with his record.

However, the game moves on, what he brought to the table a decade ago was phenomenal, but he hasn't adapted his style one bit, and if you stand still, eventually it will catch up with you. And plus, his brash style and ridiculous confidence suited that of a younger man. Now he's getting older, the dynamics change, and 'i really don't think he'll get anywhere near the level he was again.

Still, you can't knock what he did consistently for so long.

Takashi Miike 10:47 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
he sadly lacks any class or humility. he also has a massive chip on his shoulder that clearly winds up certain players in his dressing room. I hope it continues and he manages Chelsea all the way to extinction. the cunts

Pagey 10:41 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Mourinho has achieved loads in the game but has lost the plot this season. That doesn't take away what he's already done - at many other clubs in different leagues.

Absolutely ridiculous to call someone like Mourinho a con job!

Marston Hammer 10:27 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
52 years old - 8 league titles, 2 champions leagues, numerous cups.

Quite obviously a fraud and a con job, he should give us all his trophies back.

Willtell 10:04 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
I agree that Mourinho is a bit of a con job but to call him unsuccessful after all the trophies his teams have won and the millions he has earned is WHO gold...

Mad Dog 9:34 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Watching Chelsea, Costa and mourinho unravel is fucking beautiful

stewie griffin 9:30 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Agreed, P.

Suppose the signs were there though, they weren't very good from Christmas onwards last year.

Steve P 9:22 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
It's great watching him flounder, but the most astonishing thing is how last seasons title winners have so suddenly turned to shit.

No one saw that happening - maybe over a season or two, yeah, but they started this season as they've carried on.

I think Clubs have to be careful about the age of their starting 11. Most of Chelsea seem to be 27 or over - Bournemouth put in 10k extra graft yesterday.

Crassus 9:11 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
''Mourinho is obviously ambitious to win trophies, as well as personally, but he's never had any ambition in terms of playing style.''

Covers it all, He wants the trophies more than he wants his clubs to win them, that is why he lasts no longer than 3 years anywhere

This season he has been undone by the last window, it is and will be his reason for failure and why he will arrive elsewhere like a triumphal Caesar figure

Gentile 9:01 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Russ of the BML 5:31 Wed Oct 28


Bungo 7:12 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
Just hope they are still struggling next March and we can nab a win at their place.

Would make up for my wasted Boxing Day last year..

Private Dancer 6:43 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
He is finished there, only a matter of time, even if he lasts to the summer.

Not a chance in hell he will turn it around from where it is now to winning the title next year, which is what they want there. He's done.

Sydney_Iron 6:34 Sun Dec 6
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...

1 PL win in August
1 PL win in September
1 PL win in October
1 PL win in November

The consistent one.

Annony 11:38 Wed Oct 28
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...
I thought the same before this was posted. Collect £30m, just needs to lose v Liverpool and job done. Easier to jump ship than stay and fight a losing run that he has no experience of getting out of before. Will be put down to a blip in his so called illustrious career and will sign on for another fortune at PSG or other. Never liked the miserable arrogant mug, when all were singing his praises. Will not be missed.

tnb 11:22 Wed Oct 28
Re: Mourinho...Con Job...

I think we agree.

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