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violator 11:18 Tue Nov 10
Jury Service
Well it's a fortnight off work, anyone else done it?

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Eastside surge 6:22 Thu Nov 12
Re: Jury Service
An old neighbour of mine a few years back did jury service at Snaresbrook and the accused had such a reputation that the police put twenty four hour armed police protection on the entire jury . If she went shopping they followed her around the shops ,if she ate out at a restaurant they sat at the next table and every day a taxi would pick her up and take her to court with one unmarked car behind and one in front !. Proper scary stuff added bonus of phone calls with no one on the line , in the end the police bugged her phone, to top it all off when they found him guilty it turned out I played sunday football with his cousin. Small world eh ?

Stevethehammer 11:34 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Mashed it was so hard mate, no victims and the poor bloke was a victim himself. Part of a huge operation and he managed to get caught whilst the real money men get away with it all. Still he's probably having a decent life back in Italy now taking the rap and getting a few tens of thousand euros out of it for not talking.

Takashi Miike 7:42 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
spot on trevor. its all about the evidence, mongs with pre-conceived ideas waste so much time during trials

Saul Bollox 6:04 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
I have avoided jury service three times.

mashed in maryland 6:03 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Trevor B 4:41 Wed Nov 11

Yeah I appreciate all that and I agree thats how the law should work I'm just saying I'd be a proper stubborn cunt and refuse to agree with everyone.

Johnson 5:59 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
He wasn't talking to you Butch.

I'm fine, will just wait for that fateful.

Trevor B 5:34 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
too late

Mr Polite 5:32 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Any way of bumping your chances up of being selected?

stay out of prison and don't get sectioned under the mental health act.

penners28 5:26 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
these jurors are well dangerous though. my 2nd case I was the foreman and as soon as we got in the room we had a vote, and it was 6 all. amazing how 12 people can sit through 3 days of evidence etc and have such different opinions.

anyway, we got to 9/3 (not guilty) and it was coming up to end of day. bloke who reckoned guilty suddenly turned round and said "i cant afford to take anymore days off work, so i'll just go not guilty and we can go home"

imagine if it was the other way round. scary stuff.

strat68 5:14 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Did it about 11 years ago at Snaresbrook. Actually quite enjoyed it, but then I hated my job at the time so 2 weeks off was quite welcome. Take a book etc - lots of waiting around.

Johnson 4:58 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Any way of bumping your chances up of being selected?

Trevor B 4:41 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service

you have to make your decision based on the points of law and the case put forward, not personal feelings.

case i was on years back involved a heroin addict and his dealer. two of the blokes on the jury were adamant the addict was guilty purely because he was a druggie. took hours of talking to them to make them understand that they had to look at the facts of the case rather than their own prejudices.

Grumpster 4:40 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

mashed in maryland 4:35 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Stevethehammer 2:26 Wed Nov 11

I'd always be so tempted to vote not guilty out of principle on things like that.

Stevethehammer 2:26 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Did it about 2 years ago was jury foreman not nice giving the guilty verdict at all, was him against the crown on charge of tobacco smuggling, harder because you don't see any victims just legal parasites earning a mint to stand there and defend him and those to stand opposite laying down the law.

monkfish9 1:58 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Was on a fraud case at the Old Bailey in 2001, trial went on for nearly 10 months.
Main defendant got 8 years.
Someone got even with him in his back garden in Brentwood back in august..........

Eggbert Nobacon 1:07 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Enjoyed mine, short days, home early got a people smuggler and a drug smuggler coming through Dover (was at Canterbury Crown Court)

Westside 12:56 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Having read this thread and the number of not guilty verdicts reported, makes you wonder at the state of our criminal justice system. Are the police/CPS prosecuting the innocent too often, or are they so inept they can't present watertight cases to send down the guilty?

1964 11:36 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Done it - you know they are GUILTY M'LUD as soon as you see them.

Is that non PC

Dr Congo 11:21 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
Pain in the arse. I was quite excited - probably means I was never suitable in the first place - but waited around a few days and was sent home, then had to phone a couple of times but was never required. Fortunately I was living a 10-minute walk from the court.

Mr Polite 11:12 Wed Nov 11
Re: Jury Service
'Sat on a particularly unpleasant rape case'

I've been trying to get one of those patented

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