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Bullet 2:43 Fri Dec 11
Fresno (route 99 area)
Fresno was where Louis Theroux made a doc "The city addicted to Crystal Meth"

FMOB's just got back from visiting relatives in Modesto California about 1 hr 30 mins from there on route 99 famous for...

No.1 in USA for Meth Production (better known as Methdesto)
No.1 in USA for Car theft
No.1 in USA for death rate
No.3 in USA for foreclosures
No.12 in USA for Alcohol related deaths
America's 5th miserable city by Forbes
Highest teen pregnancy
Diabetics, obesity, tweakers, beaners, tumbleweed and God botherers
Funeral donation car washes
American Graffiti
American Crime
George Lucas
Property prices -35% lower than the rest of California
15% unemployment
33% unemployment 25+
Fastest growing street gangs 10,000 + members
50% Hispanic population
Fanatical and extreme religion
Worst pollution level rating possible
Over farmed pesticide poisoned and drought ridden farm lands.

Positives were no muzzies and roadside truck Fajitas. Not planning a revisit anytime soon :-)

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Bullet 11:25 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Capitol Man 4:19 Sun Dec 13

Agreed was only there for 4 days so didn't have time, shame.

Bloodclot, agreed Stockton is bad about 30 mins from Modesto.

isca hammer 8:33 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Bullet 2:55 Fri Dec 11

So this `breaking bad` meth stuff keeps you wide awake like superman lsd tabs for days on end.......but it makes people cunts aswell eh?

i miss the eighties

sanfrancis-co-uk 8:23 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
bloodclot 6:21 Sun Dec 13

sanfrancis-co-uk 8:21 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Yes Cholo.You know that.

cholo 8:15 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
A "beaner" is a pejorative for someone of Hispanic origin, i.e someone who supposedly eats lots of beans.

isca hammer 7:40 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Oh, and what makes "American Grafitti" different to any other graffiti?

isca hammer 7:37 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
What is a "beaner"?.

cholo 7:12 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)

Bullet 2:43 Sun Dec 13

Point taken, they did share huge five and six bedroom houses, the women being mainly cleaners and most of the blokes in construction. I went to a new years party at the house of an El Salvadorian couple, he owned a cleaning company that employed most of the women, and an absolutely massive mansion, the illegals do very well for themselves out there (if they don't get deported first).

bloodclot 6:21 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Stockton is worse than Fresno.

ManorParkHammer 4:29 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Basically a less shit Essex or Kent then.

Capitol Man 4:19 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Should have got some snow chains and headed up into the mountains. Yosemite and Sequoia are both stunning national parks.

Bullet 2:43 Sun Dec 13
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Cholo, when I mentioned Hispanics I should have said Mexicans specifically as they account for approx 90% of the Hispanic population, but I get your point.

Port Saint Lucie looks a decent seaside resort near the upmarket West Palm Beach, where the Kennedy's live, went to the breakers hotel there long time ago, huge mansions I've never seen the like.

To put it in perspective your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is as follows:

Port Saint Lucie 1 in 564
California 1 in 249
Modesto 1 in 118

cholo 8:43 Sat Dec 12
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
I went to Port St Lucie years ago and stayed for a while in a community of illegal immigrants, Colombians, Peruvians, El Salvadorians etc, I have to say they were great people, really friendly, open and hospitable (apart from an Ecuadorian who was a bit of a cunt but there's always one). I don't think that having a high percentage of Hispanics should be on a list of bad things about a town, it probably improves the place.

mashed in maryland 2:59 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Think up til recently ESL had no garbage disposal cos the city simply could not afford it, so rubbish was literally left out on the streets for years and years.

Bullet 2:59 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Northern California 50% is probably about average although nearly all are beaners.

mashed in maryland 2:58 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Dunno why but I'd love to go to places like ESL, Detroit, Flint etc etc.

Going round them on google street view most of them is literally nothing except abandoned buildings and empty lots.

Were all quite wealthy cities til all the factories moved out.

Bullet 2:55 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Jonesy I've been to some bad places, but this was another level. Crystal Meth keeps you up for 48hrs apparently so when most are asleep tweakers are wide awake, not good.

Mashed death capital mainly from meth overdosing, not murder capital but they have plenty due to the meth.

defjam 2:54 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Fucking Islamics!

mashed in maryland 2:53 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
And I'd have thought 50% hispanic was average if not low for southern California.

mashed in maryland 2:52 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
Thought the murder capitals were always between Detroit and East St. Louis?

East St. Louis had a higher per capita murder rate than Honduras for a few years, which is the country with the highest murder rate in the world.

JONESY 2:47 Fri Dec 11
Re: Fresno (route 99 area)
you sure you didn't go to Basildon?

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