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Far Cough 3:07 Sun Dec 20
My Phoenix has somehow disappeared

When I say disappeared, the main title Phoenix is there but the sub title Phoenix under it has gone

Has anybody else seen this?

It's my main repo for watching streams, so I'm a bit gutted


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medwayhammer1 3:59 Fri May 29
Re: Kodi XBMC
Seems to be ok? Can get on it...nothing live on at the mo so cant be definite. None of the sky channels seem to be avaliable though.

Jonah Lomas 11:05 Fri May 29
Re: Kodi XBMC
Anyone got problems with Rising Tides?

Always getting a Rising Tides error, check the log message. No idea how to check the log though.

Limitless is working OK just shit stream

ted fenton 5:18 Mon May 25
Re: Kodi XBMC
Ooh you nasty bitch

gank 4:42 Mon May 25
Re: Kodi XBMC
Is lockdown getting to you? Fucking rude cunt. I only asked a question. I hope you get the Covid now, and suffer while your family can't visit, it's the least you deserve you fucking idiot.

ted fenton 4:34 Mon May 25
Re: Kodi XBMC
Well not all TV's have built in Kodi on Google store so that's why I needed help from the techies on here you dumbfuck !

Anyway all sorted now.

gank 10:21 Sun May 24
Re: Kodi XBMC
"My Sony Android" what? The telly, you mean?

ted fenton 9:32 Sun May 24
Re: Kodi XBMC
Help please

My Sony Android in the living room is not showing the sports add-ons but will load films etc., yet the one in the bedroom is fine !!

I've re-booted it but as soon as I select sports say on Sports devil and others it freezes !

Was thinking of uninstalling Kodi and starting again but will wait for the wisdom of WHO to come good.

jack flash 2:39 Sat May 9
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers Alan~
Shadow & RD are superb even with our hopelessly slow broadband speeds I'm still able to get faultless 720 streams
I like Movie Theatre Butter for it's one click ease of finding the best available stream but it no longer seems to be available in the Diamond Repo so I daren't update my current build

happygilmore 3:33 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
Thanks again Alan. Yoda looks decent

Alan 2:53 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
The different programme-naming problem is down to whoever uploaded it to the cyberlocker/torrent site, not the addon.
The ezzer error message may be because you have the old repo address.
The current address is:-
Error messages are common in Kodi, so I wouldn't worry about it.

happygilmore 2:27 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
Thanks Alan,

Will update or reinstall Yoda.

One thing with shadow, a lot of the old TV series links, when you click on them, I get an entirely different program!?

Also, get an annoying ezzer Mac wizard error on start up. I just keep clicking remind me later because I'm not sure what to do with it?

ted fenton 2:12 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC

Thanks Alan.

Alan 1:57 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
Yoda, an old favourite addon is back:-


ted fenton 12:34 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
Thanks Alan.

Thanks Duke.

DukeofDevo 12:18 Fri May 8
Re: Kodi XBMC
ted fenton 6:27 Thu May 7

Yeah a lot of kodi users don’t have it, if your getting good feeds then probably not worth it!

Alan 7:55 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
If you pay with Amazon Pay, you don't need to give your bank details.
All you need is an Amazon account.

ted fenton 7:00 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers Happy it's not the money it's giving my bank details that I don't like.

happygilmore 6:56 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC

RD is well worth the small fee.

Shadow is excellent with it

ted fenton 6:27 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers Duke I haven't got RD so maybe will have to sort it ! although we're getting pretty good film quality from Scrubs V2 and others at the moment.

DukeofDevo 6:06 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
Yeah I loaded it last night and had to link with debrid via the dependencies in the Addon Trailers work in it as well! Have to watch first film on it soon!

ted fenton 6:04 Thu May 7
Re: Kodi XBMC
So Shadow is a Real-Debrid only Kodi addon !

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