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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Far Cough 3:07 Sun Dec 20
My Phoenix has somehow disappeared

When I say disappeared, the main title Phoenix is there but the sub title Phoenix under it has gone

Has anybody else seen this?

It's my main repo for watching streams, so I'm a bit gutted


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Far Cough 5:17 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kodi XBMC
Try this chaps, it's fucking great:


Rossal 2:59 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kodi XBMC
Mania worked fine for me sat with no VPN

bigst 2:34 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kodi XBMC
Watched the whole game saturday with just one 5 sec freeze in the 2nd half, with a vpn, but looking at their forum today it looks like the new system was being tested and most people had no problems without a vpn

Dan M 2:26 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kodi XBMC
On Saturday I lost the Mania stream just on kick-off. Then after watching on cricfree for a bit I tried it again on 25 minutes and it was fine. It froze twice during the remainder of the match but I hopped between the SD and HD streams and it reappeared.

Funnily enough it wouldn't work with my VPN on, but was fine when I switched it off. This was all on Chrome, rather than via Kodi.

worm 2:22 Mon Oct 16
Re: Kodi XBMC
Mania HD working for anyone?

I'm using IP Vanish at the moment.
Pay per view boxing has been fine recently but the football has been very hit and miss (mostly miss).
I had our game on for about 20 mins Saturday then it went down and didn't return.
Anyone else having this trouble?

wurzel 6:32 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
We were 10th before the equaliser, 15th now

AVOR 4:31 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
UK Turks, Halow and Zem are still around, you can generally get a stream from one of them

Johnson 4:09 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
Any decent free repos at the moment?

Raymond Reddington 3:29 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
Mania code will only work if you were a previous member

Far Cough 3:05 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
I don't think new members can use it but try it anyway?

Animal 3:03 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
The mania code, do you have to have had a previous subscription, or can new members use it?

jack flash 1:53 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers guys ~

bigst ~ No doubt about it regarding the speed we're getting, it's a wonder it works at all! (It probably wouldn't without power adapters)

Yet surprisingly, we can usually get pretty good streams, even in HD sometimes, though the Mania streams are not as good as they used to be

Recently I've often used the Mania calendar to find which channels are showing our game, then pick up those channels on Mobdro or LiveNetTVxyz where our streams may be better (because of our poor speeds)

I just wish we could get better speeds, but I live out in the sticks where the speeds are about as fast as our midfield!

bigst 1:12 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
I always use netherlands with SM, no problems....your problems are more likely the speed your getting

Stubbo 12:45 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC

At a basic level its all about "latency" (measured in milliseconds). The smaller the number the faster the connection will be.

No idea which location is best for Mania but in general the further away the location geographically the greater the latency will be although thats a very rough rule of thumb.

jack flash 10:02 Sat Oct 14
Re: Kodi XBMC
VPN Region

Question for the experts ~

I use Private Internet Access for my VPN which I'm quite happy with, however I'm not sure which region I should be using

Our broadband speed is laughably slow at around 2.8Mbps (actually an improvement on what it has been!) & the VPN region I use seems to make relatively little difference for any European regions

I originally had the region set at one of the UK locations (London or Southampton) but then found that the Mania streams were running better when I set it to The Netherlands (Amsterdam) after all the trouble started

If I allow it to self select it usually picks one of the US locations (California!) which does slow down the speed

Is there a general rule of thumb for selecting the best region or is it entirely trial & error?

SecondOpinion 5:47 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers thank you!

Northern Sold 5:47 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
Same here Mo Mo... been using others past month or so... was playing up big time the other night... went to another add on to watch the same film.. not a problem

SecondOpinion 5:43 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers OMM, that worked

ooooh Morley Morley 4:33 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
I'm finding covenant shit at the moment.

englandinireland 3:42 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
SecondOpinion 11:12 Thu Oct 12
Click on the 1 month Sub and the code is itscoming

SecondOpinion 11:12 Thu Oct 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
but what's the code?

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