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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Far Cough 3:07 Sun Dec 20
My Phoenix has somehow disappeared

When I say disappeared, the main title Phoenix is there but the sub title Phoenix under it has gone

Has anybody else seen this?

It's my main repo for watching streams, so I'm a bit gutted


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Percy Dalton 11:58 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
I always use a VPN (IP vanish) with secret squirrels IPTV he states that you don't need one but I always get a better reception when using it.

bigst 10:19 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Massive block on most iptv suppliers last weekend...you will need a vpn from now on i doubt any will work without during the blocks in future.

munkyfunk 10:13 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Get a decent iptv supplier. Some need a vpn some dont. Most come with vod and series now anyway.
Stick on a vpn if it worries you 👍

DukeofDevo 2:59 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Yeah; London

Babelman 2:47 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Duke your in UK, with no VPN?

DukeofDevo 2:20 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
I’ve never had a VPN so my experience is no you don’t need one. I’d uninstall that as well.

Babelman 1:52 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Duke, only way I know how..

Babelman 1:50 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
But do I need to have a VPN running, to install xanax, is down loading it etc, to avoid detection.?

DukeofDevo 12:56 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
Babelman 12:34 Tue Sep 22

If you’re putting the Xanax build on your device you don’t need to load kodi as a separate program. So you can uninstall that. Xanax is ‘bundled’ with kodi so you only get one URL to input! I have a fire stick so I use downloader app and the process is very smooth Don’t know about your android 10 box but I’m sure you’ll find directions online.

happygilmore 12:48 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
done a fresh install of Kodi recently and it only took seconds. I have no VPN

Babelman 12:34 Tue Sep 22
Re: Kodi XBMC
In the UK at friends place trying to set up android 10 box, downloaded kodi from play store , very very slow. All other places seem to be blocked, do need to install a VPN, before going any further, as never used one before, going to install a kodi build, probably xanax. ISP is BT, thanks for any help..

ted fenton 1:07 Sun Sep 13
Re: Kodi XBMC
Cheers Medway always good to have a decent back up !

medwayhammer1 10:55 Sat Sep 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
Tried Asipre but didint really get on with it to be honest...prob not the best person to ask anyway, cos not a great fan of builds.

Incase anyone needs a back up to Rising Tides, Ive found that C:\\>GOTO add on is a good one...almost as good as Rising Tides.

ted fenton 5:42 Sat Sep 12
Re: Kodi XBMC
Rising Tides has been superb so far today but don't tell anyone :-)

ted fenton 2:01 Thu Sep 10
Re: Kodi XBMC
Top 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2020
By WirelesSHack | September 9, 2020


happygilmore 5:16 Wed Sep 9
Re: Kodi XBMC
Thanks Ted

ted fenton 4:09 Wed Sep 9
Re: Kodi XBMC
This may help you Happy !!


happygilmore 3:26 Wed Sep 9
Re: Kodi XBMC
Is TV Zion a Kodi add on?

Babelman 4:55 Sun Sep 6
Re: Kodi XBMC
anyone used the Aspire build, is it any good for sports, using Xanax at the moment?

Raymond Reddington 9:02 Tue Sep 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
Alan wrote...

Re: Kodi XBMC
Raymond Reddington 12:29 Mon Aug 31

TV Zion
Cinema HD

Cheers Alan

nerd 10:23 Tue Sep 1
Re: Kodi XBMC
Do any of you have filelinked loaded , for apps it is brilliant and easy to load all the ones you require.

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