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Briano 12:15 Thu Dec 31
David Haye
His credentials as a boxer can't be disputed. Athletic, fleet footed and can punch with both hands.

He has been clever with his selection of opponents to get a world title and a big money fight.

Now the heavy weights have been blown wide open there are some big money fights and possibly another world title to be had, how far can he go?

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Whitester. 1:00 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye

peroni 12:59 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Justin P 12:47 Sun Mar 5

Yes, that was the one time - and Bellew pretty much shrugged it off. Haye was awful against an overweight Cruiserweight with no punch. He cries off against decent heavyweights and loses to Bellew.

There's no point to David Haye

Aardvark 12:55 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
I didn't stay up and watch the fight, but having seen news reports and both fighters interviewed afterwards, I have to say how gracious David Haye was in defeat. He's gone right up in my estimation.

I never thought I would hear myself say that.

Crassus 12:50 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Looked to me that Haye had his mind on the next fight and wanted to look the part by way of an early knockout - once he bucked his ideas up and started to jab he was strolling it

Of course once his Achilles went he lost the threat from his right as well as all mobility

Scouser got lucky but fair play, he got in the ring with the better man

Justin P 12:47 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Iron2010 12:39 Sun Mar 5

Apart from round three where he hit him full in the face with three punches in a row?

Iron2010 12:39 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Agree that Hayes timing was terrible last night. I can't really remember him catching Bellew clean.

peroni 12:39 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
People on here have been far too hard on Bellew's performance. He was doing a great job of making Haye miss and only really got caught once in the first 5 rounds whilst landing a few counter combinations. He really does lack power though. He knew this and was boxing intelligently. Once Haye got injured he simply punched himself out as he didn't have the power to finish it. He was then resigned to seeing the fight out with a pounts win but seized the opportunity for a stoppage when it arose.

He did all he could do and pretty much what he said he would.

Haye on the other hand was fucking awful even before the injury, windmilling away like a Pikey.

simon.s 12:32 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Well that's why we love sport, it's always capable of the unexpected. Not the greatest fight, but Bellew showed he had balls and the win was well deserved. Think the show is over for Haye.

Garth Algar 12:26 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
I wouldn't say Bellew was fat tbh.

Obviously not the most conditioned fighter but it doesn't make him any less dedicated.

Some people just don't have great genetics aesthetically (unlike me).

Good, solid pro is Bellew. Fair play to him.

Tomshardware 12:08 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Frank Bruno would punch both their lights out.

Justin P 11:53 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
You can clearly see Haye's achilles pop in the 6th round when he steps back, he looked down like he heard a pop, should of stopped the fight in that round!

Flew straight to Germany for another op on it and couldnt walk hardly back to the changing room.

No way Bellew would of won this fight without David's injury.

Dicko75 11:52 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Not rigged.

It's natural for animosity beforehand. Yes it sells more tickets and that plays a part, but ultimately they are fighters and need a warrior mindset. Afterwards this disappears as they generally share a respect for one another and the sacrifices it takes to compete in this sport at any level.

Haye's timing was fucking awful last night.

Sir Alf 11:31 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Nicely scripted. No belt on the line but a lucrative rematch for 2 old fighters who need to maximise on earnings before having to make a living in the real world.

The rematch possibility is all they talked about at the end and seeing that there so called "genuine hate" for each other had dissipated over a few rounds in the ring, the love in took over.


Briano 11:28 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Haye bulked up unnaturally, is more effective around the 15 stone Mark.

A great night at the O2 though, perfect venue.

DocMarten 11:00 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Rigged fight.

peroni 10:02 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Haye's brave with a sore ankle and a scouser who can't punch.

Not so brave when he thinks he might get hit hard. The cowardly Pikey scum.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:45 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Takashi Miike 1:27 Sun Mar 5

You're basically agreeing with me mate. It was only your questioning of Hayes heart I was disputing, not your conclusion that he's finished.

w4hammer 3:06 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
J.Riddle 1:39 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Last time I watched Boxing was Tyson v Buster Douglas. Never could get excited after the days of Leonard, Hagler, Duran and Hearns.


add Minter and im with you ;-)

Takashi Miike 3:00 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye

Vexed 2:33 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
Takashi Miike 1:43 Sun Mar 5

Looked in terrible shape, dread to think what you look like if you consider that dedicated and professional. A fat mess I'm guessing.

Full Claret Jacket 2:29 Sun Mar 5
Re: David Haye
What a slow, boring and ponderous fight. Haye is past it but landed the bigger shots and the scouser has nothing in the locker. Both of them looked shot after 4 rounds. Haye picks up another injury, he's Boxings Andy Carroll.

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