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Honest Hammer 12:06 Tue Jan 12
Ludo vs Adrian
This is a complete no brainer for me as Adrian isn't in the same kind class as Ludo was but there's a poll running on TWITTER and Adrian is winning hands down.

I saw both, maybe some didn't?

Adrian COULD be if he improves but is too erratic for me.

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Boris the Beard 5:39 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Anyone else remember how he would come right out of his goal when the other team had a throw on and try and pick it off the forwards head? Use to drive me mad that, apart from that Ludo was quality

JONESY 4:41 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
don't see how you can put lama ahead of Adrian as a west ham keeper. think he only played 10-15 games for us, no?

ajc123 4:34 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Adrian is ok, he's loyal and steady but there are a few more in front of him.


He's had no international call ups and he punches out too often.

The Joker 4:21 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Anyone who is asking this question obviously never saw Ludo play.

Northern Sold 4:15 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Merve the Swerve was superb for a couple of seasons .... talking of England call ups (in the time of Clemence, Shilts and Big Joe C) until he got married... fell apart after that

one iron 4:13 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
i agree with stoneman,

bowboy 11:29 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
I would sooner have Standen than Adrian. Far more reliable without being a showman.

stoneman 1:15 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Miklosko and Parkes were the 2 best West Ham goalkeepers I have seen.

Adrian is a close 3rd though.

Athletico Easthamico 1:12 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
People saying Ludo lost it with crosses towards the end, well Parkes was always iffy with anything down low by his feet.

However his knees were fucked by the end of his career.

Annony 1:07 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
I like Adrian though, very good attitude and a good keeper.

Gavros 1:05 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
People mentioning Green is laughable. The flappy cunt couldnt take a cross for love nor money.

B6NY B 1:00 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Adrian's goal tonight was like Nasri's for MCFC the other year.

Saved us many points and didn't matter tonight

B6NY B 12:58 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Ludo (during my time) dropped one too many crosses.

Was my first proper hero though.

Annony 12:48 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Watched most all of Parkes and Ludo's time with us. Parkes was the best keeper I have seen behind Banks and Shilton, he was as good as Clemence if not better. Ludo was superb as well but not on the same level as Parkes, that's why we paid a world record fee for him. Parkes played against top strikers Dalgleish and Rush to name two of the time just as good as any today Ludo would have saved that tonight though.

Mr Polite 12:31 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Thought it was very clever how Adrian used the match today to show how stupid this vote was

Alex Bunbury 12:12 Wed Jan 13
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Ludo was outstanding for the first few years but I felt he lost a little bit of confidence towards the end. He also lost the ability to kick the ball straight and became a little bit of a liability in that respect. Some of his individual performances were unbelievable particularly in that first promotion season and the Man Utd game. Adrian is a very good keeper but can improve. I also thought Hislop and Green were outstanding keepers for us when they first signed but dropped off a little in their later years.

Athletico Easthamico 8:29 Tue Jan 12
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Ludo was better than Parkes never mind Adrian.

VirginiaHam 8:15 Tue Jan 12
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Adrian for me; the way he threw his gloves down in the penalty shoot out against Everton oozed style as well as substance.

Roby 7:55 Tue Jan 12
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Ludo played a few years for us when we had two spells in Division 2 or the Championship as you'd call it now.

There is also the factor that the strikers in the top flight he'd have been playing against were a million miles away from the multi-million Pune internationals that Adrian is being tested against.

To put in in context, Ludos era had mid 30s versions of Chapman, Clive Allen and Morley playing for us. Mike Small etc too.

He played 3.5 seasons for us on the Premier League before being bombed out for Lama on loan and then replaced by Shaka Hislop.

Ludo may well have been a better keeper but you can't really compare the top flight now to what it was back then.

HairyHammer 7:36 Tue Jan 12
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
I like Ludo but then again I also like Adrian but who is the best keeper ?.
" There;s only one way to find out, Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ".

Full Claret Jacket 7:29 Tue Jan 12
Re: Ludo vs Adrian
Loved Parkes, brilliant keeper and deserved more England caps but he was unfortunate that Clemence and Shilton were around and favoured.

Adrian is a good shot stopper and really agile but doesn't have the communication, decision making or presence of Ludo and the real top keepers. Bargain though and very decent compared to some when you look around the league.

I thought James was pretty good for us too. Had some wobbles which he was famous for but good all round game and went on to play pretty decent at Portsmouth too.

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